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Hedgehog Class Blog


Filling and posting

Hi Michaela here...

I have had a lovely first couple of days teaching in Hedgehog class. We have been working on filling different size containers with different materials such as shredded paper, water, wooden blocks and pegs. We have also been working on our fine motor skills and problem solving by posting different items in different posting boxes. I am looking forward to spending more time in class next week. 

This week in Hedgehogs class... (14.10.19) 

11.10.19 - Enrichment

Hello Sarah Nelson here! I teach the Hedgehogs class on Friday afternoons as part of their enrichment programme and I cannot wait to tell you about our fantastic afternoon! 


We split the class into 3 groups working between the classroom, therapy room and soft play. When in the classroom the children completed a series of focused tasks and I am blown away by their engagement and how well they all did! 


Some of my highlights included....

  • Mason completing 11 tasks! (ELEVEN!!!)
  • Daniel working without anything in his mouth or either hand.
  • Abdullah thinking it was hilarious and as I counted 1-6 he said "7!"
  • Ishak staying seated and focused the entire time and could have worked for much longer


There are lots of photos and videos to follow which I will upload next week.