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Welcome to our page with all our Sign Supported English resources taught by our specialist Amy-Rose Atkinson. If you require any further support please do not hesitate to email her, [email protected]

staff training week 2 - seasons and weather

staff training week 1 - transition signs

parent/carer week 1 - greetings and emotions

2020 - 2021 signing videos

Week 1: Greetings and finger spelling

week 2: around school

Week 3: Instruction signs

week 4: class names

week 5: doing signs

week 6: who signs

week 7: where signs

week 8: snack signs

week 9: dinner signs

Signed Song

As well as our general signing we are using day to day around school, Amy-Rose is teaching us to be more musical with some signed songs!

Kangaroos like to hop

sign along verses 1 and 2

sign along verses 3 and 4

sign along verses 5 and 6

we're all going to the zoo! 

sign along chorus and verse 1

sign along verses 2 and 3

sign along verses 4 and 5

you need skin!

sign along chorus

sign along verse 1

sign along verse 2

sign along verse 3