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Hedgehog Class Blog

Happy holidays!

We've had a fantastically busy week to end a wonderful term!

Thank you very much to all our support from parents.

A huge thank you to the staff who have worked so hard this term. 

Enjoy the break :) 

See the photos below: 

Here are some areas of our curriculum and what skills are being taught: 


A busy week of sensory learning and communication in hedgehogs. We've loved peer interaction, Sherborne, mark-making, cooking, the bikes, garden school, our sensory story, bouncy bodies (the trampoline), our parachute songs, and lots more. 

Next week we will be doing our Halloween sensory play and crafts, and enjoying a Halloween disco. We will also be making a spooky pumpkin for the school council's pumpkin competition. 

It is our photograph day on Monday.  

We break up on Friday for a the half term holiday. Children will be back in school on Tuesday 2nd November. 

Have a fantastic weekend. 


Our Week in Hedgehogs

8/10/21 - What fun we've had this week in Hedgehogs Class!

We've worked lots this week on;

*developing our communication skills (through switches, PECS and sign language)


*small group activities with our peers

*1:1 focused sessions with our adults.

The children who went horse riding had a really successful time and all spent time on the horse which was wonderful to see.

We hope you all have a super weekend - Amy & Sarah :-)

Hello everyone, 


We've had another busy week this week in Hedgehogs.  

We've been focusing on discriminating between two switches in ICT. We've had a working and a non-working switch, and have to work out which one works when we press it. To motivate us with this we've used the foot spa, the leaf blower, a noisy bingo machine and the bubble machine. 

We've painted our clay hedgehogs by using dabbing movements. 

In finger time, we've been focusing on holding and manipulating objects with our fingers. 

During the parachute songs sessions, we've focused and stopping and starting. Our favourite song is Hop Little Bunnies! During the pause, pupils have to vocalise or shout to wake up the bunnies. This week we also had to try and keep the giant ball on the parachute. 

During Sherborne, we've been focusing rocking, swaying. We also made a human conveyor belt, whereby pupils were rolled across the top. We all enjoyed this!

During messy play we've been looking at Autumn resources. We've started making Autumn pictures, using tools and our fingers. We will be making these into leaf mobiles. 

Today we've made a rhubarb crumble, with the rhubarb that we picked from the garden during garden school time. 

We've continued with our language acquisition work through our See and Learn programme, we've adapted this to use objects for most pupils.

We are also really fortunate, as a couple of our pupils have had to opportunity to go horse-riding this week. They engaged really well with this. 


Please enjoy our photos. 

Have a fantastic weekend. 


Thank you, the Hedgehogs Team 


Happy weekend everyone!

Another busy week in Hedgehogs class. 

We've enjoyed lots of sensory play. 

Our schema theme has been rotational play (spinning around - ourselves and things!)

We've made chocolate crispy hedgehogs. 

Children enjoyed a music session with Daniel. 

In Sherborne we've enjoyed being pulled on a blanket and working with a partner on rocking and swaying.  

We've been focusing on requesting more in communication. 


We've had a fabulous week this week. Here are some of the things we have enjoyed. Please see our photos!
*Sensory Story - The Gingerbread Man (which we love!)
*Sherborne - our movement development programme 
*Outdoor Learning (Mud Kitchen)
*Roundabout communication session (go and stop)
*Bucket time (Attention Autism) 
*Number time with Amy (focused 1:1 sessions)
*See & Learn (focused 1:1 sessions)
*Positive Looking (visual development and attention 1:1 sessions)
*Sound of Intent (music & attention 1:1 sessions)
*Baking and food preparation - We made gingerbread men
*Bouncy bodies (on the trampoline, requesting 'more') 
*Lots of intensive interaction
*Lots of messy continuous provision play

Run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!


Our sensory story this term is The Gingerbread Man. During this story we are looking for all areas of engagement: exploration, realisation, persistence, anticipation and initiation. Please see the slides below to see our sensory story in chapters and the cues we use. 

Busy Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are enjoying another busy week.

We've been busy doing lots of messy and sensory play using different textures and all the children have done some 1:1 focused sessions including; positive looking, sound of intent, number or schema and see & learn. 16.9.21


Welcome back Hedgehogs!

We've had a fantastic first week back. The children have settled really quickly and have enjoyed spending time together and in the class. Please see our photos of the first week:

July 2021

Another busy day for the Hedgehogs:


We are the new Hedgehogs (see video for pictures of the children and the staff!):


Hello all and welcome to Hedgehogs Class! We have had a fantastic day today getting to know each other. Please see our photos: 

End of Year Video 

So proud of the Hedgehog children for all their achievements this year! Here is a video of some highlights of our year.

Amy - 9.7.21

Garden School Exploration

Hello everyone! We had a super visit down to garden school with Amy this afternoon, we've not been for awhile so it was lovely to go down for a visit.

The children really enjoyed investigating the different areas; exploring in the long grass, climbing in branches, hiding in dens, sliding and climbing hills. Amy - 24.6.21

Classroom Provision - Hello everyone! Thought I’d pop some photos on the blog to show you all the interesting ways we’ve been investigating this week… Amy has set up lots of activities to investigate and use our problem solving skills. 20.5.21

A week in Hedgehogs

We've been busy so far this week in Hedgehogs; we've had lots of fun cooking (we made pizza pinwheels) We have also enjoyed sensory play with cornflakes and accessing provision in our classroom. Amy 6.5.21 :-)

Fun in the Sun with the Hedgehogs

Look at all the amazing activities and areas Hedgehogs have been to this week: Stickman story continues in the garden, throwing in the hall, riding bikes in the MUGA and having lots of fun.

A great first day back in the Garden School

It was fantastic having the Hedgehogs class back on Monday and especially having a full day in the Garden School. During the day we were looking at schemas in the morning; transporting and trajectory (moving items from one place to another and throwing) and in the afternoon was our literacy session with the sensory story 'Stickman'.


We had another fun session in the garden this morning exploring and investigating the different areas. We spotted a beautiful blossom tree in the garden and then made blossom tree collages this afternoon. It was lots of fun! Amy & Team Hedgehogs. 

This week in Hedgehogs

At the start of the week in Hedgehogs class we have had some:

  • great sharing of space, activities and equipment with Ishak and George in a sensory session of wet and dry.
  • Super requesting from Armaan at snack times and on the balcony (think someone might be star of the week for that)
  • a super session in the mud kitchen; chopping and mixing, digging and planting vegetables and generally having a fun time learning through play.
  • Last but not least, we have been painting, rolling, sticking and splatting lots of red colour all over Ian's picture for red nose day.

This week in Hedgehogs

We've had a super busy week with Amy, Sophie, Stella, Thea & Hazel this week. Enjoy food preparation making salad wraps, mark making with paint, investigating materials in sensory play, relaxing to music on our resonance board & time out on the slides. 1.3.21 - Amy :-)

12.3.21 - Garden School

Oh it's so muddy out there today... we've had such a fun morning splashing in puddles, climbing muddy hills and running in the squishy mud! Amy.


What a super morning we’ve had! You can tell the boys definitely remembered the different areas of our garden school from last week. They got stuck into exploring areas straight away and showed excellent recall from things they enjoyed last week. Myself, Thea & Hazel are so proud of how calmly they explored (so much so we gave them a treat snack outside!) Amy - 8.3.21

Ian Group A:

Good morning everyone and lets take a look at what we have been up to this week, we have been hand painting and printing, we have been using rollers to paint, we have looked at a sensory story about the weather and getting dirty which led to cleaning and washing and we have been looking at posting and water play; filling and pouring.


Why don't you try some of these ideas at home this week - 

  • In the bath, use cups, pots, bowls and colanders to fill and pour, use the vocabulary full, empty, pour and fill.
  • Can you find kitchen roll and toilet tubes to roll the paint in? Or a rolling pin if you are baking to squash the dough or the substance you are using.
  • Using the symbols from last week could you find items in your house to post through and into empty boxes of any shape, large or small.

Remote Learning - 1.3.21

Good Morning Everyone, I've popped some ideas below for something different this week - Edible Sensory Trays, let me know how you get on. I will email all other documents. Amy.


Well we've certainly hade a busy day today. The boys have had so much fun investigating our garden school area we are really proud of them.

They have all been very inquisitive, interested and confident in the surroundings. We got very muddy and have tired legs now! 26.2.21 - Amy.

24.2.21 - Bubble B Activity 

Hello everyone, 

Here’s an Attention Autism video for today, Amy :) 

22.2.21 - Bubble B - Ideas / Activities for home

Here's a 'What's in the box' video for you plus ideas for sensory trays for this week.

'What's in the box' is our Attention Autism session which can easily be re-created at home with a box and 3/4 items your child really likes to engage with (watch the video with your child for ideas on how we run the session). Amy :-)

12.02.21 - Amy's Group

Another super week with the boys! They've had such a fantastic half-term and have all made some brilliant progress. The team are so proud of them all.

We've enjoyed mark making to make Valentine's cards and loved exploring yet more new climbing equipment. Amy.

Ian's Group

This week we have had curious minds exploring the outside in the snow and creating amazing prints with paint using rollers and brushes. 

Armaan accepted his hand been painted and then copied a splat action by the adult to make hand prints on the paper.

Oscar loved the outside area and the dens, he would not stop exploring.

All the children loved trying to climb the 'mountain', even Bob the puppet made an attempt.

Amy's Bubble - 5.2.21

Another really busy week with the boys this week. We've enjoyed mark making with the Aquadoodle, Attention Autism Sessions, 1:1 time with our own sensory boxes, Swimming & Cooking (pizza wraps were on this weeks menu!)

Ian's bubble group remote learning

Today why not try a session out in the snow or give an 'attention autism' session a go, this is something we do lots of in class. Our favourite items to use are musical instrument shakers, bubbles, light up toys and water sprays. enjoy the fun!

Friday Fun - 29.01.21

We've been very busy in Amy's Bubble today; exploring our climbing circuit outside, baking, 1:1 time with our boxes and having lots of fun! Amy :-)

27.01.21 - Amy's Group - Our new climbing frame

We are loving our new climbing frame on the classroom balcony area - it's fab!

Ian's group 27.1.21

This week in Ian's group we have been working on The Three Little Pigs Story, we made houses, masks and enjoyed a sensory story of the big bad wolf. we have also been working on our gross motor skills in the hall with our circuit and learning to request items or food with exchange symbols.

22.01.21 - Amy's Bubble

Today we've enjoyed our 'what's in the magic box' attention Autism session where we even watched things go 'splat'. We then spent time with our own boxes with adults.

We also enjoyed baking buns - what a busy Friday!


Good Morning everyone,

Here is today's 'What's in the box' video for you.

Also below are some sensory/messy tray ideas to keep those busy hands busy! I hope you have a great day - Amy.

14.01.21 - SNOW DAY

Hello to my bubble group. I've put together some things below for you today;

  1. What's in the box video - The children love our Attention Autism sessions in the classroom so I've recorded one for you below
  2. Sensory snow activities - ideas for outside play
  3. Sensory snow activities - bring some snow inside, ideas for indoor play

Please email me with any photos or questions - Hope you have a lovely day, Amy :-)