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Starfish Blog


The final week! 

We have had such a busy couple of weeks in Starfish Class! We have been mastering our writing, investigating different shapes, we have been exploring the outdoors, and we had our weekly session of Cooking with Cara! Take a look at just how busy we have been for the last couple of weeks! Have a fantastic week off, we look forward to seeing you after the holidays!


The Starfish Team! 

Week 5

We have had such a busy week in Starfish class! We have been having lots of fun with our friends, been doing lots of work on the Interactive Whiteboard, busy in our literacy and numeracy sessions and cooking with Cara, the cookies were delicious! 


Have a lovely weekend,


The Starfish Team

Week 4

Good morning everyone,

We have had a super busy week in Starfish class. During our Literacy lessons we have been looking at sentences. We have been identifying a ‘who’, ‘where’ and ‘what’. Marcus did really well at identifying these elements and hand wrote some beautiful sentences including a full stop and capital letters.

In Numeracy we have been looking at comparing quantities. We have been identifying which container has more and which have less.

We had a great session with Ian in PE. We played a game that when the music stopped we had to run to the nearest mat, Ian then spun round and pointed to a mat, the children that were sat on that mat were out. Blythe was our winner!!

In cooking with Cara we made some pitta bread pizzas. We tried all the different ingredients before we chose the ones we wanted to use on our pizza.

On Thursday afternoon, we had lots of fun sliding down the mud slide.

Week 3

Hello everyone,


What a busy week we have had this week. We have all used our busy brains this week.

In Literacy we have been looking at how we structure sentences correctly. We have been identifying capital letters and full stop within books and have even started to use them within our writing. In phonics we have all been working hard to read words from our known sounds. We have also been trying to remember those tricky words too.

In Numeracy we have been looking at quantities, which container has the most objects and which has the least, so of us have even been trying to guess the amount in each container.

We’ve also had our first PE lesson with Ian this week. We were working on our balance and coordination skills.

In Science we played a game of ‘Guess the starfish’, where we listened to clues and had to identify the correct Starfish class member. We really do know each other very well.

In Cooking with Cara, we made a delicious banana and chocolate bread…we loved making the bread and we especially enjoyed tasting all the different ingredients.  

Finally, we would just like to say a big Well Done to Marcus for being our Star of the Week! He has been working super hard on keeping his balance during our daily sensory circuits.

Have a lovely weekend,

Rachael, Fiona, Stella, Sue, Carly, and Cara

Week 2 - Another busy week! 

This week in Starfish, we have had yet another busy week. We have been learning all about our body parts and where they are on our friends! We have also been looking at our writing skills and our phonics! Take a look at all the hard work we have been doing! 

Have a lovely weekend!

Rachael and the Starfish team 


This week we have been super busy making new friends and engaging in our new classroom. Here are some photos from our first week back at Highbury!

Our new Starfish Class

Here are some photos from our first few days together as Starfish Class. 

We hope you enjoy the photos! 


Here's our highlights from the last year. We hope you enjoy looking back at them!


Have a lovely weekend.



Starfish class



Here's a look at some photo's from yesterdays sports day. Everyone had a brilliant afternoon, joining in and cheering their friends on.

We hope you enjoy looking at them.


Love from, Starfish class


Hello everybody, 


On Tuesday we all made a Father's Day card. We used different coloured paper and glitter to make an ice lolly themed card. We spent lots of time making sure we used our best handwriting or typing to write a lovely message inside. We also made a Father's Day present... we hope you enjoy!


On Wednesday we had two visitors into Starfish class. Their names were Thomas and Blythe. We did some cooking together, we made chocolate cornflake buns. We also made the most of the sunshine and we had a game of Bean Bag Steal. We worked well together as a team.


As part of our topic 'We Are The Champions' we tried to beat another World Record. This week we had to pop as many water balloons in 30 seconds with our feet. Marcus was our champion, he managed to pop 16 water balloons in 30 seconds. 


At the end of the lesson we had a water balloon fight using the left over water balloons. We had lots of fun. 


We hope you have a lovely weekend. 


Love from, Starfish class


Hello everybody, 


In Topic we started our new theme 'We Are The Champions', we are trying to break a World Record every week. This week we tried to beat the record for the most socks put on one foot in 2 minutes. We all tried really hard with this and had lots of fun, even the adults joined in. Betsy managed to get 7, Luqmaan achieved 9 and Samuel managed to get 10 socks in the challenge. The final was between Oliver, Eva and Joseph who all managed to get over 11 socks on their feet.  


Next week we are going to be trying to break the World Record for the most water balloons caught in 2 minutes. 


In signing choir we have started practising our new song 'What About Us' by PINK. Joseph was so inspired by this he has bought his very own signing book so he can practice at home. 


Cooking has changed slightly this term, we are now focusing on cooking life skills, looking at the different appliances and utensils used for cooking as well as being able to identify where different food should be stored. 


We hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine.


Starfish class


Hello everyone, 


This week we celebrated Samuel's birthday. Samuel was 9 on Tuesday. We sang 'Happy Birthday' and ate some chocolate cake. We all watched Samuel open his present, he was given a playdough kit. 


This week we have been very busy making our new role play area. We have made our very own McDonald's restaurant and drive through. We've made our own chip cartons by using red card and used the ICT program 'Widgit' to make some menus. 


In cooking this week we made bread. We topped our bread with either cheese or chocolate. Keaton tried his bread at home and his mum said it was very yummy!


We hope you have a lovely holiday.


Love from everyone in Starfish 


We have had another busy week in Starfish class. We enjoyed another day exploring the garden school, even though it was a little wet. We were lucky enough to see some blue tits that have been nesting in the trees.

In Numeracy we have been working hard on converting tally charts into bar charts. We went around our school car park to look at the different coloured cars, we collected our data then turned it into a bar chart.

This week in our cookery lesson the children enjoyed making pastry pizza rolls. They had to grate their own cheese and then spread the tomato sauce on the pastry, they had to really concentrate when rolling up the pastry. We then cut it up to make rolls, once cooked they looked very yummy! Hope you enjoy looking at our photos.

Have a lovely weekend.

Starfish class

Good Morning, 


In Garden school on Tuesday, we had lots of fun. We investigated gardening tools. We used forks and spades to do some weeding with Andrew. 

We also played some rounds of Tug of War, we used a big rope and we had to pull each other over a line. We had blue and red teams as well as 1 on 1 rounds. 

Oliver also shared with the group a story called 'The Tortoise and the Bird', this story was about a tortoise that broke its shell and the bird then helped the tortoise fly to a party. 


In cooking this week we made edible 'Mud pies', using chocolate mousse, squirty cream, crushed Oreos and sour worms. We all worked independently to whisk our mousse and crush our biscuits. We then assembled them in our own individual bowls. 


In topic, we made our own 'Andy Warhol' inspired self portraits. We were given an outline of our faces and we had to colour them using alternative colours. They ended up looking very funny.


We hope you have a lovely weekend.


Starfish class


This week our Star of the week is Samuel, for his amazing reading with Aimee.


Have a lovely weekend 

Starfish class


We have been super busy this week in Starfish class. We enjoyed another day in the garden school. We were looking at objects that sunk and objects that floated, when placed in water.  We worked in pairs and went looking for things in the garden school that we thought would float and sink.

In Literacy we have been looking at instruction writing and specifically ordering instructions.

In numeracy the children have been working on data handling. They have voted on what their favorite book is, their favorite toy and their favorite outdoor area. They then used pictures and tally marks to show the number of votes and work out the total. They were then able to answer questions about the data collected.

We have had a wonderful week, and hope you have a brilliant bank holiday weekend.

Starfish class


This week in Starfish class we spent Tuesday in the garden and outdoor classroom. We put on our overalls and wellies and enjoyed getting muddy.

We played hide and seek, and found lots of different places to hide. Betsy hid in the barrel and Ted hid in the den, and we all took turns to find our friends. 

In our science class we sorted materials into plastic and wood, we walked around the garden and found different materials. We then worked in pairs and built towers with the materials, to see who could build the highest. Samuel and Carly used plastic and made the highest tower.

In the afternoon we explored different parts of the garden, we found  a very big hill that all the children took turns in climbing up and they then slid down on their bottoms. Ted used his problem solving skills by holding on to the fence to help him get up. 

We then found a sledge and had lots of fun sledging down another muddy hill. Marcus was unsure at first but then he had a turn and was really proud of himself.


We hope you all have lots of fun this weekend.

Starfish class 


We have had another busy week in Starfish class this week. On Monday, we continued to work on our team games, we played 'Find the spot', 'Duck, Duck, Goose' and 'Lucy Locket'. Oliver and Betsy were chosen to be Starfish's Stars this week because they showed excellent team spirit. 


In Literacy, we have been writing a recount. We have been forming sentences that include an adjective and a verb to inform the reader what has happened to our sunflowers over previous weeks. Eva, Keaton and Luqmaan have done some brilliant work on the computer with Julia. 


We have been trying really hard with our handwriting again this week. Marcus did some lovely work with Natasha on Thursday  - he remembered to write a lower case 'a' rather than an upper case 'a' in all his writing. Well Done Marcus.


To finish our super week, we had our reward time in Soft Play. We were very hot after bouncing around so much on the trampoline!!


We hope you have a lovely weekend!!


Love the Starfish Class x 


Wow!! I can't believe another week has passed in Starfish class!! We have had super busy brains.


On Wednesday, we made a pizza. To decide what toppings we would put on our pizza, we tasted all the different ingredients.  Ted liked the red pepper, Joshua and Betsy enjoyed the mushrooms while Keaton loved tasting everything. We took them home and some of us enjoyed them for our tea.


On Monday and Tuesday Morning we started 'Bucket Time'. A programme developed to engage attention. All children enjoyed the suspense to discover what was inside the bucket, their favourite item inside was the chattering teeth. They loved watching them travel across the desk. 


Our PE focus this half term is team games. We played 'What time is it Mr Wolf?', 'Duck, Duck, Goose' as well as running races. We all enjoyed this session and played together perfectly. 


Thursday morning, we went on a red nose hunt, we followed clues to find where the red noses were hidden. When all red noses were found, we received a prize from the Butterfly class. This afternoon we are going to have a funny game of pie face...we can't wait! 


We hope you enjoy looking through the pictures. 


Have a lovely weekend.


Starfish class x


This week we have been very busy. Here are a few activities we have completed this week. 


In handwriting we have been practising our 'a' and 'l' letters. We have used the giant chalk board in the playground to practice our letter formation. We got very messy as we explored how we could form these letters in shaving foam. Joshua was nominated our 'Star of the Week' for his amazing effort in handwriting.  


'Plants' is our topic this half term in Science so we have started exploring. We started an experiment yesterday where we had to predict which plants would survive in different living conditions. We have placed potted seeds in different locations around our class, some of the plants had no water, sunlight or air, so we predicted which plant we thought would survive.  


As part of our outdoor learning time we have been developing our skills to work as a team. We have used the parachute to get the balls into the middle without them falling out, we used good looking and listening skills. We also did a relay race where we have to get a football from one end of the MUGA to the other without the ball falling to the floor.  


We hope you all have a lovely Mother's Day and enjoy our cards and presents we have made.  


Have a lovely weekend, 

Starfish Class x 


This week in Starfish class, we have been reading the book "The tiny seed". We then planted our own sunflower seeds, and looked at what a seed needs to grow. We each had to vote to decide who's flower would grow the tallest. In Group A each child got one vote each and in Group B everyone got one vote, but Marcus won with 2 votes.  The children started their own sunflower diary, and they are going to look at their flowers every week to see how they grow. 

Another book the children have been reading is "While we can't  hug". We looked at different things we can do with our friends instead of giving them a hug. We asked the children who they love, and we then thought of things we can do to make them laugh. Marcus made us all laugh by making funny noises. 

Our new role play area is the hair salon, the kids have been really enjoying exploring the area and doing each others hair. They have been washing, drying, cutting and styling hair.


Oliver’s Vegetables

Oliver’s Vegetable is an enjoyable story which tells the story of a young boy called Oliver who only eats chips. One day Oliver goes to his grandparents’ house – where they grow their own vegetables -to the disgust of Oliver, who insists ‘I don’t eat vegetables!’

I would love you to design your very own vegetable patch.

What vegetables would you plant?

What colour are the vegetables?

When you’ve grown your vegetables how would you eat them? Will you boil them? Steam them? Or even roast them?

You could even have a go at trying all the different vegetables and describing the different flavours.


Good Afternoon,


Firstly I would just like to say a huge thank you for all those who have participated in our zoom lessons this half term…you have all been incredible!!

To round off our half term, this week we have been recapping everything we have learnt so far this half term.

In Numeracy we have been exploring 2 and 3 digit numbers. Children have been able to identify how many hundreds, tens and ones each number has. They have also used their base 10 sticks to work out which of my numbers were the biggest or smallest.

The second group have been exploring quantities…focusing on more than, we played a game where we had to predict which colour of bugs there was more of, from a choice of 2, we then counted each group of coloured bugs to see if our prediction was right…we did very well with this.

In Literacy we have continued to identify ‘what’ questions…some of the children learnt that doing words were called verbs. They were even able to add in their own verb to describes what somebody/something was doing.  

We have had very busy brains this week.

I hope everybody has a lovely half term and we look forward to welcoming the children back to school after half term.

Rachael and the Starfish Team


Todays story with Alice is The Paper Dolls


Are you ready for P. E with Aimee?... Let's get moving! 


Hi everyone today Aimee is going to be showing you how to make pancakes ready for Shrove Tuesday next week. What's your favourite toppings? 


Hi everyone so today where going to have a go at making our own Gruffalo face. I’d love to see some pictures of yours.


This week Aimee is showing you how to make your own pasties. What will you put in yours? 

29. 1.21

 Hello everybody, 

Can't believe how busy our brains have been this week. 
We have had super busy brains in Literacy. One group have been looking at verbs and trying their very best to identify verbs within a sentence. Towards the end of the week we were introduced to 'Miss Bossy' who explained that she used bossy verbs when explaining how to do something. We looked at her recipe for 'Teddy Bear Toast' and we were able to find the bossy verbs used within her recipe. 
Our second group have spent the past two weeks identifying different  'who, where and what' elements within a sentence. On Thursday they made their own sentences including all three elements. They were also able to answer questions on each others sentences.
In Numeracy we have been looking at time, we have been making times to O'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. The children have done so well with this. Next week we will be looking at different times of the day! 
As well as joining in with daily zooms, our group have been super busy!! Samuel and Ted have made some beautiful cupcakes...Ted chose to decorate his cupcake with 8 Maltesers...mmm!!! Keaton went on a two and a half hour walk around Scammonden Reservoir, mum said he was very tired after.  
We hope you have a lovely weekend. 
Rachael, Aimee and Alice


Are you ready to do some baking with Aimee? Today where going to be making some cupcakes. We'd love to see some pictures of your finished decorated cupcakes. 


Hi starfish today I'd like you to have a go at making your own ladybird like in the book What the Ladybird heard. Have fun! 


Hi starfish it's that time of the week again...let's get doing are stretches and get ready for our P. E lesson with Aimee!! 

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Hi Everyone welcome to your first craft activity with Alice hope you enjoying creating your own Cave paintings. I look forward to seeing what funny animals you come up with, like the cave baby did. I've attached a couple of pictures to help you...Have fun


Hello Everybody,

I hope you’ve all had a lovely week and have managed to play in the snow!!
I would just like to share what we have been up to this week and share some pictures with you all.
Ted, Keaton and Helena have had very busy brains. In Literacy they have been answering ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘where’ questions by understanding colour coding. They were all able to answer questions independently and even had a go at creating their own.
Joseph, Samuel and Marcus have been looking at character description. On Monday they were able to identify a familiar character by listening to a character description, they were also able to identify adjectives by identifying what word was used to describe something. On Wednesday we came up with our own adjectives to form a word bank based on an image of a monster. We then used the word bank to write a character description.
In Numeracy we have been looking at ‘time’. We have been ordering days of the week and months of the year as well as making times to O’clock and half past. We have been able to identify which month/days of the week comes next. Next week we are going to be looking at sequencing and length of time.
Some children have also been doing our daily blog activities, Samuel took part in my Science lesson and learnt the importance of washing our hands. Keaton loved joining in with Aimee’s PE video.
Can’t wait for next week. Have a lovely weekend!!
Rachael, Aimee and Alice


Hi starfish it's time for P.E with Amiee grab your grown ups, brothers and sisters and let's all get fit together! We hope to see lots of pictures of you doing your P.E at home. 


Hi starfish it's time to get your chefs hats on and do some baking with Amiee. Today you'll be making some yummy cookies. We look forward to seeing some photos of yours. 


Good afternoon starfish, can you answer a few questions on our science experiment? 

  1. What do we need? 
  2. Did the pepper float or sink? 
  3. Did the germs like the soap? 


Last week we decorated the grotto. We made lots of paper chains and snowflakes. We collected lots of foliage and made some beautiful wreaths. We used fairy lights to make the grotto look magical. We hope Santa enjoys his visit to the grotto tomorrow.


On Friday we had a yummy Christmas dinner. We had turkey, sausage, carrots, sprouts and stuffing. We made our own Rudolf hats and place mats. For pudding we had snowman shaped ice cream and some of us even had Christmas pudding.   


We have spent lots of time practicing our Nativity. We have practiced our lines, made props and even had a go at making our own costumes. We hope you like the finished production. 


We would also like to show you our finished 'You've Got a Friend in Me' signing song, from some of the children in Starfish class.


We are getting busy for our final few days before breaking up for Christmas, we are going to be making Christmas cards, Christmas presents and celebrating the end of term with a Christmas party, don't forget party clothes on Thursday and Friday. 


We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and have a happy new year!


Lots of love Starfish Class


We have had very busy brains this week in Starfish class. In Numeracy we have been looking at weight. We have been identifying the lightest and heaviest objects. 

In Literacy we have been answering 'who', 'what' and 'where' questions based on Christmas images. We have also been describing a Winter scene, using lots of adjectives. 

Starfish class have been asked to decorate the Christmas grotto this year. We have mastered making paper chains and snowflakes. We can't wait to share a picture with you.  

We had a visit from some elves on Thursday night who transformed our classroom into a Winter wonderland. Our classroom is full of hanging Christmas decorations, lights and a beautiful Christmas tree.

Something very exciting happened on Friday morning. We looked outside and we saw snow falling. We put our coats on and headed outside. Joshua said the snow was "quite slippy" so we needed to be very careful!!


We hope it carries on snowing this weekend so we can make some snowmen. 


Have a lovely weekend. 


Starfish class  


This week in starfish class we have been looking at the snowman and the snowdog.

In literacy we have been looking at scenes of the snowman and snowdog, and then writing our own sentences about what's happening in them. We also made our own collage snowmen pictures for a display in class.

In Numeracy we have started looking at measuring and estimating. We measured all the children in the class and had to think about who was the tallest and smallest. We found out that the smallest was Betsy and the tallest was Oliver. We then went on to measuring using cubes, some of us estimated the length of an object using cubes and others used the cubes to measure objects in the classroom.

This year we have been given the job of decorating the outdoor classroom for our special guest arriving at christmas, we are going to turn it into a winter wonderland grotto, so we have started making our decorations.

In our cooking lesson this week we made vegetable stir fry, each child chose their own vegetables, noodles and sauce and cooked it on the hob (with staff supervision) We hope you enjoyed it.


Have a lovely weekend - The starfish class


In Literacy this week we have written our own script all about the very first Christmas. We are going to perform our play during the last week of term. We read through the story and made a list of characters, props and costumes that we will need. We decided that Betsy would play Mary and Oliver will play Joseph. 


In Numeracy we have been looking at shapes. We have been counting the amount of sides and corners different shapes have. We have also been doing work on repeating patterns using concrete shapes to complete. In Core Numeracy we have been looking at different quantities, identifying which amount has more or less etc. 


In Cooking we made jam tarts....they were very yummy! We hope you liked them as much as we did. 


In Topic we began looking at our whole school theme 'Winter Wonderland', we have created some lovely snow globes and Christmas trees using our hand prints. 


Please look through our pictures!


Have a lovely weekend from Rachael and the rest of Starfish!  


We had a lovely first week back in starfish. Here's a few pictures of what we got up to.


This week in starfish class we've been enjoying lots of Halloween activities.

Take a look at some of the things we've been up to. 



On Friday we had our cooking lesson with Aimee. We made toffee and pear buns...they were very yummy!! We made sure we washed our hands before starting to cook and then we peeled the pears ready for cooking. We mixed all the ingredients together and then we shared the mixture into the trays and cooked for 20 minutes. 


In Literacy we have been reading the book 'The Colour Monster'. The Colour Monster was very confused because he couldn't make sense of his feelings. His friend told him to sort his feelings out into different jars to stop him feeling confused.  

We made our own colour monsters and discussed when we feel sadness, happiness, anger, fear and calm. We then made these into sentences and made our very own book. 


In PE on Wednesday we played 'cat and mouse', the cat had to chase the mice round the hall until all the mice were caught. We then completed an obstacle course where we focused on our balancing skills.  


This week in starfish we have been reading the book called 'the bad tempered ladybird'. We have been looking at our feelings and what things make us bad tempered.

On Monday we made our own ladybirds. We practiced our cutting skills when making the wings, and then painted them red and added our spots.

On Tuesday in numeracy we looked at time. We ordered our school day from waking up to going to bed, we then looked to see if we could match a time to a certain time in the day.

On Wednesday in P.E we started looking at the game rounders. We had a fielding team and a batting team and had to do really good looking to catch the ball. We had lots of fun.

On Thursday in Literacy we looked again at what made us bad tempered, we then practiced our writing and typing skills and made another ladybird to stick these on.

 In the afternoon we practiced our singing and signing, we are working on the song "you've got a friend in me" from toy story. In a few weeks we will share our finished piece with you, but for now here are a few pictures from this week and the star of the week video from last week.


We've had such a busy week in starfish class. We've been looking at the book Elmer and how we are all different, we spoke about how some of us are cheeky, funny, caring, happy, friendly.  Have a look at some of the things we've been up to.


On Friday we celebrated Keaton's birthday. We played musical chairs, musical bumps and pass the parcel. We sang happy birthday to Keaton and shared a chocolate cake. 


On Monday we painted paper plates and stuck on hair, lips and eyes to make our faces, as part of our recipe for friendship display. 


We had our swimming lesson on Tuesday. Aimee and Alice joined us in the pool, we had lots of fun! 


On Wednesday morning we played lots of turn taking games. We played the 'pass the beanbag' song where you had to pass a beanbag round the circle at different speeds.  


During the afternoon we set up our own hairdressers. Eva was shop manager and Joshua, Luqmaan, Joseph and Samuel were the barbers. We had lots of fun!!


Have a lovely weekend!


Rachael and the Starfish class


This week in Starfish class we have had very busy brains.

On Monday we made colourful balloons to decorate our birthday board in class and our first Starfish birthday will be on Friday. Keaton is going to be 9.

On Tuesday we had our first swimming lesson with Becks. We had lots of fun, we went underwater to find different toys. 

On Wednesday we looked through Ted's happy box, inside were 2 wind up toys. We used our voting blocks to guess which one would win.  

On Thursday we went to the outside classroom where we built 'who, where and what' sentences. 

Please look at our photos!!


We've had a lovely first week in starfish. Here are a few photos of what we've been up to.


This week we couldn't just choose one star of the week so all the children in starfish are our stars, for having such an amazing year. Here's a little look back at some of the things we got up to this year. 


It been lovely welcoming some of Starfish class back this week. We've had lots of fun with are friends.



Good Moring,
I hope you have all enjoyed the weekend. 
This week we are going to be looking at money. below are some ideas and interactives games which might help to support learning. 
A family game of money bingo would be a brilliant way to help with coin recognition. 
Please remember to keep those pictures coming, I'd love to see what you are achieving at home.



Good morning Starfish, 

It's Mrs Gumbs. Please watch my video to play along with my new game. It's called 'What's in the Slime?' You have you guess which numbers are hiding in my slime!

Grab your number lines and your number flashcards from your learning pack. When you think you have the right number hold it up and shout it out!



Good Morning Starfish,
This week we are going to be looking at creating some repeating patterns using some found materials as well as some materials from your learning pack.
I'd love to see how these repeating patterns turned out so please remember to ask you grown ups to send me your pictures so I can share them with Mrs Sweet. 
Missing you all,


20th April 2020

More adjectives here from Mrs Gumbs!


Character descriptions

I have done a character description from one of my favourite stories about Alvin the smelly alien. Have a go at doing a character description of your favourite character from a book, or television or even one of your toys. 


Good Morning Starfish,
I hope you have all had a lovely Easter. I have posted some numeracy and literacy ideas on here for you all to have attempt at home with your families. 
Below are some links of songs/websites which are familiar to the children in Starfish class.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0dJWfQHF8Y - This number song is great, pause the song on a multiple of 10 and encourage to say what number comes next. 
https://www.topmarks.co.uk/ordering-and-sequencing/caterpillar-ordering - This is great interactive game where you can order/sequence different numbers...you can select level appropriate to your child. 
https://www.topmarks.co.uk/ordering-and-sequencing/shape-patterns - This is an interactive game where children have to select the next shape in the sequence...once again you can select the most appropriate level for your child. 
http://www.literactive.com/Download/live.asp?swf=story_files/hanging_monkeys_US.swf - This is a phonics game where children are encouraged to read the cvc word and match it to the picture. 


Please look on the Topmarks website as there are some amazing interactive games focusing on all areas of the curriculum. You can also select the most appropriate level for your child....this will help to encourage independent leaning. 
Also https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resources/parents are offering free membership for parents. There are some amazing resources/worksheets ready to print off which will help to support home learning.