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Starfish Class Blog

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Starfish Class!


In our core literacy lessons the class are working on lots of different skills including typing and learning where the keys are on a keyboard, identifying full stops and capital letters, letter formation and making words using our knowledge of letters and sounds.

In our theme numeracy lessons the class are working on lots of different activities using money! Here's a little snap shot of our day!



Move over Mrs Sweet & Chris, we have new fire wardens in town!! 9.10.19


Last week the children in Starfish class heard a pretend fire alarm and we all rushed into the playground, but all was not as it seemed! Mrs Sweet was certainly shorter and Chris was less serious and come to think of it the fire fighters were very cute! Have a look for yourselves...

Today we had a crime scene in class! Who was the suspect? Was it Goldilocks? Mrs Sweet? Or Jessica? We looked at clues to work out who it was.

We did our assembly all out Saint Francis, the patron saint of animals. 

Have a look at our amazing pictures of our assembly

Fire Engine Visit!!!

What a fantastic day we had in the Starfish class yesterday. 

The children were so excited when they saw the big, red engine. Stanley really enjoyed the sirens going off and Oliver loved wearing the fireman's helmet. Dylan put to use his questions that he had constructed in Literacy and used them to ask the firemen some really interesting questions. 

What a great day!! 

"GEORGE! What are you doing in there?"

"Nothing Grandma!"


You may have heard some of your children shrieking like a mean old lady and that is because we are reading George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl. 

We are really enjoying reading a longer text, thinking about some more complex plots and of course remembering the information from one lesson to the next. 

Last week we even started to mix our own marvellous medicine! The children cannot wait to hear what happens to Grandma when she eats it.... GULP


What a busy week we have had in the Starfish class.

In Numeracy, we’ve been doing lots of addition facts, order and sequencing numbers and making 2 digit numbers using Cuisenaire rods.

In Literacy, we have been looking at ‘who’ questions, following the black sheep narrative. Children have been answering questions all about people who help us.

In Garden School we went potato picking. We used the potatoes to make a scrumptious potato salad.

And finally, we have had a lovely topic lesson where we talked about Louise’s job role in school. We then role played Louise’s job. Have a look at these lovely photographs.  

We had a visit from some BEAUTIFUL BEASTS in Starfish today !!