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Panther Class Blog

Sad post alert!!!

So this is the last post for the panthers class of 2020/2021! It has been a tough year with breaks in learning due to lockdowns, but we have recognised the wonders of remote learning. I have had a great year with the children and we have made the best of this year, having fun and learning along the way. 

To the year 6 children. Ava, Dylan, Imani and Helena. I want to say thank you and that i will miss you. Everybody at Highbury will miss you, we will miss your smiles and your senses of humour. Ravenscliffe are lucky to have you. I know you will do yourselves proud and achieve great things at Ravenscliffe and beyond. 

To the year 4/5 children, Yahya, Macey, Bethany and Stanley, I feel lucky to be able to teach you again next year. Our class will be inviting new children in and i know we will have a great year from September 2021/2022. 

Finally, Thank you to you, the parents and carers. Thank you for your support throughout this year and helping to keep your children and others safe when the world was in crisis. The children have shown such resilience to the changes they have faced and I could not be prouder of each and every one of them.

Here is a little slideshow to sum up our year. 




We have had a great couple of weeks in class. In literacy we have been learning about emotions and how we can deal with our emotions. We have watched clips from the film Inside out and we have been reading different texts such as the colour monster, the giraffe can't dance, listening to my body and my many coloured days. The children have been answering questions about their feelings and the feeling of the characters in the books. The children have also provided strategies to help them when they are feeling a particular kind of way, such as taking a time out, taking deep breaths and talking about their feelings. 

We are focusing our attention on time and sequencing routines in numeracy. Next week will be learning about and gaining an understanding of the difference between time periods and what is possible and impossible to do within a given time frame, e.g. what can we do in a second? what can we do in a minute? what can we do in 5 minutes etc. 

In Science, we continue to care for our world- last week someone messed up our classroom and the children were upset, but we understood why it is important to look after our classroom and our class resources. This week we went litter picking in garden school, using litter pickers. The children enjoyed this activity and it was a good use of fine motor skills to operate the litter picker and to put the rubbish in the bin bag. 

Finally, the children thoroughly enjoyed swimming together this week. It was lovely to see the children swim again after such a long time away from the pool. Please take a look at the pictures below at some of the enjoyable things we have been up to.


What a great week!!!

This week has been a fantastic week, the sun has been shining and it has been lovely to be back in class with the children. We have been busy as always! In literacy we have been paying attention to the different features of books, such as the title, the author and the characters. We have also been looking at who? and what doing? within a story and paying attention to the pictures and trying to think what might happen. 

In numeracy we are focusing on collecting, recording and reading data and the children have been using tally marks and tally charts to collect and record their data this week. Some children were collecting data in and around school, finding out what people's favourite fruit is and other children have been recording the colour of cars that pass up and down the road past school. 

'We are the champions' is our school topic for this half term and we have been learning about the Olympics, in preparation for our school sports week. We have also been researching flags and will be designing and making our own class flag to represent our Panther team!! 'GO PANTHERS'

We are also focusing our attention on life skills this half term, such as folding clothes, pegging out the washing, washing and drying up, hanging up clothes using coat hangers, making beds and putting on pillow cases, fastening buttons and general cleaning! 


27th May 2021 
What a wonderful 4 weeks we have had together in Panthers class! Finished off nicely with a Tiger Who Came to Tea party. The children have worked so hard on their understanding of money and creating the Panthers’ shop, their comprehension of the story and answering questions and their typing and writing skills. With Vicky in the afternoons the children have developed their kurling skills in PE, functional kitchen skills in cooking and self care skills in our personal care programme. 
Vicky and I have both loved working with the children and look forwarding to handing over to Michaela after half term. 
We hope you all have a wonderful holiday!


We've had busy brains in panther class over the last two weeks. We have been thinking about functional activities in literacy and numeracy which have been fun and engaging. 

In literacy we have been thinking about and constructing lists. We have focused on shopping lists and what a shopping list might look like and how to organise a shopping list into categories to make shopping easier.  We have taken part in practical lessons to help us to understand the concepts.

In numeracy we have been focusing our attention on money. We have been recognising coins and making values to buy items in class. 

Science has made us think about the use of batteries and how things work. We have been thinking about what happens if we put batteries in the wrong way and we had fun deconstructing toys and making them work again. 

We are cooking on Wednesday afternoons this half term and we have had lots of fun making pizza and fruit flans so far. The children have though carefully about hygiene around cooking and paying attention to different skills involved in the cooking process. 

Over the next four weeks, Mrs Nelson and Vicky will be teaching in panther class, while I carry out my CPD at the Hub. I, as I know you are too, am looking forward to seeing the fantastic learning that the children are involved in and I look forward to returning for the last half term. 

Thank you,

Michaela :) 


In panthers class over the last couple of weeks we been learning about verbs- action words (what doing?). The children have enjoyed playing games of charades and taking pictures of each other performing different actions. We have been thinking about constructing sentences using the computer and finding the 'what doing' words. We have taken our knowledge of verbs into garden school and science as we have been digging, watering, climbing, rolling, crawling, making nests and making flowers from natural materials. 

In numeracy the children have worked on various 'number' themes from using and recognising numicon, partitioning numbers using tens and units, column addition and subtraction and solving word problems. Lots and lots of good work from all the children. Well done everyone :)

In class we have a new role play area that the children have enjoyed playing in and expanding their imaginations. Looking after equipment and thinking about items we can add to it, to make improvements. In music we have been learning to follow the beat to an African song called 'che che koolay' the children have enjoyed using the shakers and the drums and playing along to the beat.  

In PE with Mrs Nelson, the children are continuing to think about crossing the midline and thinking about their balance and co-ordination. I've heard that the children are again, doing really well and are really enjoying the lessons. 



We have had a very busy and productive couple of weeks in Panther class. In literacy some of the class have been using their senses to think of adjectives to describe different objects. We have been blindfolded and describing items through touch and then removing the blindfold to describe the items by looking at them. Other children have been thinking about their writing principles and sentence structure, thinking about using capital letters, full stops and finger spacing to make their writing neat and easy to read. 

In numeracy, some children have been thinking about number bonds to 10 and how to use different resources to show their understanding. Others, have been using tens and units to partition numbers and to think about place value 

We have especially enjoyed our time in Garden School over the last two weeks. in week one with Mrs Nelson, we explore all the different areas around garden school and made a map of it for the classroom. In week 2 with Michaela, we helped to tidy the garden, make a tree house and planed some seeds that we are going to watch grow. We are learning about what seeds need, to be able to grow.

We are looking forward to having all the children back in Panther class next week :)





We've had a mega busy week in Michaela's bubble!

In literacy we continued to work on adjectives. We did a lovely sensory story about Elmer's weather and then created sentences using adjectives. The children LOVED the leaf blower machine. We also created valentine's cards and told our families why we love them using some great adjectives to describe them! 

We've played lots of communication games focusing on our turn-taking, looking and listening skills. Pass the Keys and Hide the Unicorn seem to have been a favourite this week. 

In numeracy we continued with our partitioning work, using the part-whole model. Breaking down bigger numbers into two small ones. 

Unfortunately swimming was cancelled this week, but we didn't mind as had lots of fun anyway. 

In P.E. we worked on team games and learnt about how to cheer our friends on and how to accept if we don't win. We've had lots of fun with Sherborne movement therapy and Yoga as well. Please take a look at our photos below.


Take care over the holidays.

Thank you, Sarah Gumbs and the Team 



We have been busy again in Michaela's bubble.

Last week in literacy we spent our time learning about the characters in the book 'a squash and a squeeze'. We thought about who the characters are and what they were doing in the story. In numeracy we focused on our addition skills and used unifix cubes to help us add two quantities together. Some of us started to use tens and ones to think about partitioning numbers and place value. We also had good fun in the sensory room, thinking about our balance and co-ordination, balancing on equipment that is hard, wobbly and soft.

This week in literacy we have moved on the thinking about adjectives and the different words we can use to describe a noun. Charlie and Michael helped me to describe a monster on the snow day. In numeracy we turned our attention to taking away and matching tens and ones to the correct number card. 

We have also had a good time playing out in the snow! 

Well done for all your hard work everyone.


Hello Everyone! 

We had a fantastic couple of weeks in school and I have added some photos to show you some of the things we have been up to in Michaela's bubble!

It has been lovely getting to know the children that I have not previously had the pleasure of teaching before.

The children have been fantastic and have been getting to know each other in our social communication sessions and the children have been working on their numeracy (size ordering) and literacy skills (sentence structure, writing and spelling). We have also done some team games and PE in the hall and we also enjoyed joining in with the whole school music concert with Daniel the music teacher.

Good evening, 


We have had a busy couple of weeks in panther class. 

Numeracy- We have been learning about shapes and their properties in and we went on a shape hunt to see what shapes we could see around school.

Literacy- We have been focusing on the books the Snowman and the Snow dog and the Jolly Christmas Postman. The children have enjoyed the books and we have been sequencing and describing events in the books. 

Science- We have been learning about and sorting materials. We have been learning about glass, metal, wood, plastic and fabric and why they are used to make certain objects. We also did a fun experiment to see if we could predict which materials would float or sink. 

Topic- Our topic this half term has been winter wonderland and we have been looking at the North and South Pole and the different animals that live there. We have also learnt about the Inuit people that live in Igloos and we all made an Igloo, which we really enjoyed. 



We have had a lovely week this week in panther class. The children have helped me to settle into class and everyone has dealt with the change very well. We have been busy this week on scavenger hunts in the garden, making papier Mache autumn lanterns, writing describing words about fireworks, making bonfire and firework models and working really hard in numeracy.

Well done everyone, I am looking forward to next week and all the different things that we will be doing.