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Term One: Week 7


Welcome to the last week of term, our provision this week has been full of autumnal/ Halloween activities and we have loved it. Making potions, designing pumpkins using shapes, painting (and then washing) our pumpkins, carving pumpkins and printing autumnal trees. 

Term One: Week 6


Hi all,

Check out the video below which shows some of the fantastic work we've been up to this week. This week I decided to teach some math's and we had a go at learning prepositional language. We have been select 'who?' 'where?' and 'what?' using our template to create sentences with positional language e.g. 'Emily under table'

We have also been applying our learning of time connectives and applying this to new activities for example: we made pizza following step by step instructions. We've also followed instructions to grow cress (we are continuing to monitor our results each day- so far we've only had sprouting!)


Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Term One: Week 5


Hello all, what a fantastic week we've had so far. We have been learning what items we need for our morning routines and we have been selecting what we do we do with each item. Some of us have even created our own instructions that reflect our morning routines. 

We have been applying these instructions to a puppet (named Eric). First Eric got dressed, next Eric brushed his hair, then Eric had his breakfast, Finally Eric brushed his teeth!

Term One: Week 4


Hi everyone, 

Today we had a go at following instructions and carried out a sequence of actions to make a sandwich. Some of us have been practising using time connectives to create our own set of instructions!

Term One: Week 3



Check out the video below to see an overview of our week at school. We've had a fantastic week, hope you enjoy the video!

Term One: Week 2


Hi all,

We have had a fab week this week, this afternoon we finished off our baking from yesterday and made icing sugar with our partners to decorate our buns! . In PE  we  played some parachute games and there were lots of smiles. We've also been taking some of our activities outdoors to make the most of the weather.