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Spider Class Blog

Term 2 Week 2


Remembrance Sunday and Children in Need. 

Term 2 First Week

New dinners are going down a treat!

We celebrated Bonfire night in style today - please see our video.

Overview of planning have been sent home - please check these to see all the exciting learning opportunities this term.

Please check your parents evening dates.

Looking forward to meeting you and discussing your wonderful SPIDERS


End of TERM 1

Enjoy your holidays we will miss you SPIDERS.

The children had a visit from a Police Officer and Granma Swagg was finally arrested!

Check out Chloe's dress made in Enrichment activities all made from recycled materials even her shoes !

Autumn is here


What a way to celebrate this term then to have the Harvest Festival for our R.E celebration day.

This time it was autumn based around; Christian holidays such as thanksgiving and All Saints Day - This was done typical Highbury style!

We had a sensory story in the sensory room and garden 'We're going on a Leaf Hunt' the children enjoyed the interactive approach to Literacy.

In the hall, we had problem solving the children had to find tools to mash, grate and print with.

In Panthers and Starfish, we learnt numeracy skills and ENTERPRISE making things and spending money.

They raised £65.00 for the ELLAND FOOD BANK I AM SO PROUD!

In the sound box, we had a music session children made falling noises with instruments.



In Spiders, the children have been prepositional language from the story 'We're going on a Leaf Hunt.' Some children have been researchers and research questions about autumn to tell their friends.

In numeracy, the children are finding heavy and light things - they said the pumpkin is very heavy.

In phonics, the children have been doing really well with hand writing and reading - thank you for your comments in their home book journals.


Now to explain the messy Spiders,

In fine motor, the children have been using tweezers to pick the spiders out of chocolate powder, shovels to pick up the rat poo (raisins) and tongs to pick up the eyeballs from the sticky green mash. They also enjoyed picking the seeds of the sunflowers and petals and craved a pumpkin!

With this much fine motor exercise they will have extremely strong fingers for writing!!


We have a Police officer visiting us tomorrow. I just hope she arrests Granma Swagg!


Lets wait and see ……



Sid the Toad


Another fantastic learning moment captured watch to the end this video when we set Sid free, Haarith is so pleased with himself. Teaching these children to be brave and kind is a JOB well done!


Love the Spider Team



Kai reading and speech is coming along fantastically.

The ugly ducking is one his favourite books watch how it matches the characters and makes their noise.

Then he treated Stanley sister Stella so kindly today when we found her and let her go free. It's SPIDER SEASON EVERYONE!

As Chloe would say "Mwahahahha"

Love Spider Team


Stanley the Spider 



The children are learning positional language inside, next to, under etc. Therefore, our Wildlife Ranger Joseph decided to put Stanley in the box to show Mrs Sweet. She was very grateful for our visit! We set him free outside because we don't believe in keeping wild animals captive! Haarith enjoyed Stanley but Kai and Chloe weren't so keen ... neither was Mrs Sweet ssh ! 


Enjoy our video,

Spider Team


Look at how our children access the interactive timetable with transitional music. 


Hot and Cold

The weather been hot and cold this week. We are learning about Autumn this week since it is OCTOBER … Chloe has already been practising her evil laugh for Halloween.

April said "hot" and blew on the hot water bottle to cool it, she then said "cold" and shivered when holding the ice pack.


Love The Spider Team.



Come inside our classroom


I think it is important that parents see inside our learning environments.

We have a fine motor table when you enter our room where children learn with Donna and Doreen their IEP targets. 

A great work display above our reading corner; our reading corner has a book of the week which is "Jack and the Beanstalk."

We have a phonics table and display where children learn to read with Sue.

We have a role play and small world corner created by Donna; the children use the hose to put the fire out from the board. It can get messy in here.

We have a interactive timetable with music on to cue the children to their learning. 

We have a days of the week display using different colours and objects of reference to cue the children into the seven days. 

We also have the seasons and a weather bag on this. The children tell the weather and use the suitable object for that weather i.e rain / umbrella. 


Welcome inside our classroom,

Spider Team 

Soaked Spiders


The spider class went outside to create a habitat for a Spider, they got distracted by the puddles so their teacher let them use the opportunity for intensive interaction.

Leah said "puddles"

When taking of her muddy socks April said "disgusting."

Haarith said "jump."

Clever spiders having fun that's what learning is about.


Spider Team

People who help us


Please watch the video of the fire truck and firemen visit. What a lovely experience for the children to have today. 


Shaving Spiders 

Please watch the video down below showing how friendships are blossoming. 

Spectacular Spelling Spiders 


 Wow what a week we have had already !  

In Phonics, April has been wanting to show of since she has come back from summer to Sue. She knows all of her sounds! She is spelling and blending. WE ARE VERY PROUD.

In Literacy, we have been looking at different ways to describe that naughty Granma Swagg for our wanted posters.

In Numeracy, Donna is very impressed with the children learning numbers up to 100 in core maths. Fiona and Colette have been teaching the children about capacity 'full and empty.' 

In social communication, the children have been learning how to stay safe around fire and will be visiting by a fire engine tomorrow afternoon. 

In fine motor skills and core motor skills, the children have been painting a fire truck and in P.E used the parachute to make big movements. 

In garden school, the children have been tasting strawberries! We also have a caterpillar in class called Cocoon - this is Joseph product has wildlife ranger in the Eco School Committee.  In science, we are learning how to protect animals and keep our universe clean. 

In swimming, the children are showing great progress - Lucy when jumping in the pool counted to 50! 

Have a lovely week,

Love the Spider Team


The Stolen Coats 


Please watch our story down below. This is our literacy focus and we will be making a wanted poster for that naughty Granma Swagg! 

Spiders' learning to Share


Spiders' have bonded with their new friends and our taking turns to share. 

In social communication,the children have been learning how to be kind and the difference between good and bad actions. The children have also been looking at superheroes and villains. 

In continuous provision the children, made play dough for messy play . 

In literacy, the children have been reading our new book Robbers and Coppers by Allan and Janet Alberg.  

In numeracy, the children have learning about shapes by playing shape bingo and using the play dough to make some 2D shapes. 

Kai is doing fantastic sharing and - he was our Star of the Week. 


Have a lovely week, 


Spider Teacher 


Spiders' first week back 

Welcome back Spiders' we have missed you! Spiders' have settled very well in their new classroom getting to know the pupils and staff. 

In social communication,the children have been learning their new friends names and staff. The children have also been practising their classroom rules! 

In garden school the children, went digging potatoes which they later peeled and cooked. 

In literacy, the children have been writing and talking about their summer holidays. 

In numeracy, the children have been using the interactive whiteboard to play number games. 

This week we celebrated Doreen's birthday and cooked her a chocolate cake. 

Samuel is new to our school and settled in making great friendships - he was our Star of the Week. 

From next week swimming is on a Wednesday and P.E is on a Monday. 

Have a lovely weekend, 


Spider Teacher 


Snow day!!!

Snow day!!!

Jack Mckelvey (jmckelvey) on: Snow day!!!

Spider class had a great time in the snow last week. We enjoyed using our motor skills to make snow men and snow angels, and have a great time sledging! The adults were worn out from all the pulling! Check out the photos below.

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Jack Mckelvey (jmckelvey) on: Christmas!

Here are some photo's of our amazing performers in their costumes for the Aladdin show!

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Jack Mckelvey (jmckelvey) on: Christmas!

We are having a great time getting ready for Christmas in Spiders class! We have been busy getting ready for our Christmas performance, Aladdin, and we put on a great show! Thank you to everybody who came and watched.

We also celebrated our fantastic achievement's this half term with a Christmas trip to a play gym, where Santa visited and gave us a present! We had a great time playing and partying together! Enjoy the pictures of us having fun below! 

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Our trip to Brighouse post office!

Our trip to Brighouse post office!

Jack Mckelvey (jmckelvey) on: Our trip to Brighouse post office!

We have spent the last couple of weeks learning about post and letters in literacy, and have been writing our own letters, and posting them in our role-play post office in class! Because we were so good, we thought we would go and find a real post office and post letters to our own homes! We caught the bus down to Brighouse, and went to the post office. We bought stamps to put on our letters and posted them in the post box outside. We then went to Merry England café to have a rest and have our snack before catching the bus back to school. We had a great time, and learnt lots of important independence and life skills on the way. We look forward to our next trip out!

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Weeks 3 and 4 - Autumn 1

Weeks 3 and 4 - Autumn 1

Jack Mckelvey (jmckelvey) on: Weeks 3 and 4 - Autumn 1

We have had another great couple of weeks in spiders class. Everybody is settled in, and we have been working and playing very hard! We have celebrated birthdays, made cakes, made a birds nest in the garden, made a giant spider in the garden, and worked really hard in numeracy and literacy! Have a look at the photos below to see what we've been up to! 

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The tadpoles have become frogs!

The frogs have become tadpoles!

Jack Mckelvey (jmckelvey) on: The tadpoles have become frogs!

About 4 weeks ago, some frogspawn we donated to Spiders class. We have since watched them grown into tadpoles, and they have now become baby frogs! We had a great afternoon looking at them, and we even got to hold them!

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The Royal Wedding!

The Royal Wedding!

Jack Mckelvey (jmckelvey) on: The Royal Wedding!

This week in Spiders class we had a fantastic time celebrating the Royal Wedding! We have been learning lots about princess's and princess, had a street party in the playground, and even held our own Royal Wedding in class! Our Royal Wedding was fantastic! We all acted as different characters from the Royal family, and other people who may have been at the wedding. See the pictures below, and see if you can guess who is supposed to be who! 

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Once upon a time...

Once upon a time...

Jack Mckelvey (jmckelvey) on: Once upon a time...

We have had lots of fun in Spiders' class so far this term learning about traditional tales. We have been learning about prince and princesses, in preparation for the up coming Royal Wedding, and enjoyed reading 'The not so perfect princess'. Today, M and M productions came to school and performed a pantomime of 'A little Princess'. It was fantastic!!

We look forward to continuing our learning about traditional tales this term with our new story 'The 3 little pigs', which we will begin next week! Hope you all have a fantastic bank holiday weekend!

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Welcome back Spiders!

Welcome back spiders!

Jack Mckelvey (jmckelvey) on: Welcome back Spiders!

Welcome back spiders! I hope you've had a good half-term, and have had lot's of fun building snowmen and sledging, and making the most of the 'Beast from the East!'.

We have lot's of exciting things planned this half-term, when our topic will be 'growing'! Our book focus for the next few weeks will be 'The Enormous Turnip', and we will be doing lots of work relating to growing vegetables. We will be planting our own vegetables and seeing how they grow! As Spring begins, we will look at different animals growing, and hopefully get to visit a real farm and see some real baby farm animals!

We also look forward to getting our own garden space in the school garden, where we will grow our own flowers and vegetables!

Pictures of their progress will be posted, so keep checking back to see what we are getting up to!

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