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What a first half term!! Well done to all the Owls for an amazing 7 weeks!

I have attached lots of photos from our final few weeks! 


Now all have a well deserved break!

Take care



A very busy week for the Owls! In literacy we have disguised ourselves and tried to recognise each other and the staff team. Numeracy consisted of looking at the months of the year and the seasons, some of the Owls could match the weather type to the correct season! On Wednesday we have our full day in Garden School which all the children enjoy! We went on a nature hunt and collect natural resources, named them and found matching symbols! Filip really enjoyed hunting for creepy crawlies! A super week for all the Owls and a huge well done to Lucas as he is our star of the week this week!! 


Have a lovely weekend! 



What an amazing first week in Owls class! I am so proud of how well they have all settled back into school life!

We've had lots of outdoor learning in the sunshine and of course a great day in garden school on Wednesday, we looked at safety rules and recognising tools and learning how to use them. Take a look at the pictures below and enjoy your weekend! 



Wednesday 21st July 

Today the Owls challenge is patterns! Can you find items in the house to make a pattern? Have a look below for some ideas! 


Take care



Amelia's had fun in the sun with lots of water play! Well done Amelia 

20.07.21 Sarah's challenges! 

Hi Owls

Take a look at todays challenges! Send me some photographs of how amazing you are at matching and sorting! 


Below are some activities you can do at home today having some fun in the sun!! 


On Friday the Owls attended some zoom sessions and really gave it their all! They sang hello to their friends, danced the afternoon away and are now recognising new peers and staff in Owls! 

Well done Owls! 


Hi everyone

I have uploaded some photos so you can see the busy Owls on Tuesday and Wednesday! Having lots of fun and all getting to know each other making new friends. 




Thank you to these wonderful children for a fantastic year of learning and fun in Wise Owls. I have uploaded the video of our best bits below and included some pictures from the class party/carnival. 



This week we have taken part in lot's of fun enrichment activities. We are all looking forward to our class party tomorrow!


This week we have been using our senses in garden school- smelling, listening, looking and finding. We found slugs, butterfly's, worms and woodlice! We smelt lot's of flowers and herbs in the garden, back in class we wrote about our garden school experience using a template from the poem we have been reading in class. The children have worked really hard this week, well done everyone.  



This week the children have been working really hard on their phonics- writing, reading, spelling and comprehension!

The children have been highly engaged in their provision. The children were really excited to do some baking this week as well.



Hello welcome back, 

This week we have been working very hard at keeping our environment's tidy e.g. looking after our classroom and garden school. We considered what we would need to clean and tidy up and what we would need to do.

Later on we looked back at our pictures and began typing/writing job lists for our classroom so we know what jobs need doing each day/week.

In the classroom we had a go at sweeping, washing windows, wiping tables, putting away toys and picking up litter. In garden school we did some weeding, we collected rubble, stones and sticks and sorted them into piles and we also picked up litter. Maybe you can have a go at some of these things at home?



Hello everyone,


This week we have been learning all about capacity- can we fill the containers to the top? Is the container full? Which container has the biggest/smallest capacity? 

7.6.21 Welcome back 

Term 6 

Hello all and welcome back! Please see below for this terms Overview as well as some ideas for home learning.

28.5.21 Happy half-term!

Hello Wise Owls,


This week we have had a very busy week! We have been up to lots of different things in the classroom from continuous provision, story writing, learning to look after ourselves and Attention Autism. 

On behalf of all the staff in Wise Owls we hope you enjoy looking through the photos and have a fantastic half-term.

We can't wait to hear all about the things you did in the holidays and hopefully I'll get to see some pictures too ([email protected]



In numeracy this week we have continued with our sorting skills. Some of us have been grouping items based on their functions related to see and learn vocabulary e.g. 'brushing' 'washing' and 'eating'. 

Some of us have used our grouping skills and practicing this using tallies to find out amounts, we have been practicing 'crossing the gate' and making marks to count out objects, next week we are hoping to expand our skills even further so that we can eventually collect and answer questions about our data. We have also been voting for our favourite colours and animals then choosing which answer has the most votes! 'Dog' was our favourite animal overall and 'red' was our favourite colour. 


In literacy:

Over the past couple of weeks we have been retelling our stories in lot's of different ways: we have been using the computer, we have been writing, we have been using puppets. This week we decided to create our own props (from the story) to have a go at retelling the story using stop motion video. Below are lot's of pictures of our progress and we have also included the video so you can watch our version of 'Stuck' at home. The children have really loved doing this!

In Numeracy.... we have been grouping and sorting items based on different criteria. We have then been using  tally marks to count and identify how many of each item there are in each group. We have then been identifying which group has the most and which group has the least beginning to compare data. 


This week the children have loved playing and exploring the provision both indoors and outdoors. There has been lot's of transforming, rotating, transporting and connecting. We have also enjoyed an Attention Autism session and some brilliant Phonics learning. This week has been an all round brilliant week!


This week in numeracy the children have been working really hard on their partitioning skills using part-whole models and working out the expanded form. Some of the other children have been working on their numicon recognition, counting and find the correct amount. 


In science we have been testing items that roll versus items that don't roll. We have been making choices selecting which item will roll the best, some of us have been predicting whether the object will roll using yes/no sound buttons to make our choices. We have also been investigating how we can make items roll faster- we worked out that if you pushed harder the balls went quicker! 


Welcome back! 

Please see below for this terms overview and home learning ideas.


Garden School

Today we went outside to Garden School and planted our potted radish. We then made a mud slide as the children have loved sliding down the hill, we made our own set of steps to get up to the mud slide, transported water to make it wet and slippy. We made our our sign 'Wise Owls Mud Slide' and had lots of fun sliding down it!


This week we have been learning all about parts of a plant. In our Attention Autism session we observed different parts of plants in exciting ways, we then had a go at labeling the parts of the plants as well as, matching, selecting and grouping parts of plants based on similar characteristics! We are hoping to apply this learning to our garden school session this week. We are also going to have a go at planting our potted radish that we started growing a couple of weeks ago, we are looking forward to the results. 


Hello Wise Owls,


Today we have had so much fun in the garden that we couldn't wait to share all our lovely pictures.

Earlier in the week we decided 'what?' we would need to plant our seeds, today we have have then followed a set of instructions in the outdoor classroom to plant our own seeds. 

We have also been exploring our schemas and have been working as part of a team to transport water and mix it with mud the create 'muddy puddles'- which of course we loved splashing in. 


Some of us have also been rotating and rolling things down the slopes - which one goes the quickest? What can we roll? What can't we roll?


We have absolutely loved being outdoors today. 


Hi everyone, 


We have had a lovely week with everyone back in school. This week we have been practising our core numeracy skills, calculating, partitioning, and counting. We have also been continuing to explore our use of descriptive language and creating our own characters. This week we have also shown lots of engagement, investigation and curiosity during provision.

29/2/21: Remote learning timetable: Week 2 

Week 2- Bubble B remote sessions

Week 2- Bubble A remote sessions

22/2/21: Welcome back!

[email protected] 

Hello everyone and welcome back! Hope you all had a lovely half-term. This week on the blog remote learning will focus upon themed learning- learning that will take place this term in school (please see below for termly overview- this will hopefully also provide you with some guidance regarding where to focus your home learning).


Week 1- Bubble B remote sessions:

Week 1- Bubble A remote sessions:

Week commencing: 22/2/2021

Literacy: Descriptive language 


Below the video introduces some key descriptive language. You can use this video at home to introduce this language at home.

Make it easier: At home have a go at using the adjectives to describe and explore items you find in your house

Make it a little bit harder: Use more than one adjective to describe one item e.g. the hat is soft and fluffy.

Make it even harder: Try writing or typing sentences to describe the items.

Other ideas: Try exploring textures through sensory play by combining items to make different textures e.g. flour, water, chocolate powder, oats and lentils.

Week commencing: 22/2/2021

Numeracy: Comparing sizes 

Hi everyone,

Take a look at the video below which should give you some guidance for home learning related to our theme. Check out below for more ideas to make it easier/harder depending on your child's level of ability. You can use the video to introduce the topic and set them up ready for their task. 


Make it easier: Compare two of the same item such as two spoons of different sizes

Make it a little bit harder: Compare three or more dissimilar items by one criteria, indicating which is the smallest or biggest. Introduce the concept of same and look for items of the same size, length or height.

Make it even harder: Measure the items using a ruler or cubes. Give items a numerical value and compare, decide which items are the biggest and smallest using the measurements.

Other ideas: Try fitting items into boxes or containers to find out if an item is too long or too big.




The children  have been working hard on their balance skills whilst aiming and throwing into a target. They have also been using their shoulder strength to push and move items. They have been pushing play dough onto a vertical surface using their shoulder strength to make it stick to the wall! 


The children have also loved exploring, investigating, transporting and building in the sensory room this week 


Hello everyone,

This morning we have had lots of fun experimenting, exploring and using colour in the snow. This afternoon we then baked a cake for Charlie's birthday party! We have had such a fun day 

Isaac's snowman:

Our class story 'Little Blue and Little Yellow':

Can you decide where Little Blue and Little Yellow go next?

Make your own picture and decide where the best friends go. In mine they go to visit the beach (see below) and in Chloe's they visit Chloe's home!

Here are the staffs (Emily, Jennie and Julie's) snowmen for the the snowman competition. Can you spot little blue and little yellow from our story? They've hugged the snow man and made him green!

Sentence building: using who?, what doing?, where?

Following from 'sentence building' zoom:

Use the powerpoint below to gradually build sentences using a clear structure and format. The colour coding helps to support sentence structures and is what we use in school to support and build upon children's ability to order, construct, write/type sentences dependent on your child's ability. If you have any questions about how to use this structure then please let me know [email protected]


2/2/21: Snow day

The biggest snow man competition: how big can you build your snowman? Send in pictures to [email protected] I would love to see all your snowmen!


Please see zoom timetable for today below:


This week the children have worked really hard in our PE session, we have been working on building our core strength, co-ordination and balance, we have also been practising mid-line crossing. The children have loved these sessions and there were plenty of smiles! :) 

We have also been working hard to practise our measuring skills during our Maths sessions, see below: 


This week we have already been very busy with our learning! 

We have been doing who, what and where related to the book 'The snail and the Whale' in art we even used clay to make our own snail character.


In music we have been moving to music, copying patterns and using symbols to read and compose our own music.


Our Attention Autism session focused on the story of 'The Snail and the Whale' we introduced the characters in bucket time, then watched the boats splash everywhere and we took it in turns to make our own snail trail. 


In Math's we measured each others height (including the puppet's) using bricks. We could then see who was the tallest (Charlie!) and who was the smallest (Eric the puppet). We then measured lot's of items in our classroom using cubes. 


Highbury @ home: remote learning 15/1/21

Highbury @ home: Snow!


Watch the video below, it includes things you can do in the snow @ home. I have also created a document which includes lots of other ideas. Please send me pictures to [email protected]

Following on from our Attention Autism session: Make your own lava lamp

You will need:

  • an empty water bottle
  • vegetable oil
  • water
  • food coloring of your choice
  • Alka-seltzer tablets 

First, fill the empty water bottle about 2/3 full with vegetable oil. Fill the rest with water and leave a small amount of space at the top, add food colouring. Break up an Alka-seltzer tablet and place into the bottle to watch the results.

Reading and comprehension

Hello, following on from the zoom session this morning I have added the story below. You can build on this to create sentences using the format below to structure sentences. e.g.

Who: boy

What doing: crying

Where: bedroom

='the boy is crying in the bedroom'

you can create captions like this to match the pictures from the story below. 

Please see the remote learning timetable for 6/1/21 below:


18/11/20 Merry Christmas! 

We wish you all a very merry Christmas! Here are some of the pictures from our visit to Santa. See you all in the new year :) 


Last week we did a very interesting science experiment we played with some very unusual dough. We described how the dough felt then we combined the dough with a liquid (vinegar) and the dough bubbled. We all really enjoyed this experiment!


This week we have been working on our writing/sequencing and ordering skills in English. We have been writing recounts based on our bread making activity in class and selecting who, what doing and what to create our sentences.

In maths we have been practising our counting skills as well as practising using our number lines to add one more, adding one more to a group and using mathematical sentences e.g. '23 +1='

We have also loved playing in the provision and exploring how we can mix colours to see what new colours we can make.



Welcome back everyone!

We are so glad to be back in the Wise Owls classroom. We have done lots of fantastic things to be proud of this week. 

  • We have had a go at selecting ingredients, identifying what we need to make bread using videos and recipes to help us!
  • We have also been working on our mark marking skills using a variety of tools and media.
  • This week in science we melted chocolate and butter to explore how it transforms into a liquid.
  • We have been practising our prepositional language and using our knowledge of position to create sentences e.g. cat under table 

Please see below our photos below to enjoy from our week at school!



Home Learning: Shape Patterns 

Following from our zoom session where we looked at Shape Patterns. Below are some links to some resourcing to support learning around this lesson:

  • Here is a link to some resourcing/slides that will help to consolidate/support learning we did via the zoom:


  • Shape Patterns sequencing game- where you need to complete the pattern of different coloured 2D shapes: 




Home Learning: Phonics, set 1.4

Following the phonics sessions today please go to the link: https://www.highburyschool.co.uk/parent-and-carer/home-schooling/phonics/14

The learning steps:

Step 1- Learning the sounds

Step 2- Fred talk (sounding out verbally)

Step 3- Reading 

Step 4- Writing individual sounds 

Step 5- Practise writing set 1.4 green words 

All of the resources for each step are available on the link above. 



Home Learning: Dear Zoo Activities 



Home Learning: Sorting shapes 

Following our zoom session related to shorting shapes here is the task:

Find items around your house and sort them into groups according to their shape. Extension: count how many you have of each shape and create a simple tally chart. 



Home Learning: Sentence building 

Following on from this mornings learning via I have attached a document which includes a powerpoint which will help with their sentence building using a who, what doing and what structure. Why not even practise writing them to create a caption to match the picture!


Home Learning: who?

Following from learning via zoom I have attached the story 'Dear Zoo' which focus' on the characters in the story (who?)

Extension: why not explore the sounds each animal/character makes?

Make it harder: can you guess which character is making the sound? Can you think of words/adjectives to describe the character. 


Home Learning: Identifying 2D shapes

Here I have included a link to a video which you can watch with your child at home to support the learning we have completed via zoom https://classroom.thenational.academy/specialist/subjects/numeracy/access-points/applying-learning/lessons/identifying-simple-2d-shapes-from-a-pattern-65hp2r

At home you can also draw and name some simple 2D shapes, write and discuss how many sides and corners each shape has.

Why not even have a go at making your own image out of shapes (some examples below) or even make your own shape monster!


Home Learning: Phonics, set 1.3 (c, k, u, b)

Following the phonics sessions today please go to the link: https://www.highburyschool.co.uk/parent-and-carer/home-schooling/phonics/phonics-13

The Learning Steps:

Step 1- Learning the sounds

Step 2- Fred talk (sounding out verbally)

Step 3- Reading 

Step 4- Writing individual sounds 

Step 5- Practise writing set 1.3 green words 

All of the resources for each step are available on the link above. 


Home Learning: Sensory story 

Hello all, here is the sensory story from the zoom session this morning so you can have a go at this at home.

What you will need:

Green paper/card/tissue paper cut at the top to look like grass (run the paper along your child's arm, let them explore)

A tray or bowl of water for river (splash the water)

Shaving foam with brown food colouring/brown paint for mud/swamp (let them explore)


Pair of shoes for the cave  (make tip toe sound on a hard surface)


Home Learning: Comparing size

Following on from our zoom session here is a link to a video that will help support the learning related to this area: https://classroom.thenational.academy/specialist/subjects/numeracy/access-points/applying-learning/lessons/comparing-objects-by-size-ctj32c 

Have a go at comparing objects around the home!

Questions you can ask at home:

  • Which is the big one? Which is the biggest?
  • Which is the small one? Which is the smallest?
  • Which is the short one? Which is the shortest?
  • Which is the tall one? Which is the tallest?

16/11/20 Welcome back everyone!

Home Learning: Fine motor skills

Following on from the morning sessions I want you all to practise your fine motor skills at home, below I've attached a document which includes some ideas and activities linked to fine motor skills. You can also have a go at the activities we had a go at on zoom!

Remote Learning timetables week commencing 16.11.20


Home Learning: Comparing Groups

Following our zoom session I have included a link to a video which supports the learning we have done around comparing groups and gives you some ideas as to how it can be taught at home! https://classroom.thenational.academy/specialist/subjects/numeracy/access-points/building-understanding/lessons/comparing-groups-of-objects-65k6cc

Tip: Stick to using language we have built upon this week e.g. which group has more? Which group has less?




Home Learning: See and Learn Verbs

See and learn verbs: washing, drinking, crying, eating, sleeping, brushing, sitting, walking, reading


Home Learning: Phonics, set 1.2 (n, g, o, p, i)

Following the phonics sessions today please go to the link https://www.highburyschool.co.uk/parent-and-carer/home-schooling/phonics/phonics-12-1

The Learning Steps:

Step 1- Learning the sounds

Step 2- Fred talk (sounding out verbally)

Step 3- Reading 

Step 4- Writing individual sounds 

Step 5- Practise writing set 1.2 green words 

All of the resources for each step are available on the link above. 


Home Learning: One less

For those that missed the session I have uploaded the zoom session which gives you some strategies to teach to one less. 

Step 1- Build towers and practise taking one brick away

Step 2- use counters or objects around the home to practise taking one item away (use a mathematical sentence to make this slightly harder e.g. 10-1=9)

Step 3- Use your number lines to practise taking one away


Home Learning: Autumn


Home Learning: Reading comprehension

I have included today's reading comprehension with story, questions and symbols for those who could not attend the zoom session. I have also added an extra story with questions so you can have a go at home!

Why not read read your favourite book and you can practise answering 'who?', 'what?', 'what doing?' and 'where?' questions with another text at home!

What do I Look Like- one to practise at home:

Elemer's Weather from the Zoom session:


Home Learning: See and Learn set 1 

Hello, following on from our zoom I have included the images for set 1 and the structure of learning. 

  1. Looking at pictures- This stage begins to teach the meaning of new words and helps children to pay attention, engaging in a learning activity for a short period of time.
  2. Matching pictures- Matching encourages your child to look more closely at the pictures introduced in the first activity, learning to distinguish between them.
  3. Selecting pictures- Children will now learn to understand the spoken word by linking them with the correct pictures.


Words to accompany images:

walking, chair, duck, bricks, washing, cup, car, spoon, cat, hair, bath, hat, fish, eyes, daddy, biscuit, dolly, sitting, crying, banana, table, drinking, drink, sleeping, baby, mummy, book, coat, shoes, bed, eating, ball, teddy, mouth


Home Learning: One more

The link below has a video you can watch at home which will help to follow on from our zoom session of one more:


Have a go a building towers and adding one more- count how many bricks you've got now? Use the number line we made to help you add one more. Can you make it harder? Can you recognise a number sentence? (3+1=4)

For those of you that missed the zoom numeracy session see below for the teaching input video.


Home Learning: Sensory story @ home 


Home Learning: Phonics, Set 1.1- M A S D T

Following the phonics sessions today please go to the link https://www.highburyschool.co.uk/parent-and-carer/home-schooling/phonics/phonics-1

The Learning Steps:

Step 1- Learning the sounds

Step 2- Fred talk (sounding out verbally)

Step 3- Reading 

Step 4- Writing individual sounds 

Step 5- Practise writing set 1.1 green words 

All of the resources for each step are available on the link above. 


Home learning: Attention Autism, Stage 2: Bubble Snake 


Home learning: Counting using a number line

Find objects around your home e.g. spoons, cups, pens etc. Have a go at counting the objects using your number line that you made to support. 

You can watch this video with your child at home and get some more ideas:



Make it more exciting and put objects into a sensory bowl/tray and count the items until there are none left!



Home learning: Making an Autumn tree


Have a go at making an Autumn tree!

You can discuss the colours on the tree and what happens to a tree in Autumn. 

Here's my Autumn tree that I made in the Zoom video, can't wait to see your Autumn trees!


Home learning: Making a music shaker!

(following on from the Attention Autism sessions this morning) 

Following on from our morning Attention Autism sessions you can have a go at making your own music shaker at home! Some of you have already had a go at this, I will share some of your brilliant work on here!

William is having a turn!

Home learning: Attention Autism sessions @ home 

The video takes you through each stage of the Attention Autism programme. You can have a go at Stage 1 and 2 demonstrated in the video below at home, the children know the structure and are familiar with the sessions so it is something that could fit into your daily schedule at home. 

 Items in stage 1 can be anything you have around the house that might engage or excite the child. 'The bucket' can be any kind of container or even a bag, as long as the items are hidden away and can be pulled out you can pretty much use anything. 

There are some more ideas for stage 2 below.

For further information into the Attention Autism programme pease visit: www.facebook.com/ginadaviesautism/


Please email me any videos or pictures at [email protected], I'd love to see them!


Thanks, Emily 

Wise Owls Class Teacher 

Some more ideas for stage 2:

Overview of remote sessions:

Remote learning timetable: 

Autumn 2 Termly Overview: 

Term One: Week 7


Welcome to the last week of term, our provision this week has been full of autumnal/ Halloween activities and we have loved it. Making potions, designing pumpkins using shapes, painting (and then washing) our pumpkins, carving pumpkins and printing autumnal trees. 

Term One: Week 6


Hi all,

Check out the video below which shows some of the fantastic work we've been up to this week. This week I decided to teach some math's and we had a go at learning prepositional language. We have been select 'who?' 'where?' and 'what?' using our template to create sentences with positional language e.g. 'Emily under table'

We have also been applying our learning of time connectives and applying this to new activities for example: we made pizza following step by step instructions. We've also followed instructions to grow cress (we are continuing to monitor our results each day- so far we've only had sprouting!)


Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Term One: Week 5


Hello all, what a fantastic week we've had so far. We have been learning what items we need for our morning routines and we have been selecting what we do we do with each item. Some of us have even created our own instructions that reflect our morning routines. 

We have been applying these instructions to a puppet (named Eric). First Eric got dressed, next Eric brushed his hair, then Eric had his breakfast, Finally Eric brushed his teeth!

Term One: Week 4


Hi everyone, 

Today we had a go at following instructions and carried out a sequence of actions to make a sandwich. Some of us have been practising using time connectives to create our own set of instructions!

Term One: Week 3



Check out the video below to see an overview of our week at school. We've had a fantastic week, hope you enjoy the video!

Term One: Week 2


Hi all,

We have had a fab week this week, this afternoon we finished off our baking from yesterday and made icing sugar with our partners to decorate our buns! . In PE  we  played some parachute games and there were lots of smiles. We've also been taking some of our activities outdoors to make the most of the weather.