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Hedgehog Class Blog

This week in Hedgehogs class... (14.10.19) 

11.10.19 - Enrichment

Hello Sarah Nelson here! I teach the Hedgehogs class on Friday afternoons as part of their enrichment programme and I cannot wait to tell you about our fantastic afternoon! 


We split the class into 3 groups working between the classroom, therapy room and soft play. When in the classroom the children completed a series of focused tasks and I am blown away by their engagement and how well they all did! 


Some of my highlights included....

  • Mason completing 11 tasks! (ELEVEN!!!)
  • Daniel working without anything in his mouth or either hand.
  • Abdullah thinking it was hilarious and as I counted 1-6 he said "7!"
  • Ishak staying seated and focused the entire time and could have worked for much longer


There are lots of photos and videos to follow which I will upload next week.