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Summer Holiday's 


School's finished for the summer holidays - social story


Activities down below linked to social story ; this might help your child to refer to throughout the summer.

By now you should know who your class teacher is and new class. If not please get in contact with your child's class teacher.

This will be my last Highbury @ Home teaching blog. I will be on Highbury's Facebook page leaving messages for the children throughout the summer. Contact me if you need any support.

I would like to say from myself and my team: Well done PARENTS for getting through this bizarre time you have been so strong for your children. I'd like say from me and my class we have loved teaching your children it's been a real privilege.

Thank you parents, Sarah Gumbs, Andrew, Donna, Sue, Jo - for settling the children back into class so wonderfully. I am glad the children have been in such good hands and thank you for always asking about me and baby ... who is perfectly fine and I heard their heart beat for the first time this week! 

I hope to be back in September teaching Spiders then Andrew and Sarah Gumbs will take over my maternity. 

You have all been fantastic 

Thank you lots of love

Me, Doreen, Sue, Donna, Jo

Home Learning 06/07/20


If your still at home don't worry there is plenty to do. 

Check out the video for Superhero maths.

Send me pictures of your learning,


Bubble B Song



Bubble B! 02.07.20

Wow, what a busy day. We have been focusing on our social communication, learning to take-turns and do appropriate sitting, listening and speaking. We have also enjoyed a little pampering with our foot spa and the vibrating bed! 

We also enjoyed a Numicon scavenger hunt and a turn on the slides. Even if we did get a little wet :) 

Today we joined in with some singing on zoom with the Butterfly Class! See our photos below...

Bubble A! 01.07.20

Bubble A have had lots of fun this week with Andrew. They have focused on balance, the trajectory schema, on planting and on the story of The Light House Keepers Lunch! See Bubble A's photos...

22nd June 

We've had lots of fun in school this week! Please see our photos below: 



Good Morning Spiders Class,


I am back with this weeks challenges remember to email me work you have completed. 

Please choose the activity suitable for your child if you need support with this email me.

Stay safe and well,


Love Colette, Donna, Sue, Doreen, Jo, Sarah G, Andrew 



Good Morning Spiders Class,


I am back with this weeks challenges to keep you busy remember to email me work you have completed. 

Stay safe and well,


Love Colette, Donna, Sue, Doreen, Jo, Sarah G, Andrew 



Good Morning Spiders Class,


Some of you are back in school with Donna, Sue, Jo, Andrew and Sarah Gumbs we hope you have a fantastic week of learning. Some of you are still at home which is okay too I will keep you busy with lots of activities. 

Lets get ready to use our busy brains,


lots of love



Good Morning,


Have you enjoyed the cooler weather I have it has been raining this week.

This week you challenges are:

  1. Focus on phonics, sounding out letter sounds and words; if possible use these words in a sentence. (see video) 
  2. Can you tell me what day is was yesterday? Can you tell me what day it will be tomorrow? (see links)
  3. Can you make a symmetrical butterfly (see photo)
  4. Can you peel and eat oranges like the hungry caterpillar?
  5. Remember to send me your dancing videos. Get moving and jiving.



Ordering days of the week

Well done

Please see attachment of Spiders completing the tasks

02.06.20 Summer Term


Welcome back after your holiday 


Hasn't the weather been glorious! I hope you are all well thanks for staying in touch with me over the break.

Your challenges:

  1. Make yourself a healthy breakfast (see video)
  2. Read the story the hungry caterpillar (see video)
  3. Complete hungry caterpillar challenge of ordering your days of the week (see video)
  4. Complete hungry caterpillar board game (see image)
  5. Dance - Can you send a video of you singing, signing or dancing to the song Paloma Faith - Make your own kind of music. We are going to make a class montage for facebook - teaching assistants, parents, children and siblings all get involved please. 


Useful links


SparkleBox Teacher Resources www.sparklebox.co.uk 

Eid Mubarak


This week is the last week of fasting for our Muslim families on 24th May 2020 they will be celebrating Eid al-Fitr. This week we are focusing on getting ready for the festival.

Your challenges:

Listen to story of Rameena's Ramadan.  

Answer questions on Rameena's Ramadan. 

Practice fine motor techniques.

Send me your henna designs. 

Look on other teachers blogs and participate in their activities.

We are doing lovely things all around school it would be lovely for you to get fully involved.


Lots of love,

Donna, Sue, Jo, Doreen, Colette

Rameena's Ramadam - story on Twinkl 

Thank you Twinkl 

Read by Colette


What lovely feedback to receive from Haarith's mummy. I am so glad Haarith is getting involved with his family prayers! Please watch video down below. 

Spectacular Spiders


Wow it's only Tuesday, already Cody has been using playdough to make scrumptious food yum.

Chloe has been baking and looking at flowers that are short and long! 

April has been finding time to unwind and look after herself in her LOL tent.


Keep up the hard work,


Well done to your mum's and dad's. 

Homeschooling Week 8 Date 11.05.2020

"What's on the Menu" 

Hi Spiders,

Over the next few weeks we are going to be looking at activities to do with food! I love pasta so here are some art and crafts ideas.

Remember to share your work with me so I can show it to Mrs Sweet.

I hope you are still staying active and doing your physio. My exercise at the moment is YOGA it helps with back pain! I've been having lots growing my baby I can't wait to see you all I think you'll be shocked ! 

Donna, Sue, Jo and Doreen send there love to you all. Baby Margot is doing well :) 

take care



  1. Art and Crafts: Make a picture using food objects
  2. Science: go on a plant hunt / Can you label parts of a plant?
  3. Numeracy: Learning packs - can you make your play dough this week?
  4. Literacy: Write in your journal what food do you like and dislike?
  5. R.E: Can you listen to the story Rameena's Ramadan 


Please look at attachments underneath lots of free resources and websites you can access.  I would like to say thank you for https://www.twinkl.co.uk/search?term= for supplying free resources at this time to parents and teachers! Please sign up for your free account if you haven't already. 

What a lovely email to get from Samuel's mummy. Well done on completing your challenges and extra activities! 


"He really enjoyed the numicon we used tweezers and dried orzo and he asked to do it again the next day.
We did pairs to 10 with the number cards, he got quite competitive against me and Elsie.
We have been reading the gruffalo this week.
We made the carrot and the broccoli from the supertato book.
We have also done some phonics and letter sound work."


Home learning pack


Week 7

Wow how exciting was it to receive the learning packs! Did you give Donna and Chris a big wave I know Cody did! Vicky been amazing at putting them together and I can't wait to get stuck in with them this week. 

I have enjoyed talking to your mum's and dad's and even you on the phone !

This week I'm going to show you exciting ways to use your learning packs.


Challenge 1 make the rest of the characters from Supertato (see images)

Challenge 2 use your alphabet mat and learn BSL alphabet (see video)

Challenge 3 use your chalk to write a nice Ramadan message (see video)

Challenge 4 use your numicon and evil peas in a fun activity (see video) 

Challenge 5 complete your yoga and physio at home (video uploaded this week soon)


Have fun and stay safe,

love Colette, Donna, Sue, Jo and Doreen.

Week 6 Homeschooling


We have lots of reasons to be positive for:

Sue is now a grandmother to a beautiful girl called Margot- she arrived safe and sound.

Haarith and his family have started Ramadan.

Chloe is now 7 years old and Kai's birthday is next week!


Here are your challenges. We are focusing on self-help and independence this week.

Stay safe

love Colette, Donna, Sue, Jo and Doreen

Well done Joseph for reading our story Supertato. This is our story this term to learn from. Don't worry if you don't have the story at home you don't have to buy the story just search it on youtube. 


Welcome back to Home Schooling. 


I hope you had a fun Easter! I am back this week with more challenges ... send in photos for star of the week assembly of you are doing any of these challenges. 


link to posters - https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/thank-you-key-workers-colouring-posters-t-tp-2549562

link to story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rze89HB9u8g

journal entries are underneath the video. 

Cody's mum sent me photos of Cody ordering bowls from smallest to the biggest and a picture of something small he found in the garden. Can you tell me what it is?


We miss you but are happy you are safe at home.

Colette, Donna, Sue, Jo and Doreen 

You don't have to use a pencil to learn fine motor skills. Here are numerous tasks that will support your child's learning.
pinterest is fantastic for ideas also and cooking always helps these skills.
(she is a bit bizarre) but the kids enjoy doing her - you can make playdough at home if you search recipes. 
Try activities like: 
  • Threading, posting and slotting toys.
  • Poking straws into holes.
  • Pasta necklaces.
  • Making shapes with play dough.
  • Weaving around cardboard.
  • Squeezing slime.
  • Threading Pipe cleaners through colanders.
  • Beads on spaghetti
  • Painting fence (with water)
  • Picking up stickers and sticking on pages

NHS heroes

I received this email from Chloe's mum which is kicking off our new topic in style! Well done Chloe!


Hi Colette - I just wanted to let you know that Chloe’s trying to get fit and complete a fundraiser for the NHS while she’s at home!  

She’s going to start walking in fancy dress from tomorrow!
click on to donate 

Term 5

This term Topic: What's on the Menu 

Science topic: Plants and Food senses.

In school we would have been learning the story of Supertato I will include challenges from this story each week for you to do.

Here are some ideas below to get you started.

See you Monday ready to learn! 

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Happy Easter 

Here is a story for you to enjoy. Send me pictures if you decorated an egg.


Take care love Colette, Donna, Sue, Jo and Doreen

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It's Easter time 

Here are your challenges for this week please email pictures of you completing any Easter tasks.

The next blog will be back on 20th April 2020.

Have a lovely holiday and stay safe with your family. 

Lots of love Spiders team

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Wow !! well done for getting dressed up for the Mad Hatters Tea Party … you look great.

Here are some of the journal resources.

Please send photos of your learning for Star of the Week assembly Friday.

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Please choose a media file.
Please choose a media file.
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Good Morning,

Hope you are all keeping well and safe at home from Colette, Donna, Sue, Jo, Doreen. x

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Week 2 homeschooling highlights

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The weather is forecast is dry and sunny this week ... Go outside into your garden or on a nice walk! Here is some activities from Pinterest app you might want to do at home. 

Also, click on the sensory toy link you might already have some of these toys at home. 

The goal is to have fun and make memories with your family. 


Please choose an image.

Title: I Don't want to Wash My Hands

Author: Tony Ross

Read By: Colette

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Happy FRIDAY !

Did you watch Mrs Sweet assembly on Facebook? It was so nice to see her celebrate all your hard work. 

I will upload a video on Monday morning explaining in more detail your 5 challenges.

I want to say a massive THANK YOU for sending in you pictures of your home learning.

This week your challenges are .....

1) To go out for one form of exercise and write a list of all the sounds you can hear. 

2) Can you draw the Highbury logo (the sunshine) to add to your rainbow picture to make people smile?

3) Can you write in your journal about the weather each day? We've been very lucky this week with the sunshine. 

4) Can you learn British Sign Language for the weather signs? 

5) Your last challenge is to cook something with your grown ups. 


I have a nice idea ... did you join everyone clapping at 8pm for the NHS these people are our real life hero ... every Thursday people are to stand outside their homes and clap / cheer for the NHS I would love it if you send me some videos of you all doing this at home.


Competition on Facebook I have been looking at competitions on Facebook you can join @MFC.SPORTS there is a competition to design your own sport jersey and they will create it! I will attach details down below ... One little girl has made a fantastic NHS jersey.


Take Care,

I'll see you Monday




Weather task and BSL signs resources

Competition, phonics ideas and sensory walks. 

Timetable to follow

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Happy Monday Morning, 


Lets get busy this week with some challenges I will upload timetable and resources below. I would love to see how the Spiderlings are getting along at home / school learning. 


Kind Regards,


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Highlights of the week

Nice to see you all doing some the activities on the timetable ... have as much fun has possible guys.


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Check out your classmates home learning in the video below. 

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Keep your immune system topped up with fresh orange juice. Who needs This Morning for cooking tips when you have our very clever cook Kai.

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 Hi Spider-lings

If you are studying from home, here are some things you can do.

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To Spiderlings,

Always remember to be kind to all creatures big and small.