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New Starters Information

New Starters 

for September 2021

16th June 2021

This morning we welcomed Sophia, Jalal and Lucas to Highbury.

They enjoyed looking around the classroom, having a go, problem

solving, taking turns and having fun! 

15th June 2021

Today we said hello to Ezra, Connor, Harry and Jacob.

They had great fun playing and investigating in the Ladybird classroom as you can see below.....


14th June 2021

Welcome to some of our new starters for September 

Charlie, Antonio, Ashlee and Evie had a lovely time today.

We had lots of smiles - can't wait to see you soon. 

A big hello from Helen and Sarah!

Over the next few weeks we are going to be showing you all the exciting

places you will see when you arrive at Highbury. 


Today we are looking at some of the outdoor areas you will be able to


 Welcome to week 2 of our Highbury tour!

We are continuing to explore the outdoor areas.......


Welcome to week 3 of our Highbury tour

Today we are starting to investigate areas inside the building.

In this room you can have fun and use lots of energy......

Can you guess?

It's the Soft Play room! 

Welcome to Week 4 of exploring Highbury School

Can you remember where we are?


You will need a towel.....


This week we are having a look in Ladybirds and Squirrels classrooms.......

This week we are looking at the Highbury uniform and

what we wear for different activities.

The important thing to remember is to put names on everything, 

thank you!