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Hello to the Ladybird Blog!

What fun everyone has had this week.........

Witches fingers were a big hit, especially working out how to put

them on two hands!

Getting bugs and bits out of ice proved a challenge, but with

pipettes, sprays and squirters they managed to free the creatures,

with teamwork and supporting each other.

The staff had fun dressing up too today, see who pinched my hat!!!

In the sensory room this morning everything was pumpkin themed -

rolling, counting, squashing, stacking, lining up...... then it was back

to class to decorate our huge class pumpkin - hammers and spoons

were at the ready.

The ladybirds were very curious when I dropped a pumpkin on the

floor.... saying 'oh dear' and 'mixing' while squirting the inside with


We also say a big hello to Ibraheem who has joined Highbury this

week and has been having lots of fun in the ladybirds. 

We had lots of giggles with Lucas when he tried on the witches hat!!

Star of Week 7 is Ezra

For fantastic investigation, he loved the pumpkins and trying to carry them all over the classroom and taking a chance with the doughnut in soft play! 

Week 7..........

Halloween has come to ladybirds this week, take a look.......

lots of investigation, braving the rain in the MUGA, textures and colours, climbing, creeping and crawling in soft play!


Everything went green for Halloween today, making the photos go fuzzy......!

Star of the week - Jalal

for amazing focused work in the swimming pool

Kicking his legs and balancing on the Ladybird float

Well done Jalal 

Ladybirds have had another amazing week.....

Their learning to learn skills - Good looking, sitting and listening are

improving and developing everyday, anticipation of familiar routines,

getting out resources we use, finding the correct symbol for the

weather or putting the dinner symbol on the door of the dining room,

showing awareness of themselves in the mirror in our hello

session, becoming more aware and interacting with their peers .......

these may see 'little' things to some people but they are'Huge'

to us and we are so proud of each and everyone of our ladybirds.

Just take a look at their amazing work and it goes without saying

having lots of fun at the same time......!

And here's the fun from Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.......!!

We have introduced co active movement this week... this is a bag of everyday items and you have certain actions/movements for adult to model on the child and then the child can repeat on the adult and after time on peers, the ladybirds really enjoyed it! 

In the sensory room this week the ladybirds were focusing on

climbing, balancing and bouncing......

Splish, Splash......

Oh my, Ladybirds had a wonderful time this morning on the slides for the first time..........

Trying out both the silver and green slides, investigating all the corners of the area, collecting leaves, working out how to climb up the steep slope, with or without help! Running fast down the hills and not tripping up! Having fun in the hut.........

Each day in Ladybirds we have a song of the day linked into our dinnertime routine, these support counting, identifying body parts, focusing attention and copying actions. Below are some of the songs and associated videos so you can have a look at home and share with your Ladybird. 


1 potato, 2 potato, 3 potato, 4.... 


If your happy and you know it.......


Dem bones, dem bones, dem dancing bones....


This is the way we stretch up high.....

Stretch out wide........

Touch our toes.......


There were 10 in the bed.........

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday..........

As you can see lots of things happening!

Printing with leaves, sitting for hello session, sticky dough, recognising self in the screen, looking at big books and working out how things work. 

Week 5 Star of the Week -


Well done Lucas, for fantastic focus and attention 

when painting, choosing his own colours, reloading his brush, looking at

what he was doing, making intentional marks and most of all having


Week 5

Monday and Tuesday........

What busy days, just look at what we did!!

Sophia and Evie May had a brilliant time in soft play doing their physio programmes and climbing! 

Ronnie loved looking through the coloured bricks!

Noah couldn't decide which colour to use on his leaf!

Jalal was concentrating so hard he stuck his tongue out!

Ezra realised he could have fun throwing the blanket in the air and it landing on top of him!

Lucas tried to catch the bubbles, but they all popped!

Jacob was a colour catcher with the liquid colour squares!

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to follow........

Swimming this week for ladybirds was all about getting their faces wet and kicking their legs in the water, plus having lots of watery, splashy fun!

Ladybirds had a busy end to the week as you can see below,

dough, bubbles, sharing numbers, sorting colours, joining in with actions in familiar songs, developing fine motor skills through stacking, posting and fastening attachments. Everyone was focused and did independent mark making using shapes to print and brushes to make circles and lines. Fun in the sensory room as well as making different sounds in the sound box! All in 2 days!!!

Well done Sophia

Fantastic walking, going round and round the roundabout, hope you didn't get dizzy!

What can I say about today..... Ladybirds have experienced slime in abundance...... some hated it........ some loved it....... some tasted it........ one said it was 'scusting!' But all in all a great time was had, so good to see them showing preferences and having a go or realising it wasn't too bad after all!!!

Star of The Week 4

This week our star is Ronnie

He has had a fabulous week, joining in with the actions to our routine songs, stacking, investigating and giving us lots of smiles........

The ladybirds had a ball this afternoon, investigating textures, pulling on the anchor rope, sorting and matching colours.

Ronnie climbed inside the body soc, it was a big hit!

Thank you Vicky and the ladybird staff, just look at the fun they had!

Boing, boing, boing......!

Just look at our super swimmers this afternoon, they loved the pool!!!

Kicking their legs, blowing bubbles, catching balls and water and

having lots of fun - the green tinge is the sensory lights!

Happy birthday to Sophia who was 5 yesterday and had a fabulous time at Chester Zoo..... she loved the tiger 'grrrrrrrr'

Everyone loved her chocolate S rolls. 

Week 4.....

Here goes.... the children knew it was raining and signed, nodded, smiled or said yes in our weather song this morning. Noah checked carefully to get the correct symbol, pushing away the cloudy one!

This morning the children really enjoyed the picnic table, Ronnie was sure the sausage was real and Abbie was convinced the pizza was quiche!!

The wooden transparent bricks were a big hit, Jacob, Noah and Lucas

liked looking through to see the classroom with a green screen, blue

filter or rose tinted! 

This afternoon we made the most of the sunshine and ventured onto

the MUGA, trying out new types of bikes (videos to follow!)  

Noah decided to sing to us this morning......

Ronnie loves pulling on the anchor rope and being a pirate every morning.....aha captain!

Here is a peek at some of the things we were doing on Thursday and Friday in the Ladybirds.........

Ezra being the Leaf man!

Jacob focusing on his balancing and co ordination skills

Lucas has been the Music Man this week......

Star of the Week 3

This week our star is Evie May...

for sheer determination and perseverance 

she crawled across the classroom to kneel up at the table and pull

the tin off and try and take the lid off to see what was inside.

She did this independently and was very proud of herself when she

managed to get the lid off and batman out of the tin!

Happy Birthday to Jacob who was 5 yesterday!

Due to swimming we celebrated this afternoon.....

he loved the chocolate J especially eating it!

Happy Birthday to you....

Wow for Wednesday!

Take and look and see why........

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...............


Noah - fantastic determination when he was balancing on the ropes

Lucas - noticing his shadow and making his shadow hand move

Jalal - getting the giggles and working out how to make the bee buzz

Sophia - looking at the Peppa characters and carefully posting them

Jacob - trying hard to pedal and ride the yellow bike

Ezra - making all the farmyard animal puzzles independently

Ronnie - working out how to open the bubble tube and make bubbles

Evie May - brilliant manipulation skills in opening the tin and finding

Batman inside

Well done Ladybirds!

The ladybirds have been busy today, mark making on black and white paper, the playground floor and the walls of the sound box! Jalal had fun and independently made marks on the magnetic board. Ezra loved mark making with everything we put out, he even tried with 5 crayons at one time, and he did it!

Jacob did some fantastic sharing with me this afternoon, he took turns writing numbers, giving me a crayon to write the next one, well done Jacob.

They had great fun rolling, stretching, squeezing, patting, poking the dough and in Noah's case wearing it like a hat! He made a fabulous hedgehog with pasta spikes. Evie May had great fun stretching the dough with Anna, and getting the giggles when it broke. Sophie loved rolling the dough with a rolling pin and pinching bits off!

Ronnie loved chasing and being chased in the playground saying 'Come

and get me' to Abbie. Lucas spent a long time investigating the

shapes and decided that a star didn't quite fit in!!

Below are a couple of our routine songs for you to share with your little ladybirds at home.........

Star of the Week 2

This week our star is Sophia......

for fantastic walking with her walker, negotiating furniture and asking

for help when she got stuck!


Another brilliant day in Ladybirds take a look and see.......

Investigating cause and effect toys, Evie May and Jacob had great fun trying to make the torches work!

In the sensory room they all had fun spinning, throwing, stacking,

rolling and balancing. 

This afternoon was the introduction of sensory circuits........

The ladybirds had a fantastic time with Vicky and can't wait till next


(sorry about the blurriness but they wouldn't stop moving!!!)

Lots of laughs today.......

Joining in with the actions for 'hello'

Joining in with playground games

Playing musical instruments

Investigating rice and pasta (plus crunching a bit!)

Matching shapes and using a shape sorter

Apple rolling with paint

Relaxing with peer massage.......

What a busy, busy day!!!!

It has been a full on day with the introduction of bouncy bodies this

morning and swimming this afternoon.

Everyone had a ball in the soft play room - bouncing, jumping, sliding,

climbing, hiding and bouncing again!!!

Everyone liked swimming this afternoon, I'm really proud of how they

all coped and responded in the pool, we only had a few tears and that

was because some didn't want to get out!!

Week 2 

This week has got off to a flying start........

focusing on maths aspects....sorting, counting, ordering, listening to number rhymes, looking and joining in, stacking, naming and matching colours......

The boys had fun on the roundabout, plus using chalks everywhere!

The whole class had a fabulous time in the MUGA this afternoon, it was incredible, as they were so good when we were walking to it, then we let them go, and off they ran, they thought it was amazing, running in the huge open space (it is secure), hiding behind the trees, making piles of grass, feeling the bark of the trees and of course riding different types of bikes......... Phew! 

Day 4........

Fantastic Friday, we had a great time sticking spots and legs on our

ladybirds! Some have 2 legs! We left it totally up to the children!

Photos next week. 

The second group had fun in the sound box this afternoon, we have 2

sessions per week as it would be a bit of a squeeze to get everyone in

at one go!

Everyone was brilliant at lunch time and snack time, sitting down and

waiting. It was very calm. 

Hope you have a lovely weekend. 

Star of the Week 1

Everyone is a star this week - amazing, fantastic, awesome Ladybirds who have settled so well into their Highbury journey - joining in, following routines and trying new things. Well done! 

Day 3.........

I am so proud of all the ladybirds for settling into class, joining in with routines, sitting for carpet time, either on a chair or on the floor or standing close by so they can see the screen and watch what is happening.

Everyone loved the sensory room this morning... Noah said 'Wow' when he went inside!

This afternoon was investigating the big playground and having lots of

space to run around, while in class we were exploring different

textures and indicating our preferences! Sometimes very definitely!!

We had great fun on the balcony this morning...even if I did get stuck in the tyres....Ronnie and Evie May thought it was very funny!! 

They all showed off their painting and printing skills when making ladybirds for the display board in the classroom - they all chose their own mark making tool to create marks. 

Day 2..........

Another fantastic day in ladybirds.

Trying out instruments in the sound box, taking part in peer

massage, saying hello in our greeting session, having a go on the

roundabout, joining in the sensory circuit..........and lots more!!!!

Take a look and see............

Day 1..........


What an AMAZING day, all the ladybirds have started to settle into

class. Sharing spaces with each other, taking turns with an adult

when using resources and using all the areas in the classroom and 

outside. They were very sensible in the toilet area, coming back to

class with an adult, when asked. They sat for snack and dinner

time. We are so proud of them all. Sand and water were a big hit

(sorry about the soggy clothes and shoes) along with the musical

instruments.....future popstars!

We took a few photos and will take more tomorrow........(daily blogs

this week, so you can see what they have been up to)


We have had a busy preparing for everyone coming into school tomorrow, we cannot wait to see all the new ladybirds, we even had a real one on the balcony! Have a look and see what the lovely ladybirds will be doing tomorrow in class. Coat pegs are ready, along with the visual daily timetable.............

Welcome to the Ladybirds 

Class of 2021 - 2022

We hope you have had a lovely summer with lots of getting out and about in the sunshine (when it appeared!).

We cannot wait to meet everyone next Tuesday morning (School starts at 9am).

Below is a provisional timetable showing you some of the things we will be doing in class also a timetable regarding all the different areas we access throughout the week for Term 1. 

Have a lovely weekend.

Any questions my email is [email protected] please

get in touch. 

Key to activities on the above timetable:

CP - Continuous Provision - different areas and activities within the 

                              classroom and outdoors. 

COA - Co Active Movement-tactile investigation, children to show 

                              their preferences to different textures, 

                              leading to choosing their own

                              sensory sequence of actions and materials.

ODL - Outdoor Learning - independent investigation on the balcony 

                             outside the classroom, sand, water, cause 

                             and effect toys, resources to develop 

                             gross motor skills.

M & H                      Moving and Handling - exercise programmes

Week 7 Remote Learning for Ladybirds 

Looking at the weather forecast for this week it looks very sunny so I thought it would be fun to cool down with some water activities......


Splish splash splosh – water time

Floating and Sinking

Which objects will float on the top of the water?

Which objects will sink to the bottom?

Can you find some things to try at home?

Is the object heavy?

Is the object light?

Hold it in your hands before putting it in the water……….


In the second part of the video it shows how you can

paint with water and watch the picture disappear like magic!!!


With the sun shining we can make shadows, have a look below to what

you can do......

Today our story is called Night monkey, day monkey by Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Lucy Richards

With thanks to Macmillan for permission 

See if you can find the shadows in the story.....!


If it is too hot outside have fun inside counting potatoes and printing with them and other vegetables you have at home.....


Today we are looking in the garden and kitchen at 

snails and spirals

The story is Snail Trail

    By Ruth Brown 

  Have fun!

The story is called

Sharing a Shell by Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Lydia Monks 

with kind permission from Macmillan Books  

All I need to say is 'then and now...'

Look how they have changed over the year... 

What can I say, an amazing finish to a incredible year, I cannot

believe it has flown by so quickly and the Legendary Ladybirds are

ready to spread their wings and fly to pastures new. 

The children had a wonderful time on the tea cup ride this afternoon!

Charlie and Khaos decided to watch the other children, rather than

having a go themselves!

Star of the Week

All the Ladybirds were stars this morning!

I am so proud of them all......

the progress they have made, the friendships formed, the fun they

have had through a very challenging year. 

There have been so many amazing moments!

Enjoy the video from assembly......

Happy Birthday to Charlie - it is his birthday next week, so we had

a party in class with his Ladybird friends before transition begins....

The butterflies finally flew away yesterday!!!

The children have loved watching the metamorphism of the

caterpillars, making clay caterpillars, printing circle caterpillars,

making a collage cocoon by spinning wool and creating symmetrical

butterflies with paint and a painted lady outline. 

They have also been learning the signs linked to the song....

There's a tiny caterpillar on a leaf, wiggle, wiggle.  

Legendary Ladybirds.........

Take a look and see the video showing our talents......

Week 5 

We are soooooooooo excited to announce our new arrivals in Ladybirds

the children have been very patient and wanting to check on them for the past few of weeks!

Our tiny caterpillars grew in to big fat caterpillars, who then made

homes called cocoons and this weekend the butterflies emerged from

the cocoons. 

The children were so excited today to see them flapping in the


We tried to let them go, but they didn't want to leave (see the

video) - so we are going to try again tomorrow!

Week 4

This week has seen the Ladybirds having fun investigating dried

mashed potatoes, threading, gaining confidence in riding bikes, making

clay caterpillars, cocoons and dressing up and using critical thinking to work out which surface helps the ball roll faster!

Week 4 Star of the Week - Talal!

Well done to Talal, who loves the story of The Hungry Caterpillar.

He listened to the story and interacted with props.

He loved feeding the Hungry Caterpillar with different food! 

Week 3

What an amazing week.....

The caterpillars have made cocoons like the hungry caterpillar! 

We made mud paintings in the mud kitchen

We created natural collages in Garden School

The teddies got locked in the slide area and we needed to find them!

We did lots of jumping and climbing and balancing in PE

We pretended to be the hungry caterpillar and try some new types of

fruit - the plum wasn't too popular, but the strawberries were!!

Week 3 - Star of the Week - Charlie!

Well done to Charlie this week, who did some amazing problem solving

when he put all the shopping away in the cupboard

it was like a 3D jigsaw puzzle!

He took boxes out and rearranged them till they all fit.

Charlie you can come and put my shopping away any time!!

Well done. 

Week 2

This week the Ladybirds have been comparing the sizes of the caterpillars and noticing how they are getting bigger.

In Garden School this week everyone had to look for the missing teddies - they (10 of them) had gone for a walk and got lost!!

The Ladybirds managed to find all 10, some were in tricky spots! 

They also needed to find all the fruit for the Hungry Caterpillar in the Mud Kitchen.  

Week 2 - Star of the Week - Ronnie!

Well done Ronnie for your careful cutting making pieces of carrot into 2 eyes and working out how to make other facial features with salad items. I love the lettuce hair, and even the sad tomato mouth! He wouldn't make it have a smile!!

The Ladybirds have had a really busy few days taking part in lots of different activities. I am really proud of them all.....

listening to stories, looking at caterpillars, making salad faces or rabbits! Tasting new food types and showing a preference.

Joining in with teeth cleaning - we do this after dinner and the children are cued in by our teeth cleaning song.....

Also taking part in Attention Autism activities, looking, focusing on

the adult and taking turns. 

Well done Ladybirds you are all amazing :)

Garden School - Week 1 - Investigation

Oh my goodness......

What an amazing morning!

Ladybirds had a fabulous time.....

finding a bee, blowing dandelion clocks, climbing the mountain.. working out how to get down, listening to sounds in nature, running through the willow tunnels and finding a ladybird! 

Taking turns, working together, discussing things, investigating

independently on their own - using their senses to show preferences

following others, taking risks and finding solutions.

I could continue, but just take a look and see for yourself what fun

they all had.....

Week 1 - Star of the Week - Oskar!

This week Oskar became the teacher when we were introducing the

'Splat' in Stage 2 Attention Autism - He waited, build up the

anticipation and engaged with familiar staff and peers!

Ps. He loved the fact that his hands went purple!! 

Term 6

Ladybirds have a exciting and busy few weeks before summer

Below is the termly overview and timetable of all the different areas we will be accessing

One for parents to read and one for the children to look at with symbols we use in the classroom

***Swimming is now on Monday afternoon*** Please remember to send in kit and pads if needed - thank you 

Focus text this term....... (YouTube versions below)

I'm Hungry - Rod Campbell

The Hungry Caterpillar - Eric Carle

The Tiger Who Came to Tea - Judith Kerr 

Wow - what an amazing week!

Ladybirds have been working really hard on their numeracy skills

giving 1 or lots, making sets - stopping at the total needed and

having lots of fun!

Also using critical thinking in how to get the vegetables out of the


Have a fabulous half term - please take photos of all the great

things you are doing in the sunshine.......

Khaos has been investigating shapes this week....

he used grown ups to make triangles, but they kept moving!!

Then 3 felt pens!

Ronnie listened to Dawn counting then asked for more cookies so he had lots!

Star of the Week - 6

A huge well done to Lexie and Henry for some fantastic literacy work linked to our focused text - Dear Zoo.

They sequenced the animals from the story and were able to tell me why they had to be sent back.....too big, too tall, too fierce, to grumpy..... then they matched the words to the names of the animals. Well done!! 

The Ladybirds had an amazing PE session this week

refining skills and trying out new things......

practicing balancing, running, climbing and jumping 

then trying really hard to have a go at forward rolls......

What a fabulous afternoon.......

Ladybirds and staff!!! were soooooo excited to get their waterproofs on to visit the slides in the pouring rain!

Using the big green slide, then realising that the grass was slippy too!

Charlie was eager to encourage his friends to go down the slide,

Henry mastered the skill of landing on his feet, Oskar tried to find

Sammy, but found it hard as all the grown ups were wearing yellow!!

Elijah nearly got stuck in the covered slide, but managed to wiggle

down, Lily flew down the slide super fast! 

Talal and Khaos preferred to slide down the grass and catch the drips from the leaking gutter by the roundabout!

Ladybirds have had great fun this week so far......

making swamps for dinosaurs.......

finding frogs in frogspawn (tapioca and dried parsley!!!) very realistic!!!......

throwing to a target......

making water volcanoes.......

finding out about wet and dry.....

and it is only Tuesday!!

Brush, brush, brush your teeth!!

We have been working hard on our toothbrushing skills this week

Well done every body......

Star of the Week 4 

Well done to Ronnie this week for some fantastic mark making and

naming animals from the story 'Dear Zoo' finding the odd animal out

and  remembering why they had to be sent back, by using words and

facial expressions to represent the emotions.

As you can see below Ladybirds have had a very busy week......

lots of investigating and mark making, trying new bikes, painting, finding out about different animals from our text - Dear Zoo 

and lots more........

Star of the Week 3

Well done to Elijah, he has had an amazing PE session this week.

Throwing bean bags into the correct coloured hoop, rolling a football

through the tunnel independently and matching balls to coloured


Friday cooking.......

Crumble Top Tarts!!

Everyone had fun - rolling, cutting out, squeezing, tasting, scooping and sprinkling! 

And showing preferences - jam seemed to be the favourite 

lemon curd a bit to tangy!! 

The recipe is below if you would like to try them at home.....

I cannot believe it was only a 4 day week, as we have taken part in so many activities and had so much fun, just take a look and see...........

This week we have been learning about mixing materials together....

Even with all the rain today Ladybirds had a Terrific Tuesday!

Everyone has been super busy!

Investigating in the sensory room, rolling, throwing, kicking, aiming

and catching balls....

In numeracy we have been looking at size - things that are big and

small, sorting, identifying and naming, also saying which object is the

biggest and smallest with real objects and on the interactive


Multi tasking!

Lexie has shown us how she can multi task in class....

Having a conversation with Oskar about the cops coming when he

dialled 999 and organising and teaching Elijah to complete his social

communication task, which she has seen us do!

We have a new TA in Ladybirds - thank you Lexie!!

Ladybirds have had a fantastic week just take a look and see.......

On Friday afternoons we are going to be doing cooking, looking at how ingredients change when you mix them, or if you heat them or freeze them - this week it was Banana and blueberry ice cream - we are tasting it tomorrow!! 

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike.......

the ladybirds had an amazing time on the MUGA using the bikes

have a look below..........

Happy Birthday to Macsy!

We hope you had a lovely birthday on Tuesday.

Thank you for the yummy chocolate ladybird buns, everyone thought they were delicious! 

Our story for the next few weeks is Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

below is a Youtube copy of the story if you don't have a paper copy at home - the children are looking at the sequence of the animals, matching pictures of the characters and remembering the adjectives describing the animals........ have fun at home!

Week 1 - Term 5

The Ladybirds have had an amazing first week back at school

we have been investigating outside, spraying water - seeing who could get the wettest (sorry about the soggy clothes!) 

listening to our story - Dear Zoo, exploring the different characters.

Taking turns in Magic bag/box activities - getting the giggles when

the foam volcanoes hit the ceiling!

We were very proud of everyone for cutting and exploring different

fruit when making fruit salad on Friday. 

Friday Fruit salad!!

Week 1 - Star of the Week - Khaos 

Khaos has been busy sorting the pasta and rice into separate sets, he

chose his own criterion for sorting the different materials, using a pincer grip to pick up the pasta, he was focused throughout and stayed on task until all the pasta was removed! Well done Khaos 

Term 5 - Welcome back!

It will be lovely to see all the Ladybirds back in class tomorrow!

I hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine over the past few days

Below is the termly overview showing what the Ladybirds will be doing

in class and what you could do at home to support their learning. 

Also a timetable of the different areas the children will be accessing throughout the week. 

This half term we are going to be starting the tooth brushing

programme in class and hope you are able to continue with this at

home - below is the song/video we will be using to cue the children in

to the session. 

Happy Easter from the Ladybirds!

We have had fun egg rolling and squishing in the top garden,

making chocolate and cheese eggs and creating a collage egg for the school council competition. 

Ladybirds Easter Challenge!!

Ladybirds will be bringing home some Easter pasta tomorrow!

We are going to investigate it in class and we would love you to explore the pasta at home!


Sorting and matching shapes and colours - eggs, hatching chicks or


Counting, shaking a dice and making a set of eggs to match!

Pouring and filling different containers.....

Threading the pasta shapes.... randomly or making a pattern....

Making a collage using the pasta shapes....

and of course cooking and eating it!!!

The main thing is to have fun and take some photos to show everyone!

Happy Birthday Oskar who was 5 on Saturday!

He loved his birthday present - The book - Sam's Sandwich!

How many eggs did you collect.........??

All I can say is mud, mud, glorious mud...........!

Wow Khaos, fantastic tracing of all the letters of the alphabet!

Just a few photos to finish with..........

Have a happy weekend!

Ladybirds have had an amazing afternoon, with Magic Bag time and What's in the box?

These focused on gaining attention, joint and shared.

Anticipating actions, taking turns, sharing and most of all having fun!

With the sun shining over the past couple of days the Ladybirds have loved been outside........

Star of the Week

Well done Macsy, for fantastic engagement and communication 

investigating and initiating interactions in our sensory session. 

Happy Birthday Lexie!

Lexie had a fun time going on an Easter Rabbit hunt,

then having a party snack and presents!

She even went to bed giving her dolly a cuddle! 

I would like to welcome a new member of staff!!!

This young man decided to be our new teacher today.......!!!

Ladybird children and grown ups had an amazing time in the sensory room.....

trying on different costumes and becoming different characters, no one wanted to leave!!

Ladybirds have been enjoying the sunshine today!!

Going on a egg hunt, exploring the big Roktagon and having lots of