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Remote learning 

        The children in Butterflies use and develop their thinking and communication skills with learning that is interactive and provides experiences in a way they can understand, where they choose  and practice skills ( especially using routines repetition and the senses ).Click on any of these boxes to access many activities that will be effective when home ( remote ) learning. 
    Contact me  ( [email protected] .sch.uk) to discuss any area of learning  or these  resources in more detail or if you have an idea that you would like support with to develop further with your child. 





We are sharing resources for your use at home during lockdown. 

Whilst Highbury School are fully licensed to use all products we would respectfully ask that the resources are used for your child only and are not duplicated for use elsewhere.

We would ask for your support and discretion in this matter.

Thank you

What will help your child learn at home?

  • Access to multi-sensory and whole body experiences. (This doesn't have to be anything expensive, there are things all around our houses that we can use!)
  • Sensory cues, to allow them to know what is going to happen.
  • Hand-under-hand support.
  • Time to respond and react.
  • Reduced visual clutter / background noise (if at all possible!) 
  • Keeping active! Physiotherapy and changes of position. 
  • Structure, routine and repetition.