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Good afternoon,

This week we have said goodbye to Antonia one of our class staff, who is leaving to have a baby girl. We are sending her all our best wishes and a few of the children have put a 'top tips' video together for her. 

Take a look, 


Good afternoon, 

We have once again had a busy week in Panther class. We have been signing in our social communication lessons and I have attached a video Luqmaan who was star of the week this week for his fantastic signing. We have been paying attention to the use of capital letters in literacy and the recognition of our peers names. We have finished off our shape work this week. Some children have been making patterns and identifying 2D shapes in the environment and other children have been learning about and recognising the names and properties of 3D shapes. 

We had lots of fun in science learning about our senses. This weeks focus was on our sense of smell. The children wore blindfolds and engaged in smelling different scents- we smelt lemon, onion, garlic, vinegar, peppermint, orange, wotsits crisps, banana and bread. The children were great and some children could identify the smell without seeing the object. 

We are looking forward to another busy week next week. 

Thank you


Good Afternoon, 


Over the last few weeks we have been busy in Panther class. We have been doing lots of phonics, reading and writing in literacy. We have been learning about shapes and patterns in numeracy and in science we have enjoyed learning about our bodies and our skeleton. The children have been engaging in fine motor skills activities and life skills. In life skills we have been focusing on using a knife and fork and using our skills in more functional ways. PE has been a real highlight this week, with all the children fully engaged. We have been engaging in Sherborne and body awareness activities to go alongside our science lessons. The children have been working together and have shown a great awareness of each other during these activities. 

Enjoy your weekend


Good afternoon, 

We have had a fantastic first week back this week in Panthers. The children have settled nicely and we are working through and getting to know our daily and weekly routines. The children have been working through their phonics in literacy and paying attention to letter formation and handwriting. We have been learning how to fold clothes in our life skills lessons and also helped to keep the playground tidy by sweeping up the fallen leaves. 

I am looking forward to another fantastic week next week.

Have a lovely weekend


Sad post alert!!!

So this is the last post for the panthers class of 2020/2021! It has been a tough year with breaks in learning due to lockdowns, but we have recognised the wonders of remote learning. I have had a great year with the children and we have made the best of this year, having fun and learning along the way. 

To the year 6 children. Ava, Dylan, Imani and Helena. I want to say thank you and that i will miss you. Everybody at Highbury will miss you, we will miss your smiles and your senses of humour. Ravenscliffe are lucky to have you. I know you will do yourselves proud and achieve great things at Ravenscliffe and beyond. 

To the year 4/5 children, Yahya, Macey, Bethany and Stanley, I feel lucky to be able to teach you again next year. Our class will be inviting new children in and i know we will have a great year from September 2021/2022. 

Finally, Thank you to you, the parents and carers. Thank you for your support throughout this year and helping to keep your children and others safe when the world was in crisis. The children have shown such resilience to the changes they have faced and I could not be prouder of each and every one of them.

Here is a little slideshow to sum up our year. 




We have had a great couple of weeks in class. In literacy we have been learning about emotions and how we can deal with our emotions. We have watched clips from the film Inside out and we have been reading different texts such as the colour monster, the giraffe can't dance, listening to my body and my many coloured days. The children have been answering questions about their feelings and the feeling of the characters in the books. The children have also provided strategies to help them when they are feeling a particular kind of way, such as taking a time out, taking deep breaths and talking about their feelings. 

We are focusing our attention on time and sequencing routines in numeracy. Next week will be learning about and gaining an understanding of the difference between time periods and what is possible and impossible to do within a given time frame, e.g. what can we do in a second? what can we do in a minute? what can we do in 5 minutes etc. 

In Science, we continue to care for our world- last week someone messed up our classroom and the children were upset, but we understood why it is important to look after our classroom and our class resources. This week we went litter picking in garden school, using litter pickers. The children enjoyed this activity and it was a good use of fine motor skills to operate the litter picker and to put the rubbish in the bin bag. 

Finally, the children thoroughly enjoyed swimming together this week. It was lovely to see the children swim again after such a long time away from the pool. Please take a look at the pictures below at some of the enjoyable things we have been up to.