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The last day of term

Well it's definitely been a strange week for of us all... We've been working hard at school AND at home this week! It has been so lovely to have everyone back for one last day today.


Here are out highlights from the week...

Have a wonderful holiday with your friends and families, we can't wait to see you all again in September!

Spiders Class Team


Our new Spider class!

Wow! A busy, hectic, exciting week!


We have absolutely loved welcoming all the new children and staff to Spiders class this week, we have been building on our relationships, reading our new class story and having lots of special moments before we break up for the holidays. I have a feeling it's going to be an exciting year ahead... Enjoy watching our class video for this week!


Spiders Class Teacher

Spiders Bake Sale for cystic fibrosis




I am so pleased at how these children have adapted to having a new teacher this week. In literacy, we have been learning our story the enormous turnip - we have described characters and reacted the story. In topic, we learnt a little about the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. We decided to fund raise for them and walked to the shop in order to buy ingredients to bake. The children walked to the shop and brought their shopping list and they are a credit to our school with their lovely manners and listening to road safety instructions. We baked all this afternoon to get ready for our big sale on FRIDAY ! We are so excited.


Spiders Team 


On Friday 18th June 2021. Spiders are having a bake sale for cystic fibrosis trust charity this is close to our hearts has it affects one of our pupils.

Our star of the week are Elizabeth and Esme for this fantastic interview about what we will be doing next week. 


We are SO lucky, we've got Colette back! Colette will be working full time in Spider class from next week!

28th May 2021

Happy holiday all! We hope you have a lovely week. 

We've enjoyed the last week of term. We:

  • used out cutting skills to make chocolate covered kebabs 
  • created our emotions books, thinking about all the things that make us sad, happy, calm, cross and scared
  • had lots of fun with sensory play 
  • used the leaf blower in the garden to tidy up
  • measured the height of our friends using magnetic connecting blocks 

21st June 2021

What a busy week!

This week we've done work about the happiness Monster. We had to work out what made him happy based on where he was and what we thought he was doing! We have also done lots of work around what makes us happy. 

In maths we've done work on quantity and knowing if something is more or less. 

We've done lots of other fun activities.

See our photos below! 

Hello all, 

What a busy week we've had in Spider Class! We've:

  • sung Happy birthday to Kai and enjoyed a birthday cake!
  • started a new story 'The Colour Monster' - learning all about our emotions.
  • had lots of fun in our communication group with our flour cannon, bubbles and splat games. 
  • done peer massage and massage to the song Incy Wincy and Twinkl Twinkl. 
  • played silly phonics games.
  • made colour monsters playdough.
  • played on the bikes, slides and in the mud kitchen.

We've had a green calm day today and we've started learning about everything that makes us calm! We've made a giant picture of the green monster. Next week will be looking at more emotion monsters. 

Wednesday 13th May 2021

To start the week we have been doing some great work looking at shape and texture with the fascinating story of Matisse the Snail. The children enjoyed making their own modern art trails using a variety of mediums and styles. We also looked at high contrast stories both on screen and on paper. In Numeracy we focused on shape which linked back to the story of Matisse and then we looked at shapes in everyday objects. 

Friday 7th May 2021

Hello all and happy weekend!

We've had such a busy week in Spider Class. 

We've done work on 'where?' and the setting of stories in literacy. We've practised our typing in ICT. We've done lots of work on number in maths. In cooking we made yummy milkshakes. In social communication we've done lots of fun games that encourage us to share attention and take turns. We've also enjoyed swimming, riding our bikes, and being out in garden school. We've done lots of work on our individual EHC targets. WOW! Well done to Spider Class!

Take care, Mrs Gumbs and the team :) 


Friday 30th April 2021

Wow, what a busy week! We've:

  • Cleared all the leaves and put them ready for composting
  • Had a visit from Collette and the gorgeous baby Isaiah!
  • Done lots of mark-making and fine motor skill activities.
  • Played shark attack in P.E. 
  • Been out in garden school, identifying 'who' 'what are they doing?' and 'where.'
  • Done lots of numeracy work on number and place value. 
  • Literacy on characters. 
  • We said happy birthday to Chloe and enjoyed her cake, and lots more! 

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend everyone! 

23rd April 2021

Hello all, 

We've had a lovely couple of days in Spider Class. We've done lots of work on number and on reading comprehension. We are also having a massive push on fine motor activities and pencil control. Please see our photos below,

Mrs Gumbs and the Spiders Team

21st April 2021

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter holiday. It has been a lovely first few days back in Spider's class and all the children have come back full of enthusiasm. The topic for this term is 'How Things Work' and the children have been weighing, measuring and exploring. They have been using scales to explore heavy and light, investigating weight and capacity and also just enjoying spending time with their friends. In the coming weeks our curious minds will be exploring a whole range of activities that investigate and hopefully explain everyday objects and their uses.

Happy Easter Everyone!

1st April 2021

This week we had our final immersive day in the garden and we made the most of the beautiful weather. We finished off planting potatoes and onions and also used our engineering brains to create a bridge over the swamp. In class we read our book, Bert Plants a Seed and prepared our own cress pots to nurture over the holiday. Have a lovely Easter break!


What an Eggxelent day!

25th and 26th March

In literacy we are focusing on reading comprehension. We are working on who, what and where questions. Our orange 'who frame' helps up understand who. We use yellow to help us with 'what' they are doing and red to understand 'where'. This scaffolds our learning and will help us be able to structure sentences. 

Red Nose Day Fun!

Thank you for all your donations. We loved seeing the children in their fancy dress outfits today. We had lots of fun:

  • Dressed up in our funny photobooth
  • Designed red noses
  • Painted reds noses
  • Did a red nose treasure hunt and won a prize!
  • Lots more!

Friday 19th February 2021 

Hello all, 

We've had such a busy and fun week in Spider Class!

  • Lots of fine motor activities and writing practise
  • Phonics and reading 
  • Reading comprehension - asking and answering questions on 'who' 'what' and 'where?'
  • Adding numerals to numbers
  • Team games in P.E. Reds were the champions! 
  • Made Christine a birthday cake and sung happy birthday!
  • Turn-taking and sharing in social communication. 
  • Filling in missing numerals in a sequence and sorting out a broken number line!
  • And lots more!... 

Please see our photos!

18th March 2021

This week in spiders class we had a very busy start to the week. In the garden we made a bug hotel and bird feeders which will help attract wildlife to the garden.

We also had some great sessions in communication where we learned about prepositions, size and quantity, all the children were really engaged. Please take a look at the this weeks photos below.

Hello all, 

We've had a busy busy week in Spider class. It has been so wonderful having all the children back! 

I have put some photos below of Thursday and Friday. Andrew will share some photos next week of his half of the week. 

We've had so much fun. Lots of phonics work, really focusing on blending sounds to make words. We've been doing simple addition in maths.

We've also done some baking and lots of social communication. In social communication games we've enjoyed 'bubble snake' and 'splat!'

Have a lovely weekend. 

Thank you, Sarah 

Good afternoon all, 

We've had a busy couple of days with Bubble B in Spider's Class!

In literacy we've been learning about adjectives and how to describe things and characters. We explored things in our feely box like slime and ice! We read our book, Mr Grumpy comes to Highbury (see a copy below). In numeracy we've worked on sequencing numbers and simple addition. 

In P.E. we enjoyed Sherborne movement therapy and Yoga.

We also enjoyed our communication games, where we had to work out what had disappeared by doing really good looking. 

We also sung our bubble b song. 

Have a lovely weekend and take care



25th February 2021

Andrew's Group

This week Andrew's group have been observing signs of Spring and using natural materials to fire our imagination. We have made mud faces on trees and even created a mud dragon, and because Spring is here it's time to start thinking about sowing our vegetables, so we have been planting potatoes in the poly tunnel, but we have many more seeds to sow in the coming weeks.

Spider Class Blog


Happy holidays everyone. 

We can't wait to see all the children in 2021, after a well deserved break!

Below are pictures of Christmas at Highbury! Enjoy 

4th December 2020

This week in spiders we have been preparing for our school nativity.

We have been reading and taking part in activities about the story of Jesus.

We have also been enjoying making Christmas wreaths from natural materials.


Hello all, 

We've had a busy couple of days in Spider class! Please see our photos below.



We've loved our new classroom space this week! We moved in on Wednesday. See our photos of what we've been up to... 

Things have been a little bit different for Spider Class over the last few days. As we are having our room renovated, we have been in Wise Owls last week and have been in the hall today. We will be in the hall again on Monday and then hopefully back in Spider Class on Tuesday! 

We've had a busy couple of days! We've started our story of Percy the Park Keeper. We loved our sensory story, with a leaf blower and ice. We are focusing on WHO 

Just before half term Michael was our star of the week and Mrs Gumbs forgot to put his video on here to share with you all! So here it is... WELL DONE MICHAEL 

13th November 2020

Another great week in Spider class!

We have been reading our new story 'Jess Builds a Den' taking this learning outside to build our own den.

We have also been planting onions before the weather gets too cold.


Exciting news about our classroom!

We are very lucky as we are having our classroom renovated! We will be getting a new floor and work-booths! Whilst the work is being done we are in a different classroom. We are borrowing Wise Owls classroom. 

Buttery Pudsey Bear Biscuits! 

We cracked the egg, mixed, whisked, rolled and pressed our character cutter. Lots of fun. 

We've had a busy couple of days in Spider Class! Look at the photos...

Week beginning 9th November:

Term 2  Winter Wonderland!


Hello All Parents,

We hope you have had a lovely holiday. Our theme this term is Winter Wonderland. We will send home a learning overview, so you know what we will be getting up to. 

Busy week so far this week. We've enjoyed our academic work again alongside lots of fun activities:

  • Watching real fireworks at school!
  • Pretending we had fireworks with party poppers and lights
  • Picnic down in garden school
  • Following instructions to make parkin cake
  • Working on WHO, WHAT and WHERE in the story Jack Lost His Hat
  • Number work 
  • Gardening
  • Making sentences using the computer
  • Craft fireworks 
  • Fine motor and writing activities

Week beginning 2nd November 2020:

Happy Holidays!

Who is teaching?

Week commencing 19th October (last week of term!)

15th and 16th October...

We've had lots of fun in class, engaging with continuous provision and working on our RICE (relationships, independence, communication and engagement) curriculum!

15th October 2020

Carrying on with our Autumnal theme we have been looking at the story ' Leaf Man' by Lois Ehlert. We enjoyed a sensory reading of the story, went on our very own leaf hunt, explored the colour and textures of leaves and created an amazing Highbury leaf man.

Week commencing 12th October: Who is teaching? 

9th October 2020

This week in Spider class we've been enjoying the last of the good weather. We were weaving willow in the mud kitchen to make crowns as well as some beautiful art using flowers from the school garden.

It's never too late in the year to grow things and despite the October showers we made a shelter so we could plant our onion sets in trays. This will give them a good start, so they're ready to harvest in spring.

We are focusing on the below book about Maisy for the next couple of weeks. We are looking at routine and daily life skills, knowing 'who' 'what' and 'where' questions and on o'clock time!

Spider Class have elected their school council member. Drum roll please... 

It's Esmée! Well done Esmée. 

Wednesday and Thursday (07.10.20 - 08.10.20)


Esmée is our star this week!


Hi all spider parents,

We’ve had a fab couple of days in Spiders. See our pics from Thursday and Friday below. 
We followed instructions to make play dough, made paper mache bowls, made Donna a get well soon card (and dressed up as her!) and accessed lots of other fun activities! 
Have a lovely weekend. 


'If I knew you were coming I'd have baked a cake...'

Friday 25.9.20

Enjoy our photos from today!...


Dexter, you are such a star this week. You produced some beautiful music with our music teacher Daniel AND you worked really hard to get your socks off for P.E! Well done Dexter.

24th September 2020

As Autumn draws in the 'season of mists and mellow fruitfulness', it's always satisfying to harvest the fruits of our hard work in the garden. We have been digging, picking and searching in every corner of the poly-tunnel to discover our healthy organic produce. The children have learnt how to harvest different plants and where to find them, both below and above the ground. We have also been learning how important it is to work as a team when picking and preparing our own produce and how satisfying it is to taste the end results


Elizabeth, you have been absolute star this week! You swam really well on your back and followed instructions in the pool. You have also been a really good friend and shown a real interest in what your friends have been up to. Well done Elizabeth, we are all really proud of you. 


Toast Friday!

Today we've had a treat of toast for snack. We were learning to butter our bread and put jam on. 

We've enjoyed doing our Choose-It Maker register on the computer and can ALL recognise our names!

As part of our morning routine we sing and sign a hello song, we also sing our days of the week and weather song.

Today we listened to the Brown Bear story and all held up our characters at the right part. We then played throw the bear, which was great fun. 

We did some phonics and have started 1-1 phonics and reading sessions. 

In the afternoon we had a vote on which crisps we liked best. Wotsits were a clear favourite

As we have been such superstars we have been on the roundabout and the slides! As part of our new reward chart we move our characters up if we are making good choices. If we get to the top we can choose either free choice or the room allocated for us that day (soft-play, sensory room or therapy room). Today we had soft-play and EVERYONE was able to go in. Fantastic work Spiders!  



Spider 2020-2021:

We've had a great couple of weeks getting to know each other.

Here are some pictures of our first two weeks in Spider Class:

Hello and Welcome to Spiders Class 2020-2021!

Here we are!