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Welcome back!


This week in Wise Owls we have had a lot of fun filled afternoons. In science we have been looking at light and dark in particular relating it to fireworks, bonfires and sparklers. We've had light sensory play, which the children have  loved. We have made edible sparklers (yum!), done some firework printing, made rockets and dressed up ready for our class 'bonfire'. See the video below for a view of all the fun. 


I just couldn't wait to show you all this fantastic video of Ewan using his PECS. He has made such massive progress gradually building on distance, persistence and lack of visibility as well as remembering to exchange his PECS symbol. Amazing progression Ewan, soon to be discriminating between PECS symbol!



The children have loved garden school this morning with Andrew. We were building a tower of sticks and leaves to create bird hive, it has been such a lovely day for exploring what our garden has to offer. Watch the video below to see what we got up to. 



Autumn is here!

The children loved being in the garden yesterday discovering what autumn has to offer. 


This morning I got the opportunity to do some distance and persistence PECS with the wonderful Sana. How amazing is this from Sana, check out the video!


This morning we made bread, the children loved playing with the flour (apologies parents for the mess), ripping the herbs, pouring and patting and rolling the dough. We had so much fun, have a look at the pictures below. 


Ewan showed some great engagement and response when participating in some intensive interaction with Jennie this afternoon! Look at this lovely photo we managed to capture in that magic moment. 


October is officially here and what a better way to start of the month with some fantastic reading. Olivia is showing off her skills and is showing us all how she is able to blend words in order to read them! Fantastic work Olivia 



Monday this week we had an old visitor reappear in the classroom and Austin was dying to show off his brilliant PECS work. I caught Adam and Austin on video and I just had to share it! Austin is showing both distance and persistence when using PECS, well done Austin! 




Well what a fantastic week it has been this week we have been fully immersed in our topic 'people who help us'. 

In literacy, we have been working on see and learn, looking at our book 'emergency' by Margaret Mayo. Some of us have been creating our own sentences looking at 'who', 'what' and 'where'.

In Numeracy, we have been doing lots of work around 2D shapes! We have been playing lots of shape games, matching shapes, naming shapes and sorting shapes into groups. Some of us have even been looking at the sides of 2D shapes as well. 

As part of our topic we have been dressing up as lots of different emergency service characters (look at the pictures to see), the children have loved this! They didn't want to take the costumes off!

We have also been doing lots of investigation work with vegetables (from our garden!) grating and peeling! We've also been investigating porridge oats looking at how much porridge we can fit in different sized containers as well as adding water to see what happens with lots of mixing and pattern making. 

The children have been loving horse riding, they are having a ball! Caroline said that the children are so kind and gentle with horses. Olivia can't stop talking about it!

In science we've been using our garden school to explore how we can care for our world, we watered the plants, planted some new ones and put up some birds feeds. 

The children have also had a visit from the fire service, which was brilliant. They loved climbing inside the fire engine and trying on all the gear! Big thanks to Amy the class teacher from panthers for organising this. 


Here's to great week!


Wise Owls Team


September 13th 2019

We've had a fantastic, and very busy, second week back at school. This week we've been horse riding!

Please look at our photographs below:

This week our star of the week was Adam!

He has been building some great friendships in his class. Adams contribution to PE has also been brilliant, he is always super enthusiastic and keen to get involved in the sessions. Well done Adam!