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The amazing Evie is star of the week this week! Evie is trying really hard with her fine motor skills and is enjoying lots of messy play using her hands to investigate. Evie is also trying to take her coat off and is doing some great standing with support. Well done Evie! 


We've had a very messy day today! All the Squad enjoyed investigating in the green corn flour! They used their hands and a range of tools to make marks and feel the textures. Well done Squad, today a lot of you have shown us perseverance and dedication! 





This weeks star of the week is Arzoo!

Arzoo has come in everyday with a big smile on her face! She is doing great work using her E-TRAN frame looking and pointing at pictures from See and learn. Watch the video and see Arzoo's busy week! 




This weeks star of the week is Harry! 

Harry is doing really good sitting, looking and listening! He is trying to more independent too such as putting his shoes on and trying to fasten them and also trying to unzip his coat. Harry is looking at pictures in See and Learn and will happily post them into the box, he is always ready for his session with Trudy! 


Have a good weekend everyone!



Hi everyone!

Today we went up to the Muga to go on the bikes. All the children enjoyed their experience! Harry persevered and tried really hard to pedal the trike! Cole chased all the bikes and sat on the board whilst he was pulled around. Max, Evie and Arzoo were like royalty and enjoyed the ride! Overall all the Squad had such good fun!  Here are some photos! 


Sarah and Squad!


A huge happy birthday to Kasper! He is 6 today and star of the week! Well done!





The Squad have had a great week this week! We have transitioned around school to different areas such as the mud kitchen, sensory room and soft play. The Squad are doing really well at learning the new routines and listening for the music to cue them in to what is happening next. We have two stars of the week this week, Cole and Max. Well done to them both! I know your Mummy's are also very proud of you! We look forward to seeing you all next week for another fun and busy time! 




Thank you to all of the Squirrel Squad! Here are some photos from this year! 



The Squad have had a great few weeks back in class! Here are some photos! Enjoy!



08.06.20 Highbury @ Home 

Hi Squirrel Squad

This weeks focus is the Barefoot Book- We All Go Travelling By. Written by- Sheena Roberts, Illustrated by- Siobhan Bell and sung by- Fred Penner. 

Enjoy looking and listening to the story, sing along and join in with the actions! 


Have a lovely week Squad! 


Take care


18.05.20 Highbury @ Home


Hello Squirrel Squad


This weekend coming there will a big celebration! Muslims will be celebrating Eid! Watch my video and see some activities you can do at home to celebrate! 

Happy Eid everyone!


Take care 




11.05.20 Highbury @ Home 

Hi Squirrel Squad

I hope you all enjoyed hiding and building dens last week! This week you have lots more activities to complete at home as we are focusing on the Positioning Schema! There are 2 videos for you to watch with lots of ideas! Have fun and don't forget to send me some videos and photos because who will be star of the week this week?

Take care


04.05.20 Highbury @ Home 

Hi Squirrel Squad

I hope you're all well at home! We are continuing to follow on with our schema development this week and we will be focusing on the Enveloping Schema! Watch the video and see the document below for lots of ideas! 

Happy hiding and camping!

Take care


27.04.20 Highbury @ Home

Hi Squirrel Squad

This weeks focus is all about Rotation Schema! Please watch both videos for ideas and look at the document below. 

Have a great week! 

Take care




20.04.20 Highbury @ Home 


Hi Squirrel Squad! 

This weeks focus is schematic play linked to the trajectory schema! Watch the video for some ideas and below will be a document telling you about the schema along with some more ideas! 

Have a great week everyone! 


Take care


06.04.20 Highbury @ Home 

Hi Squirrel Squad! 

This weeks focus is Making Music!

Below my video blog is "Music at Sarah's house" and some music we listen to in class. Enjoy!

Take care 


03.04.20 Highbury @ Home 

Hi Squirrel Squad 

I hope you have all done some great water investigation this week!


I know Ibraheem has walked to the park and found a big stick, he then swished his stick around in the pond! Ibraheem has also used his hand eye coordination to pour some water into his Peppa Pig cup! Well done Ibraheem you are one of the stars of the week this week! 

Maxim and Maleke are also stars of the week! They have had lots of fun splashing in the bath whilst singing Incey Wincey Spider! Well done you two! 

Esmee has had a very busy week too! She has poured and filled using everyday objects and is also recognising full and empty!

Talal's Mummy has sent me some lovely photos of him mark making at home and spending time with his little brother. I know Talal is doing some really good jumping on his trampoline too! 


Well done Squad!


Take care


30.03.20 Highbury @ Home


Hi Squirrel Squad

This weeks focus is Water Investigation!

If anyone needs any more ideas or support please email me. I look forward to seeing all your photos and videos.


You tube songs-





 Take care


26.03.20 Highbury @ Home 


Hi Squirrel Squad 

Yesterday I went out for a walk in the woods. It was nice and quiet and we found and saw lots of things. We found some sticks and leaves and took them home to count and made a collage. We also found some really big logs and tried our best to see if we could lift them using our muscles.  We came across some cows who were eating the grass in the sunshine and also saw lots of bees buzzing around. If you go out with your grown-ups please send me some pictures so I can see where you went and what you collected. Don't forget to wear your wellies in case you find some muddy puddles. 

Yesterday Oscar went for a walk with his Mummy and found some ducks to feed. Oscar thought it was very funny when the ducks kept quacking


Take care 




24.03.20 Highbury @ Home 


Hi Squirrel Squad

I just wanted to share some of the lovely rainbows that Esmee and Oscar have emailed me! I am so pleased to hear that Oscar used his fine motor skills to touch the cotton wool balls and also used his right hand with a palmer grip to colour his rainbow with support from him Mummy! His rainbow is now in his window for everyone to see. Esmee also had a busy day yesterday, she has designed a rainbow too. Esmee used lots of colours and materials and has also put her rainbow picture in the window. Well done to Oscar and Esmee! 

Take care


23.03.20 Highbury @ Home 

Good afternoon Squirrels

Here are some of the links I mentioned in my blog! It would be great to see some of your rainbows you have made at home. You all have my email address so please send them for me to look at. 

Key learning objectives for designing a rainbow:

  • observing the marks we have made
  • holding our mark making tool in a dominant hand
  • holding our tool in a palmer/ pincer/ tripod grip (see examples below) 
  • naming colours
  • recognising colours & different shades 
  • matching colours 
  • feeling different textures such as tissue paper and cotton wool balls 
  • copying lines/motions such as the curve of the rainbow 
  • using fine motor skills to take lids on/off pens 




Take care






Hi everyone!

We have had a very different but fantastic week! Nothing will stop us at Highbury! The Squad look great in their happy clothes today! We enjoyed some singing and dancing in the hall as a whole school this morning and yesterday some time up at the bikes with our fellow Early Years the Ladybirds! 

Everyone please take care! 

Sarah and Squirrel Squad Team! 



Well done to Joe who was star of the week this week! 

Sarah and the Squirrel Squad Team! 


Today we have celebrated World Book Day and what a wonderful day we have had! All the Squad dressed wearing something yellow and all our malleable materials for messy play were also yellow, we had sweetcorn, custard, banana, lemons, pineapple and mango! This morning we looked at stories and read some of the children's books they brought in from home. This afternoon we used our fine motor skills to make marks using yellow tools and we read the story "Walking through the Jungle" using props and choose it maker to select the matching animals! We've had a great day celebrating World Book Day!


Sarah & the Squirrel Squad Team 


Well done to Maxim who is Star of the Week!! He is now using his fine motor skills to trace over the letters of his name along with using single words to communicate what he would like at snack time! Enjoy the videos! 

Sarah and the Squirrel Squad Team 


This week we have celebrated Chinese New Year! All the Squad have really enjoyed the different activities both within class and around the school. We are really proud of how well they played along-side and interacted with children from different classes. 

Well done Squirrel Squad!


Sarah and the EYFS Team 


The Squad have had a great first couple of weeks back. They have colour matched and sorted, made marks using their fine motor skills and transported pasta around the classroom using their hands, scoops, pipes and other resources. In numeracy some of the children are beginning to order numbers 1-5, one to one correspond and recognise arrays. The Squad have come back after the break ready to learn and are showing great progress!


Sarah and the Squirrel Squad Team 


Merry Christmas everyone!

The Squad have had a very fun and festive final week! I hope you all enjoy the Christmas craft items they have all made. 

The Squad have amazed us all this term with all the progress they have made and how well they are transitioning around school! We are all very proud of them!

Have a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year!


Sarah and the Squirrel Squad Team


18/12/19 Stay and Play! 

What a fantastic day we all had yesterday! It was lovely to see so many people, we had a very festive and busy time! 

Here are some photos of our festive day!


Sarah and the Squirrel Squad Team 




The Squad had a great time at the Rex Cinema watching Frozen 2 yesterday!

We were all very excited to be getting on the big coach and when we got there Oscar and Kasper's eyes were glued to the screen! The Squad were fantastic and we were all really proud of them! By the end of the day it was just too much for Ibraheem!


Sarah & the Squirrel Squad Team 


Today we had a whole school celebration of Hanukkah.

The Squirrels all enjoyed the different activities and transitioned well around school even to new places. We used torches and lights to help us look at books and snuggle under the blankets whilst we relaxed. We also had some calm time in the hall where we had some deep pressure massage and used the soft mats to allow us to roll and try some yoga poses. Oscar liked to be swung in the material using the Sherbourne technique. Esmee especially enjoyed Sarah and Lisa pulling her around on the material also using a Sherbourne technique. Esmee would ask for another turn using a full sentence and command if we should go fast or slow. Kasper enjoyed tracking all the sensory lights and listening to the fast and slow tempo music and Oscar, Joe, Esmee, Maxim and Maleke enjoyed sitting under the parachute whilst it moved up and down quickly. 

We all had a great day!

Sarah and the Squirrel Squad Team 



This week in numeracy the Squad went to garden school to focus on our pouring and filling skills. We used our hands and tools to help fill and empty containers. Kasper anticipated the leaves falling on him by laughing and stamping his feet. Maxim and Esmee used the tools to fill their containers and Esmee recognised full and empty! Talal used his hands to dig in the soil whilst Jianguang anticipated the soil pouring out of the containers, he would then brush off the soil using his hands which is a great achievement for him. The Squad had a great numeracy session outside! 


Sarah & the Squirrel Squad Team


This week the Squad went on the bikes to use their gross motor skills. They all enjoyed sitting on the bikes and some of the children are now beginning to use the pedals to ride around the track. We  climbed the large Rokatgon showing great coordination and confidence to get to the top. After the bikes and climbing we then went down to the roundabout where they all enjoyed spinning round and round. A very busy active afternoon for the Squad!

Sarah and the Squirrel Squad Team


Happy Halloween!

The Squad have had a great week scooping out pumpkins using their hands and tools, smelling and feeling the slimy textures and making their own pumpkins!

The Squad also had a great time at the disco where we danced and had some party food!

The last eight weeks have flown by and I am so proud of them all for settling in so well and already making so much progress. I look forward to the next term to see them develop even more! 

Have a great half term!

Sarah and Squirrel Squad Team 


This morning the Squad went down to the slides to collect some leaves, sticks, pine cones and acorns to add to our autumn sensory tray next week. We will also be scooping out pumpkins, feeling the different textures along with mashing, pouring filling and chopping. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! 


Sarah and the Squirrel Squad Team 


Last week Maxim and Maleke introduced the Squad to a new song and dance! 

"Dinosaurs have great big feet that stomp stomp stomp. Dinosaurs have great big teeth that chomp chomp chomp"

The Squad is now singing and dancing along to the song all day every day! So we have followed the children's interests and we have a new Dinosaur Zone in class along with leaves and herbs for the dinosaurs to chomp and mud for the dinosaurs to stomp! Along with the small world we have dinosaur books and switches so the children can listen to the song and of course Maxim singing! We have also used our gross motor skills to be stomping in the paint with our big dinosaurs! 

Please join in with stomping and chomping at home! Have fun! 

Sarah and the Squirrel Squad Team


Squirrel Squad in the rain


On a Thursday afternoon the Squad have a very busy and active time. First we start our afternoon in the sensory room. Here we are working on rotation schema, so we are doing lots of work with resources that rotate and spin and how we can make this happen using our critical thinking. We then transition down to the hall ready for PE. Here we do lots of gross motor movements such as rolling, crawling, climbing and balancing. It is great to see how confident the Squad are using the PE apparatus. I have uploaded some photographs so you can see how busy and fun our Thursday afternoons are. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 

Sarah D and the Squirrel Squad Team! 

09/09/19 Squirrels Squad week 1


The Squad have had an amazing first week and we are so proud of them all! They have all worked very hard and have all settled in well! 

We have transitioned around school to the hall for PE, sensory room for schema work and also visited garden school. We have started the story "oh Dear" in literacy and some of the children can recognise the animals and even the animal sounds too. 

Maxim has done some lovely singing this week of Old McDonald whilst looking at farm book. 

Oscar is now exchanging PECS symbols for his favoured items from a choice of 2 and so is Maxim! 

The Squad have had a great first week and we are all so excited to see what is yet to come! 


Sarah D and the EYFS Squad