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Panther Class Blog

Making Patterns & Writing

This week in Panthers we've been very busy. The children really enjoyed colour matching and creating repeating patterns using peg boards. Some children then did some fantastic writing learning facts all about Halloween. Amy 15.10.20

Autumn Fun

We've had lots of fun learning about Autumn in Panthers with Amy this week.

Visiting our wonderful outdoor areas and creating beautiful finger print artwork. 9.10.20

Bee Bots

Today we learnt how to use a Bee Bot. 

We practised directions, it was lots of fun.

Then we made a big map for our Bee Bots. 

The map is linked to our class story 'Going on a Bear Hunt'.  Amy - 8.10.20

Topic work - Around the home.

In Panthers this week for topic we have been looking at the different rooms and their uses in our homes.

Jessica wrote that 'in the dinning room you can eat cheese and ham toasties'

Look at Panthers making a 3D home and sharing in the dolls house.

Morning Activities

Panthers love coming into class on a morning and exploring the resources we've put out to develop skills in; communication, fine motor and play. 2.10.20 - Amy

Going on a Bear Hunt

This week Panthers have really enjoyed our Literacy linked to the story We're Going on a Bear Hunt (Michel Rosen) 

1.10.20 - Amy :-) 

Sound Exploration

Today Panthers have enjoyed making big ears to help them with super listening on a sound walk. We listened to the trees, wind, cars, crunchy leaves and dripping water.

17.9.20 - Amy :-) 

September 2020 - Welcome to Panther Class. 
Myself & Ian are really enjoying getting to know all the children in class and their amazing personalities. 

Our stars of the week in Panthers are Alfie and Eleanor!!!

  • Alfie made up a story board of a story between two friends getting back together when he finally goes to high School in September and an excellent and scary shape monster.
  • Eleanor wrote and posted a beautiful letter to Panthers class all about her life at home whilst she still shields; she is missing everyone so much.

Well done you two!!!!!! 


Hello Eleanor

Thank you for writing your letter to Panthers class. Here are some of our answers to your question's.....

  • "Hello Eleanor, it's Logan, yes we play games outside. We play football, what time is it Mr Wolf and hide the shark."
  • "Hello Eleanor, it's Tia, I play with all the children in Panthers class".
  • "Dear Eleanor, thank you for your letter, I have done you a picture from Macey".
  • "Hello Eleanor, it's Alfie and Ebony. In Panthers class we have been learning about the Great fire of London, numbers, spelling, jungle and farm animals".  "We miss you lots, goodbye".

Hello Eleanor, Annie and Anum

We are busy working  in Panthers class. We are missing you and have come up with some questions for you...


Alfie wants to know "Have you been doing any walks? If so where have you been and how long did your walk take?"


Logan wants to know "I miss you very much, who do you miss?"


Macey wants to know "How are you doing?. At home, who do you work with because at school I work with Janice?"


Ebony wants to know "At home have you been recycling and making any models out of bottles and boxes?"

Highbury @ Home - Term 6 Week 2 (08.06.2020)

Hello Panthers, it's Ian here this week and we are going to be looking back at some of our greatest memories, friendships and times at Highbury School. That's because it is that time of year when we have to say goodbye to all our year 6's. So plan and practise your speeches, record them and send them to myself or Amy for the leavers assembly.


  • talk about friendships or friends that you have made with peers, adults and teachers.
  • think of your favourite memories this could be; lessons, trips or days that you had at Highbury.
  • maybe something you are looking forward too.
  • or a thank you message to all the people around school that have helped you at Highbury, this could be adults who work in the office, Chris the premises manager, Julia with ICT, teachers or adults.

HIGHBURY@HOME - TERM 6 WEEK 1 (01.06.20)

I hope everyone had a lovely half-term. It's a super science theme this week doing lots of practical activities all about plants. Have fun! Amy :-) 

Highbury at Home Week 9(18.5.2020)

Hello everyone, this week we are concentrating on physical fitness. The challenge is to see how many exercises you can do around your home and garden and seeing if you can beat the amount the next day for a period of over 5 days, Monday to Friday.

You can make up your own activities and you can do as many or as little as you want. (I would recommend 5 at least)

Looking at your chart can you:-

  • work out the most and least for each exercise
  • plot your chart into a bar graph or line graph
  • work out how many reps you did altogether for each exercise and then all of them added up
  • which was your easiest exercise and why?
  • could you write a diary of how you felt afterwards

Also it is Eid this week and you can do some of these creative activities at home too...

HIGHBURY@HOME - WEEK 8 (11.05.20)

Continuing with our Maths theme this week it's CAPACITY. Have lots of fun with this and keep in touch :-) Amy.

HIGHBURY@HOME - WEEK 7 (04.05.20)

Continuing with our Maths theme this week it's MONEY.

Amy has created lots of fun ideas below and has used lots of the materials from your new Highbury Home Learning packs. Have fun and keep in touch :-) Amy.

Dance Keep fit with Ian; week 7

This week we are working on our cardio by attempting lots of fast paced dance moves, can you keep up?

Highbury at Home: Week 6 (27.4.2020)

Hello and welcome to week 6 on the Panthers blog. This week we are working on numeracy and in particularly fractions. Also there is another PE video as requested by certain pupils in the class. Enjoy!

Ian's Walking Adventure Picture Quiz (22.4.20)

Hello Panthers class, whilst I was doing my daily exercise walk I have decided to challenge you all to a look and seek picture quiz. Have fun and maybe find out and test me with what you see on your walk.

1.  What is the name of the Farm?

2. How many cows are in the field?

3. How many horses can you count in the selfie's with Ian?

4. What street name has the most letters?

5. What is the name of the very large building?

6. What is the name given to the large bridge with lots of arches? 

7. What is the difference in speed limits?

8. How long was the old post office open for?

9. What is the time of the first and last bus?

10. How many destinations does the bus go to?

Extra: What landmarks can you see or name and how many flowers can you count in the pictures? (Estimate your answer)

HELLO Panthers from all the adults (15.4.20)

Storytime - Hope you’re having a super Easter Panthers. I’ve picked a story to read today I think you’ll like it! It’s called ‘No-Bot The Robot With No Bottom’ By Sue Hendra. Enjoy! Amy (13.4.20) 

Happy Easter Panthers! - Myself and Ian have had lots of wonderful work emailed from home this week and we are so proud of you. Here's a video of one of your Panthers friends I think you'll enjoy- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPSZIaKKCxo&feature=youtu.be Amy (10.4.20)

HIGHBURY@HOME - WEEK 3 (06.04.20)

This week the theme is: Easter

Storytime - Hi Panthers, I’ve picked a story to read to you this morning which fits in nicely with our minibeast theme for this week... look out for my challenge about life cycles as you listen. Amy :-) 02.04.20

I’ve been emailed some amazing work from families today look... super proud of you Panthers keep it up! Amy - 31.03.20

Butterfly Symmetry  - Good morning Panthers! I can’t wait to see some of your symmetrical butterflies this week.
Myself and my little boy went onto our drive yesterday and had a go at creating a butterfly out of chalk look below at what we created. 

Don’t forget to email myself or Ian with everything you get up to, if you have anything you would like to ask us or if you require any particular resources. 

A.Corp@highbury.calderdale.sch.uk                    imottram@highbury.calderdale.sch.uk                                                     Amy - 31.03.20

27.03.20 - Hello Panthers, Ian here. I have heard that Amy had set you some weather activities this week. Hope you all managed to do some, especially the Rainbow task. I saw some lovely work on FB and in the star of the week assembly live from Mrs Sweet's kitchen. I had a go at an acrostic weather poem, enjoy...

Here comes THUNDER! -T hunder, plunder, here comes THUNDER!. H owling, prowling, growling. U nder the stars and moonlit sky N ight owls, twit twoo, are passing by D ark, dense clouds high in the sky. E arth so still, shhhhh, until... R umble, grumble, here comes THUNDER!

Tasks -

  • can you write down all the rhyming words in the poem?
  • can you make up your own weather acrostic poem this weekend?
  • and finally perform your weather acrostic poem with actions and signing to your family and friends? ( what musical instruments can you find in your house to accompany your poem?)

27.03.20 - Hey Panthers and Highbury, here is part 3 of Ian's PE workout. Choose 1 or all 3 for a full body blast, enjoy!

Storytime- Good Morning Panthers, it's Thursday, hope you are enjoying another lovely sunny day.

I've read one of my favourite stories this morning- Barry The Fish With Fingers, by Sue Hendra.

Visit the Storytime section of Highbury@Home to see it! Amy (26.03.20)

...And here's part 2, enjoy! Ian - 25.03.20

PE warm - up (25.03.20) 

Hi Everyone, I hope you all enjoy part 1 of keeping fit at home. You can do this routine as many times as you like!!!! Watch out for part 2...

Highbury@Home - Week 1 (24.03.20) - Myself & Ian are so proud of you Panthers, you’ve been working so hard at home with your families! 
here are just afew photos of you all working hard in many different creative and fun ways. Keep up the super work - Amy 

HIGHBURY@HOME - WEEK 1 (23.03.20)

This week the theme is: Weather ☀️☁️