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Hello to the Ladybird Blog!

Term 5 - Welcome back!

It will be lovely to see all the Ladybirds back in class tomorrow!

I hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine over the past few days

Below is the termly overview showing what the Ladybirds will be doing

in class and what you could do at home to support their learning. 

Also a timetable of the different areas the children will be accessing throughout the week. 

This half term we are going to be starting the tooth brushing

programme in class and hope you are able to continue with this at

home - below is the song/video we will be using to cue the children in

to the session. 

Happy Easter from the Ladybirds!

We have had fun egg rolling and squishing in the top garden,

making chocolate and cheese eggs and creating a collage egg for the school council competition. 

Ladybirds Easter Challenge!!

Ladybirds will be bringing home some Easter pasta tomorrow!

We are going to investigate it in class and we would love you to explore the pasta at home!


Sorting and matching shapes and colours - eggs, hatching chicks or


Counting, shaking a dice and making a set of eggs to match!

Pouring and filling different containers.....

Threading the pasta shapes.... randomly or making a pattern....

Making a collage using the pasta shapes....

and of course cooking and eating it!!!

The main thing is to have fun and take some photos to show everyone!

Happy Birthday Oskar who was 5 on Saturday!

He loved his birthday present - The book - Sam's Sandwich!

How many eggs did you collect.........??

All I can say is mud, mud, glorious mud...........!

Wow Khaos, fantastic tracing of all the letters of the alphabet!

Just a few photos to finish with..........

Have a happy weekend!

Ladybirds have had an amazing afternoon, with Magic Bag time and What's in the box?

These focused on gaining attention, joint and shared.

Anticipating actions, taking turns, sharing and most of all having fun!

With the sun shining over the past couple of days the Ladybirds have loved been outside........

Star of the Week

Well done Macsy, for fantastic engagement and communication 

investigating and initiating interactions in our sensory session. 

Happy Birthday Lexie!

Lexie had a fun time going on an Easter Rabbit hunt,

then having a party snack and presents!

She even went to bed giving her dolly a cuddle! 

I would like to welcome a new member of staff!!!

This young man decided to be our new teacher today.......!!!

Ladybird children and grown ups had an amazing time in the sensory room.....

trying on different costumes and becoming different characters, no one wanted to leave!!

Ladybirds have been enjoying the sunshine today!!

Going on a egg hunt, exploring the big Roktagon and having lots of


Just look at your super hero's in Ladybirds they have had an amazing


Red Nose Day!!

Ladybirds have had a fabulous time being superhero's, going on a nose hunt, making superhero masks, making red nose biscuits and taking funny photos!!!

It's a Bear.........!

This week we have been focusing on the bear in our story, making bear sandwiches, bear masks, matching pictures, going on a bear hunt in the sensory garden.......

Happy Mother's Day!

Elijah's Mummy was very proud this weekend, as Elijah has been practicing riding his bike at the Springhall Cycle track for the past 3 weeks and look what he achieved.......

What a super star!

Ladybirds had a fabulous time back in the pool!

Star of the Week - Well done to Khaos 

He has done some amazing sequencing using the coloured balls, taking his time to put the correct ones in the right order. 

He kept checking he was correct!

Ladybirds have had great fun going on a bear hunt today,

in the hall and in the sensory room - lots of laughs and giggles from everyone!

We even found Ronnie the bear in his cave........

We have had a fabulous first day back with the slides, sensory garden, mud kitchen and painting and printing whirling, swirling snowstorms.........

But best of all seeing all our friends!

As we are all back in class, below is a timetable of the areas the Ladybirds will access during the week -

so you'll know where we have been!!

Please can you send warm coats to wear as you will see we are spending a lot of time outside and the weather isn't too warm, we have waterproofs and wellies to keep us dry on top of own coats. 

Thank you 

Please take a look at Lily, using her problem solving skills to work out which box goes inside each other - but then she got a fit of the giggles!!

I think perseverance is the word that comes to mind.  

She made me giggle too!!

Week 3 

Even though we are all back in class I thought you might like to finish your book to go with the text we have been using 

We're Going on a Bear Hunt -

so here goes for the activities we will be doing in school as well.....

Have fun!! 

Monday - Whirling, swirling snow storm - Painting on foil 

foil, white paint, brush, cotton buds or fingers or tools. 

Tuesday - Whirling, swirling snowstorm - printing a snowstorm

(Page 5 in book)- white paint, fingers, cotton buds, cotton wool balls 

Wednesday - Whirling, swirling snowstorm - snow dough

conditioner or oil, cornflour - mix together to make mixture that resembles snow! Put in the freezer to make it more real!

Thursday - Making the different areas in the story

going under a table, over the sofa, through the door, up the stairs and under the duvet!!

Friday - A narrow, gloomy cave - making a cave with a blanket over

2 chairs or a table...

making a bear sandwich and have a picnic......

bread, banana, raisins, peanut butter or chocolate spread or cheese

spread to make a polar bear!

Term 4 - We're Going on a Bear Hunt!

Resources for when listening to the story........

Grass - material to wave - tea towel, ribbons, scarf 

River/water - container to have water to splash (not too much!!)

Mud - gloop made with a couple of spoonfuls of flour, spoonful of cocoa, hot choc or gravy browning.

Forest - sticks or wooden kitchen tools to tap

Snowstorm - empty plastic bottle to blow 

Cave - making a den with blanket and chair

Blanket to cover self at the end!

Week 2 - Malleable Materials after Zoom Hello session

Monday - Thick Oozy Mud - mixing cocoa powder/gravy browning with water to make a 'paint' - use hands, fingers or a brush to make marks (Page 3 in book)

Alfie and Max having a walk through the mud, 

Squelsh, squirsh, squelsh, squirsh............

Tuesday - Thick Oozy Mud - mixing cornflour and cocoa/gravy browning to make muddy gloop to investigate, add some animals or

cars - its one of my favourite stories.....

The duck in the truck.... 

As it was such a grey day yesterday we decided to decorate rainbow ginger biscuits in class, with white chocolate, sprinkles and smarties. Bubble A really enjoyed them at snack time in the afternoon. 

Bubble B and their thick oozy mud - Squelsh, Sqursh 

Wednesday - Thick Oozy Mud - making edible mud with chocolate Angel Delight/mousse and yummy rocks, soil and stones....

Thursday - Deep Dark Forest - runny brown paint and a straw to blow the paint to make tree trunks and branches with the paint.

(Page 4 in book)

Making a forest - trees with bare branches, just like the ones outside winter time trees....

Friday - Deep Dark Forest - outlines of leaves or freehand drawings, objects with different textures, wax crayons or pencil crayons - making rubbings to make different patterns on leaves.

Below is a video showing what resources are in the pack for remote learning linked to the story....... 

Below is a timetable of Zoom sessions and what the children will be developing and learning  when they attend these mini lessons.  

We're Going on a Bear Hunt - Peer Massage

Below is the song we are going to be learning over the next few weeks - you also have a

paper copy at home in your resource box

Week 1 - Malleable materials (after Hello Zoom)

Videos if you miss the Zoom or are in school. 

Monday - Grass - mixing blue and yellow paint to make green - printing grass with cardboard - (Page 1 of book)

Wow! We have had a busy bouncy day with Bubble A in class.....

lots of fun, bouncing and interacting with each other in Soft Play

Swimming was cancelled today due to the pool having a deep clean, but none of the children mentioned it! So sparkly clean for Bubble B on Friday afternoon. 

We had some big Christmas pressies to open as Santa had delivered them and they have been waiting for the children to come back, Bubble B, you can have a play with them on Thursday.......

Tuesday - Grass - printing with a fork  

Another fantastic day!

The children have really enjoyed soft play - working together, waiting and taking turns, trying out new moves, counting and listening to instructions and most of all having fun!

Charlie, Ronnie and Oskar had a giggle while playing a social communication/numeracy game

seeing who could make the tallest tower - they all cheated.......!!!!

Elijah really enjoyed his co active movement session - preferring fingers to tickle his feet,

rather than the scrunchie!

Macsy worked hard to ride his bike and they all looked very smart in their new waterproofs

to go down the slides.

Below is a little film of Day 2.........

I would like to say a big thank you to Henry, Max and Arzoo for joining us in the singing zoom this afternoon, it was great to see you. This is a fabulous opportunity for all the children and staff to see each other, so please join us......1.30pm every afternoon. 

Wednesday - Grass - making a green collage with objects from around the house then take a photo

Thursday - Water - blowing lots of blue bubbles and making a print  (Page 2 of book) 

Happy Birthday to Elijah who is 5 today!!

He loved his birthday 'cake' 

and his pressies..... he couldn't believe his eyes.......

Bubble B have had an amazing day Going on a Bear Hunt in the Mud Kitchen!!

They looked fabulous in their new waterproofs, see what you think.......

Talal had such fun in the water tray, he looks like he is going to get in!!

Henry, Lexie and Khaos look like they were just chilling in the sunshine and 

Lily was very focused when planting her cress seeds. 

It was so good to see them all on zoom this afternoon for our Singing Music Zoom, smiling,

waving and saying hello!

Have a look at what fun they all had........

Friday - Water - Shaving foam blue paint swirls

Bubble B have had another amazing day - water and thick oozy mud seem to be a theme for today, hurray for the new waterproofs!! - you look very smart, having great fun too!!

Macsy has had great fun investigating the outdoors, take a look.........

Hello Children and Parents 

I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for all your hard work over the past 6 weeks 

it has be amazing to see how everyone has adapted to the remote way of working. 

Below are a few photos from Week 5 zooms and activities you have been doing at home. 

On Friday morning we had great fun making Love Bug biscuits,

well done to Elijah and Becky for taking on the challenge.


Just remember to use a packet of biscuits that haven't been dropped

as the bugs on the zoom session kept falling to bits!!!

If you have a go at making them, please send me photos to join the


Week 5

Lots of love xxx

This week we are going to be creative - making things for people we love and care for. 

Valentine's Day

Sunday 14th February 

Monday - Making red dough - using heart cutters, making hearts with the dough, rolling sausages, creating shapes. Flour, red colouring, water, bowl, spoon 

Tuesday - Making jelly (packets cost 1.05 from Sainsburys) this is clear, to which you can add colours, scents, objects etc. or you can use normal flavoured jelly (this is just a bit stickier!)

Wednesday - Making coloured spaghetti - cook the spaghetti with food colouring gel and a drop of oil to stop it sticking. Once cooled use the strands to make shapes - hearts, circles, triangles, squares

Thursday - Making Easy Peasy Chocolate Fudge - dark chocolate, condensed milk, butter, icing sugar

Friday - Making prints using heart shapes - cutters and tubes

Videos to follow.......


Activities linked to resource pack.....

here are just a few ideas, please feel creative and send me photos and videos of you all having fun! 

How to make the heart sun catcher and threaded heart 


Lots of fun today with red dough, Max has been making heart prints. 


Making jelly - either clear as I have done or make up a fruity one. Put small objects in the setting jelly to get out, for the children to use their problem solving skills with tweezers, spoons or fingers!

Or if your little one likes to have a nibble add sprinkles, chocolate

drops or raisins for them to pick out and develop their fine motor




Easy Peasy Chocolate Fudge........

Well done Cole and his mummy, who made some over the weekend it

taste delicious!


Printing with hearts 

You have been busy this week have a look and see.........

Week 4 Remote Learning


This week we are going to investigate colours and the story of Elmer the patchwork elephant.

Over the weekend please have a look around the house to find different coloured objects – if you could take photos and send them to me that would be brilliant, as we will be having a colour game during the week using the photos 


This is the order of colours we will be investigating during the week, alongside malleable materials........   

Monday – red - making gloop 

you will need food colouring, cornflour, water, tray, spoon, tools to investigate with

Tuesday – blue - printing with shaving foam

you will need paint or food colouring, shaving  foam, tray, paper, spoon/straw to mix

Wednesday – yellow -making taste safe foam 

you will need liquid from tin of chick peas, cream of tartar, food colouring, bowl, electric whisk. 

Thursday – green - mixing paint colour change

you will need red, yellow, blue paint, paper, brushes and tools to mix and make marks

Friday – purple - mixing liquids colour change

you will need red, yellow, blue food colouring, water, clear plastic containers, tray 


Videos of methods to use when making the above activities are to follow, watch this space..........

We will be looking at colours in food........

Also thinking about our favourite colours...... What's yours?


Below is the weekly timetable of Zoom sessions, I will be sending out invites by email. We look forward to seeing you there......


With the freezing weather we have had fun with mixing colours and painting on ice, then seeing what happens when hot water hits the ice............ it made us jump!!

We will also be making cornflour gloop - a video is below if you miss the zoom session, the children love mixing the powder and coloured water together, to create the semi solid liquid, don't be tempted to add too much water and it will not work - just right is when the gloop is liquid on the tray, but when you squeeze it, it becomes semi solid! 

Below are the dotty letters outlines to use with your fingers or cotton buds and paint

Max has been busy printing with bubble wrap and red paint, well done. 


What a day!! Thank you for joining in with zoom sessions and sending your videos and photos!

Today has been blue, we made blue swirls with shaving foam and looked for objects that were blue..... Henry found blue slime/dough, Brogan a blue peacock and Max a blue ring have a look below and see what blue things Helen found!


Today we are going to make foam to explore and that is okay if you put it in your mouth!

I will be making it in the Hello zoom and there is a little video below if you miss it live!

 Happy Yellow day!!

Below are some of the yellow objects we found, can you send me your pictures.............

We made instant custard to investigate and make marks in 

pouring and filling, curved and straight marks using your finger or

tools from the kitchen, spoon, fork, whisk, chopstick...

(please don't do what I did, read the instructions .... the custard was far too runny (yellow water!!!) 


Below is a lovely activity using yellow daffodils and looking in the mirror and painting what you can see.... if you haven't got a mirror you could use the shiny side of foil, have fun!


yellow blue green 


Thank you for sending your photos of coloured objects at home, have a look and see if you can see your objects. Please send in more if you can........


This is the story of Elmer the patchwork elephant, and how he had fun playing a trick on his friends........

Colouring sheets - slide to 70% size to see whole pictures - print to colour at home.

Please let me know if you would like a paper copy sending. 

We have had a busy week 

it was so good to see so many of you in zoom sessions

and thank you for sending me you photos and videos

it is so good to see what you are doing at home........

as normally it is the other way round and we are showing you!     Have a look below at how busy you have all been......

going for walks, making coloured rice, making dough, doing DIY with daddy, joining in with Wiggles and Jiggles, counting currant buns, making snowmen, going on a shape hunt and listening to stories. 

Evie May has been having fun with her mummy and Helen T

investigating Sounds of Intent activities  

Here she is making scrunching and crunching sounds while having a


Today we have made coloured rice to investigate

Here's how we did it....

Packet of white rice - I used 40p packet

1 tube of food colouring gel 

Capful of white vinegar 

put the food colouring and vinegar in a sealable plastic bag

mix well - add rice and seal 

massage to ensure all rice is coloured - the children love doing this!

tip out onto tray to dry (takes 2/3 hours in warm place) 

keep in airtight container - keeps for a few weeks 

good for pouring and filling

mark making 

mixing colours

using tools appropriately 

developing fine motor skills 

Peer massage - making a pizza

This week we are changing the movement we do in peer massage 

Have a look at the video and have a go at home.

I'm sure we will get some good pizzas!

We will also be doing the movements in the peer massage zoom session on Wednesday.......have fun!

We will be using the same music so the children are aware of the session and are cued in. (click below for music we are using) 


Music for Pizza Peer Massage

Making dough
Malleable materials is an area of Continuous Provision that the children in Ladybirds and Squirrels love to investigate. So, I have put together a video on the Ladybird blog of some ideas you may like to try at home, using everyday materials. 
For example - Making dough 
Ingredients - Flour, water, and food colouring  
Mix water and food colouring together then add to some flour until a dough has formed
Allow your child to do the mixing if they would like! 
Alongside sensory investigation there is development of fine motor skills, mark making, using tools randomly, appropriately, experimentally, mixing materials, tasting (maybe!) showing a preference for likes and dislikes, describing the different textures, creativity and developing imagination - making models............ the list goes on.  
I look forward to hearing from you!

Week 3 - Remote Learning

Our story this week is 'Is that you Wolf' 

Sensory props for this story were sent home last week

We will be going on a shape hunt and making 2D shapes from

different household/outdoor materials, foil, string/wool, paint,

straws,leaves, sticks etc 

Making pink dough to make 3 Little pigs

Building towers for the wolf (you) to blow (knock) down!!

You could use anything......




plastic cups

Watch this space and see what Helen blows down!!

Below is the timetable of zoom sessions, invites will be coming soon.

Lets have fun making a melted snowman.... photo is below and 

resources are coming to you in a pack. We will be making him in a

zoom session.  


I found the following activities on



Before children can write they need to have developed their physical skills, including gross motor (big movement), fine motor (small movements) hand-eye coordination and simply how to handle mark-making tools.

Below are five early mark-making activities using paint, that children can easily do at home to promote them developing skills they need before they are ready to write.

Have fun!

Melting snowman......

Shape Hunt

Have fun looking inside and outside for the shapes on the sheet below

It can be printed if you would like to take it with you on your search.

Please get your grown up to take photos or make a list of the objects you

find, then we can make a shape gallery on the blog. 


Please look in the Highbury@home section on the blog

There is lots of information about how we teach phonics and power points of the sequence of sounds taught

Week 2 - Fantastic work everyone!

There have been lots of giggles on zoom sessions this week, splatting, making volcanoes, upside down snapping crocodiles and much more.....

We have had lots of good looking, listening and anticipating!

At home you have been busy with spellings, exploring snow at Manor

Heath park, doing mark making, reading, ordering letters of the alphabet, playing games and making biscuits...

Happy Burfday Natalie!

We hope you had a lovely day - especially splatting the 

currant buns and finishing the day with peer massage!!! 


Making biscuits....

It has been brilliant to see your Little Pig biscuits!

Please keep sending your photos and I will put them in the piggy

gallery - well done Elijah and Becky, Arzoo and Kabir and Olivia!

The video below shows how to make them if you'd like to join in with the fun!

3 Little Pigs

It was fun on Monday to read the story of 3 Little Pigs and the children using the puppets they had made at home, to join in with the story on Zoom! 

Week 1 - Helen's Remote Learning Group 

Wow, what an amazing week! 

It has been fantastic to see so many of you in the Zoom sessions.

We have had lots of fun and can't wait for next week.......

A very big thank you for sending me photos, they are all featured below...... 

On Thursday and Friday you had fun making snowmen in the cold......

Macsy and his mummy tried our recipe for indoor snow......

you can try too, see below for the instructions, only 3 ingredients


cornstarch (cornflour)


any type of oil 

The following videos and clips are linked to different Zoom sessions which take place throughout the day/week, for Helen's Remote Learning Group (or if you are in school part time)

They can be used whenever you like if your child is unable to access the Zoom sessions.

The main thing is to have some fun and enjoy. 

Below is a timetable of Zoom sessions for Helen's Remote Learning Group 

This is the story I read on the above blog, have fun reading it at home, using your little pig and wolf puppets.

This week (Tuesday) we are making simple biscuits

In lit or Num Zoom session – Pig faces for 3 little pigs story link 

It is a very simple recipe, have fun and send me some photos.....


1oz Sugar

2oz Butter/margarine

3oz flour


Mix sugar and butter then add flour


You will have a dough to roll into balls, or cut out circles if you have a cutter or you could use a plastic cup. Use extra flour if it is sticky!


Add bits for nose, ears, make eyes and a mouth


Carefully put on a baking tray (I normally use grease proof paper as well)


You can double the recipe if you want to make more or perhaps a wolf as well as the 3 little pigs


Bake for 10 mins at 180/Gas Mark 4


Cool before decorating


Red/pink food colouring

Icing sugar or white chocolate


Icing – mix few drops of water with 3/4 tbsps. icing sugar, add a drop of colour to make pink and decorate biscuits


Chocolate – melt white chocolate as normal, add a drop of food colouring and decorate biscuits

Phonics with Natalie

Hello Time  
Days of the week
What is the weather today?

Hello song
Rag and Bone
Aye, Aye

Have a look at Olivia and the Squirrels having fun taking part in Shabang songs - can you do the signs?

Wiggles and Jiggles

Below are a few of the songs that we are using in our wiggles and jiggles sessions - we had great fun filming the clips!

Olivia couldn't stop crying, from laughing!!!

Shake your wriggles out
Elephants have wrinkles
Clap your hands
Old McDonald
Just go walking
Cool down

Singing/music time

Hello song


Singing/music time

This is me


Singing/music time

1 potato, 2 potato

Singing/music time

Wake up!!

Singing/music time

Numbers 1 to 10

Singing/music time

Nice warm socks


Singing/music time



Singing/music time

Calm down

Head, shoulders, arms, hands, squeeze.......

Thank you so much for sending Christmas pictures it is so lovely to see what you have all been doing over the holidays, as you can see lots of fun!!

Happy Birthday to Talal who celebrated his birthday on Tuesday..........

playing pass the parcel and having yummy chocolate cake!

Ladybirds have been getting ready for Christmas and having lots of fun.......

Their favourite thing this week has been posing for photos! 

We visited the special gift shop to get some presents and went to see Santa, who gave us all a present.....

The Ladybirds have been busy investigating the decorations in the outdoor classroom, making snowy easels, decorating and making robin biscuits, riding bikes in the MUGA - we went so fast we broke a bike! Ronnie was very strong and helped me wheel it down to school where Chris mended it - thank you!

Here's a few pictures we thought you might like to see.......

Father Christmas had a tree

Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.......

Here we go........

Merry Christmas from the Ladybirds.....

Star of the week 6

Well done to Macsy this week for using a symbol/photo card to indicate he wanted the fan back in the coactive movement session, amazing communication and focused concentration. 

This week we have had some wonderful writers and artists - take a look........

Week 6 

The Ladybirds have had a busy week making Christmas cards, melted snowmen, peppermint

snowballs and going on a candy cane hunt! They enjoyed their Christmas dinner on Friday,

and Mrs Sweet took photos for Facebook. 

Week 5 - Ladybirds have been busy starting to be Christmassy

  • Making snowmen biscuits and decorating them - they had a fabulous time been creative 
  • Collecting materials to create ice collages, which even had snow added! 
  • Painting pine cones and creating mini Christmas trees

I am going to put the recipe for the snowmen biscuits below if you would like to try them at home that would be fantastic, they are very easy! Please send me photos to put on the blog

Snowman Biscuits

75g margarine 

150g sugar

300g flour 

Mix sugar and margarine then add flour

Roll out and use cutters or make shapes 

Cook for 10 - 15 mins at 180 degrees 

Allow to cool then decorate 

With icing (icing sugar and a little water) or 

Melted chocolate - sweeties and sprinkles



Star of the week 5

Lexie has been amazing this week - she has turned into a mini me!

She pretended to be the teacher and teach the children the new Christmas song, and then was a super helper with the washing up at snack time! Well done Lexie.

Christmas has arrived in Ladybirds.........!!!!

There was great excitement in the Ladybirds classroom yesterday morning.......

the Christmas elves had been very busy on Monday evening making the classroom festive......

The children were thrilled....

'Its so Christmassy'

'Wow its beautiful'

'I'm so happy its Christmas' 


'I'm so excited' 

I just wish I'd videoed their reactions!  Below are a few photos...........

Star of the week 4 

Well done to Talal for fantastic engagement in lots of activities this week - he has shown good looking, good listening and good sitting skills. 

Week 4 - The Gingerbread Man

Ladybirds have had an amazing time this week........ listening to the GBM story, investigating colours and textures to make a page for the class book, making GBM models, sensory investigation about the different tastes and smells, making GBM biscuits - mixing and tasting the ingredients to make dough - the sticky syrup was a big hit, not so much the dried ginger!! In the sensory garden they pretended to be the GBM and made outlines of themselves or drew little men. 

Alongside this they have all been amazing with social communication, taking turns, phonics, See and Learn - naming and identifying objects and verbs, signing and joining in with familiar routines.

Have a look as see at all the fabulous things they have been doing................

Hello routine in Ladybirds - Below are the 2 songs we use in our session - I thought it would be a good idea to put them here so if you are not able to join in with zoom (if we need it) you can still join in with the songs, signs and actions. 

Week 3 has been a week of trying different things..........

Playing sharing games in music, making dough gingerbread men, listening to the story, and

naming the characters. 

The children had great fun painting the gingerbread man and joining in with the

repetitive refrain. 

The children are loving the magic bag and box activities - now they are familiar with the

routine they can't wait to what is new and choosing something they really like. Fabulous

waiting, sharing and watching peers investigate objects.

A big well done to those of you who joined in the Zoom sessions on Friday - it was great to

see you all. (see above for Hello songs) 

Next week we are going to continue with The Gingerbread Man and then have 3 weeks of


Stars of the Week 3

A big WOW to Talal and Oskar this week for Intensive Interaction - When Talal made a sound or movement Oakar copied it - they had great fun, sharing space, using kind hands, giving direct eye contact, having giggles and a fabulous time. 

Star of the Week 2

Well done to Charlie this week for some fantastic phonics work - For recognising letters and saying the sounds and blending the sounds to make the words.   

Week 2 - Term 2

Hello and welcome! 

It has been another very productive week in the Ladybirds, with a focus on phonics and

starting the See and Learn programme to support the development of expressive and

receptive vocabulary. 

We have also had fun making natural collages with leaves, sticks and bits we found in the

outdoor areas. We loved the hedgehogs and Lily's fabulous rabbit. The Mud Kitchen was

very muddy, but that didn't stop the children

investigating and splashing in muddy puddles! Henry loved trying the raw kale from the


The challenge in the Sensory Garden was to make a den for the 2 babies as they were

cold, the dens looked brilliant!

In class we have set up a baby corner which has been a big hit with the children, we have

feeding, telling bed time stories, changing nappies, feeding and taking them for a walk!! 

Please take a look at all the fun we have been having..................  

Star of the week 1 - Macsy 

Well done this week to Macsy who has come back and engaged with adults in focused activities and showed very good learning to learn skills when the magic box was introduced. 

Term 2 - Week 1 

Welcome back! We hope you all had a relaxing and fun half term!

We have had a very busy week and it was Friday before we knew it..........

We have made a film of all the things the Ladybirds have been doing, here goes......

Making a bonfire in the sensory room

Jumping in muddy puddles

Reading a bedtime story to baby 

Making firework prints

Creating fireworks with cornflour paint outside

Becoming the tidy up team and washing the balcony

Making and tasting edible sparklers, firework biscuits and having hot chocolate and parkin

Developing our Learning to Learn skills - Good looking, listening and sitting, using the magic

box and magic bag - taking turns, been aware of our peers, sharing, waiting and

anticipating what is going to happen next! Sometimes even I didn't know! 

Watching the live fireworks - Henry said they were hot and very smoky! 

Swimming was amazing and photos and videos will be on the blog next week. All the children

enjoyed their sessions as did the staff - Bexs the swimming teacher said everyone was

fantastic! Watch this space............

Just a reminder about swimming after half term on Tuesday afternoons..........

Below is a tour of the swimming area, just to remind the Ladybirds. 

Happy Halloween and Half Term!

Ladybirds have had a busy week - investigating pumpkins, painting, carving and scooping.

Making chocolate spiders, spooky ghosts, colouring and mark making pumpkins and taking part

in a pumpkin hunt - they loved the green spaghetti, coloured rice and slime in a pumpkin shell

Star of the week 7 - Well done Lily 

You were fabulous reenacting 10 in the bed, finding all the animals, and singing all the


Happy 5th Birthday Ronnie!

Hope you had a fabulous day 

we had lots of fun playing games and having party nibbles at snack time. 

One of the songs we like to sing in Ladybirds is the colour song, so we thought you might like to have a sing a long at home! 

Star of the Week 6

Well done this week to Elijah who has been going outside independently and accessing the

resources, as he prefers to spend time on activities inside the classroom, so this is a

fantastic development. He also got the case of the giggles in the sensory room! 

Week 6 has seen the Ladybirds focusing on walking independently to different areas in and out of school following peers and also walking at the side of a grown up. They have been amazing. Well done Ladybirds. 

They have also been taking part in apple investigation, painting with blackberry juice, making salt dough models, painting, drawing, creating their own circuits in class and having races in different areas around school. Have a look below at how busy they have been. 

Having fun everywhere!!!

This week the Ladybirds have been busy making chocolate hedgehogs, following instructions, helping each other, mark making in the sensory garden, making dough birthday cakes with candles. A focus this week has been taking care of books and looking at pictures and listening to stories. We have started preparing for Halloween by making coloured rice...... they were a great help... especially when the bag of rice popped all over me!!! Take a look and see all that they have been up to.........

Star of the Week 5 

Lexie is the Ladybird star this week, she has been doing good looking and listening when taking part in our Peer Massage activities. She used kind hands and checked to see if her friends were happy with what she was doing. Well done Lexie

Star of the Week 4 

Well done Ronnie for making new friends and sharing a flower in the sensory garden with your friend Lexie. 

Everyone joined in searching for Happy Hedgehogs in the sensory garden, as they had

escaped from the classroom! 

Busy Days!

It has been a very busy week with lots of learning taking place.........

Charlie has learnt that c and h together make a ch sound...

Khaos looked carefully at all the photos of his peers then posted them in our special box...

Lexie has given all her peers the correct photo when asked...

Macsy found his photo from a choice of 2 then posted it, he then posted all his peers in the box...

Oskar was able to name all his peers from their photos and put the letters of his own name in the correct order...

Henry was able to put the letters of his name in the correct place under the written form, naming some of the letters...

Talal looked very carefully at his photo before posting it in the box, then picked up Osker's photos and put that in the box too...

Lily matched all the letters in her name, and told me it said 'Lily'...

Ronnie looked at the letters before putting them underneath the written name, he told me if the photos were a boy or girl...

Elijah looked at the photo of himself before helping to put it in the box...

We are so proud of them all, everyone is settling into the class routines, they are all finding their way around school and the different outdoor areas we use and their personalities and characters are shining through and we are loving them. 

Week 4 - What a fun time we have been having............ 

In PE this week the children have been learning about taking turns, good sitting and listening and using the equipment sensibly. Everyone had fun been pirates and trying to keep their feet out of the water or the sharks would nibble their toes!!

Ladybirds have had an amazing week..... 

Investigating in the mud kitchen and top garden, finding our friend the slimy slug! Listening to our friends through the huge tube, having a tea party, planting seeds in the rain....... take a look and see how busy we have been and having lots of fun! 

Star of the Week 3

A huge well done this week to Henry and Khaos. These two young men have tried so hard, as their bus is the last to arrive at the end of the day and initially they were upset, seeing their friends go before them.

We have distracted them with favoured objects and activities and this week they have been settled and have been watching and waiting for their number 7 bus!

Henry will say 'Come on Bus' and give a cheer when it arrives, Khaos will sit quietly watching and give a big smile when he sees it and hears the call for 'Bus 7'

What super stars we have in Ladybirds.  

Star of the Week 2 

Well done Oskar for making friends with Talal this week and learning the actions to our

wake up song! Brilliant work!

Wow... what a busy, busy week the Ladybirds have not stopped! They have been investigating new areas outside and inside and showing the grown ups how much they know about shapes and colours, helping each other and playing together - they are amazing. 

The Sound Box was a big hit this week, the Ladybirds loved investigating the musical instruments as you can see in the photos below - we are going to video them this week so watch this space for future musical stars!! 

Star of the Week 1

Well done to Charlie who helped Dawn to tidy up, found the missing number 3 ball and

counted to 5 and got the giggles when he tried popping all the bubble! 

Fantastic work Charlie 

Ladybirds have had a fabulous time investigating the outside areas at Highbury!!

Have a look and see........

Welcome to Ladybirds 2020 - 2021

We have had a fabulous time in Ladybirds and here is a taster of how busy they have been on their first

morning! .........

Hello Ladybirds

Happy Holidays! I hope you are all having fun at home in the sunshine and rain!

Looking through files I have found a few photos to share with you..................

Star Of The Week 1 2 3 4.


Our Ladybirds have all been STARS take a look and see!! 

Well done George for learning the sign for 'more' and using it in different situations.

Corbin you are fantastic at balancing and problem solving.

Wow Jacob, you are a super dupa runner,

Klaudia couldn't keep up!

George couldn't wait to get wet, and got the giggles! 

Welcome to Highbury@home Wider Opening Week 3 

This week we are looking in the garden and kitchen at 

snails and spirals

The story is Snail Trail

    By Ruth Brown 

  Have fun!

Welcome to Highbury@home Wider Opening Week 2

This week we are looking at 

Animal Patterns 

The story is called 

My Mum and Dad make me laugh 

By Nick Sherratt

My mum likes spots and my dad loves stripes

and me? See if you can guess what I like. 

You can find the story at Highbury@home 

Story time section 


Have fun making animal patterns at home

and taking a virtual tour of a zoo or aquarium

looking at animal patterns.

Virtual Tours



aqua.org  -  Lifestreams 

The Therapy Room was a great hit this week, everyone had fun

investigating the different equipment and working out how to move

things using movement and momentum.

Have a look at the fantastic things Ladybirds have been doing this week................

Listening to the story of the 3 Little Pigs, making a scary wolf and pig masks, painting and cutting straw to create our little pig houses.

Welcome to Highbury@home Wider Opening Week 1 

This week we are looking at

The 3 Little Pigs

Enjoy and have fun........... 

Have a look at what the Ladybirds have been doing...........

We have had some fun today in Ladybirds, everyone has been busy sharing, taking turns, investigating, helping the grown ups and enjoying the sunshine outside on the Rockagon. 

We have been working hard on remembering routines and doing super good

looking, sitting and listening - well done boys!

Have a look at all the things we have been doing.........


Week 12 - Highbury@home Going on a Bear Hunt!

Hello Ladybirds 

This week we are looking at the story 

Going on a Bear Hunt

by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury

Published by Walker Books 


How about making mud to make paw prints and hand prints?

Or thick oozy mud to make a mud pie?


Why not go on a bear hunt in the garden with one of your toys 

or if the weather is wet and cold have a toy hunt inside!


Have fun!!

One of my favourite stories is......

The Journey Home From Grandpa's 

written by Jemima Lumley, Illustrated by Sophie Fatus

with kind permission of Barefoot Books 

Have fun singing along!!

Week 11 - Highbury@home Potatoes!

This week we are thinking about counting potatoes 

then when you have counted them you can have fun printing  pictures and patterns.

See if you can find any other vegetables to use in the fridge!

The story this week is The 3 Billy Goats Gruff with a big mean Troll!

Week 10 - Highbury@home 5 Currant Buns

This week we are going to be counting 1 2 3 4 5 

Tilly has been helping me by singing the rhyme 

5 Currant Buns.

Have fun singing along or joining in and making your own paper buns!


Ladybirds - watch out for the postman on Tuesday!

Say goodnight to the sleepy animals by Ian Whybrow and Ed Eaves

With kind permission from Macmillan books

Week 9 - Highbury@home Eid 

At the moment lots of Muslim  people are celebrating Ramadan 

next week it ends and they have a big celebration called Eid Ul Fitr

If we were at school we would be having a celebration day,

so lets celebrate at home instead...... below I have shown you how to make a star and moon sensory bottle. See if you can make one, take a photo and we can make a gallery.  

Week 8 - Highbury@home Recycling and stacking 

We are continuing to use

recycled materials this week for


making tall and short towers

George has been busy reading his book, relaxing with Lily and posing for his photo for his passport, it only took mummy 47 takes! 


Jacob has been doing fantastic looking at his number cards, lying them in a grid then

making a pile. He has also been reading his Mr Men books.

Our story this week is called

Sharing a Shell by Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Lydia Monks 

with kind permission from Macmillan Books  


Week 7 - Highbury@home Recycling and rolling

This week we are looking at using recycled materials to create target practice for developing our throwing and rolling skills. 


We have had 3 very busy boys this week, having lots of fun walking, bouncing, using the home school learning resources and ideas from the blog. 

Take a peek at what they have been doing..........

Dexter has been very busy using his superdupa microphone with his sister, singing

Queen songs with accompaniment from Pixie, you are both super stars!

I hope you are enjoying the home school learning pack we sent you last week, below are a few ideas and activities using the resources you may like to try........