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Helping me Understand the Coronavirus  


Social Stories

We know that many of our pupils struggle to understand when there are changes to their usual routines. This is particularly evident during the current situation. Social stories are a great way to help your child develop understanding. They can be used to:


  • develop self-care skills and routines, such as bedtime, meal-time, teeth brushing, bath-time, or using the toilet 
  • support social skills such as sharing or asking for help
  • develop an understanding of unexpected or distressing events  
  • help a person to understand and cope with changes to routine  
  • help a person to understand how to respond in certain situation

  • help a person understand a new expectation, such as remote learning  


Social stories are usually personalised and very specific to the needs of the child. They can be in as much or as little detail as required. We are able to create a social story around anything that you are struggling with at home. 

If you are struggling with anything at home and would like a social story making, please discuss this with your child's current teacher, or speak to me directly. 


Thank you, Sarah Gumbs

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Below are two social stories below that may be of helpful. 

  • What is the coronavirus?
  • Why I am not going to school?