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Good Afternoon Butterflies Families

We have reached the end of a busy first half term at school. Everyone has settled back into school life very well and we continue to be very busy. This week has been a week full of Halloween surprises. We have searched for spiders and bugs (plastic ) in the spookghetti worms. We have decorated biscuits and made crispy spider buns. We hope they taste nice. Scooping out the pumpkins was a messy job be someone had to do it. We are saving the seeds to plant and grow our own pumpkin for next year, Mrs Sweet will be pleased if we can save some money. 

We all went for a dance in the hall for the Halloween disco we met some of our friends it was spooktastic! We really enjoyed dressing up in our spooky clothes and Isobelle won best dressed in butterfly class. 

Have a great half term break rest, relax and charge your batteries for the next half term. 


Thanks Rachel and the Butterflies Team. 


Good Afternoon Butterflies Families 

Our Star of the week week this week was Evie. She was chosen because she did some fantastic walking. She walked all the way from the classroom to the pool. She was amazing. she went to assembly with Rachel just so she could show off how wonderful she is !!

We have enjoyed a lot of art and crafty type activities this week and we made a mess of the classroom a few times ooops!

Next week we are having our school photographs taken Monday 18th October. So we need to look our best.

Next week we will be busy with Halloween activities before we break up for half term .... its going to be messy !!!! 


Have a great weekend 



Good afternoon Butterflies Families

The end of another busy week. Our star of the week is Elisha she came with me to our star of the week assembly and was very proud of herself, she was all smiles. 

We started the week by going on an Autumn walk and we collected leaves and twigs for our Autumn collages. These were quite messy as you can probably see form the photos Isobelle was really creative and at one point we thought he was trying to decorate herself as an Autumn tree. If your children came home a little bit sticky on Thursday then that was why. 

We have been focusing on the children taking turns and making choices this can be as subtle as showing this through an eye movement, hand or head gesture or by the use of a switch. We have made the most of the good weather this week and taken our learning outside when we could. 

Our sensory story is proving to be a big hit especially with the staff! Hope you enjoy this week's pictures. 


Have a great weekend 



Good Afternoon Butterflies Families 

Hope you have have a very good week. 

Our star of the week this week is Evie Thomas. Evie was not in Butterfly class at the start of the year she joined us after a week and she has settled in beautifully. She loves exploring and learning the staff think she is amazing. 

we started a new sensory story this week it is the Three Little Pigs - we enjoyed pressing the button to make the wolf speak, next week we will be adding in the voices of the pigs. 

This week we have been baking ginger bread pigs we explored all the different ingredients and mixed them together of course we had to taste them as we went along. Rachel baked the pigs at home and we are going to eat them for snack. As they are very crunchy we will have to soak them in milk first. 

We have been busy again. 


Have a great weekend 




Good Afternoon Butterflies Families


Week 3 already and as usual we have had another busy week. Our sensory story for the last three weeks has been We're Going on a Bear Hunt. For  the story we have had bare feet so we have been feeling through our feet. This wee instead of using wet mud we used orange flavoured jelly to get the squishy feeling between our toes. The small was better than mud!

I hope you have all received the termly information sheet. It gives you an idea of what we will be doing over the next few weeks. 

I feel that I have really settled into life at Highbury, thankyou for sharing your children with me I am thoroughly enjoying myself and am looking forward to more adventures with the Butterflies. 


Have a great weekend 




Good Afternoon Butterflies Families

Week 2 - Another busy week of exploring as you will be able to see from our pictures.

I would like to welcome a new butterfly to our group. Evie Thomas has joined us this week and she is settling in well.

Music with Daniel was very popular this week especially with Antonio. Swimming was a hit with all the children and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

We are all settled back into school now and we ae raring to go. 


Have a great weekend 




Hello Butterflies Families

Welcome back to school after the holidays I hope it was as good as it could be with the current restrictions.  
My name is Rachel Merriman I am new to the school and I am very excited to be working with your children.                                                                                                                                  The class currently has 6 gorgeous children 4 who have been at the school before and 2 new children. This week has been very busy for all of us and the children have made me feel very welcome. I have included some pictures of our adventures. 



Rayan's transition visits and the carnival!

Splish Splash!


As Joshua and Abigayle are leaving us we have spent this week doing the things that we know they love the best! Please see our photos:



Butterflies have had a fabulous week. We've made our sports flag ready for the sports events that are coming up in school. We've enjoyed rebound, swimming and going on the bikes. We've also had a fantastic session out in garden school. We played with a wiggly worm! This afternoon we enjoyed our 'Story Massage' session. Take a look at our photos below:  


Busy Butterflies!

We've been very busy in Butterfly Class, please some of our photos below:


Remote Learning January 2021


We appreciate how difficult things are in the current situation and are here to support you through your home learning journey. Please do not hesitate to contact me, as I am your child's home-learning teacher. We are all in this together.

Thank you, Sarah Gumbs at [email protected]


Please click on the remote learning symbol below to access learning materials:

Love is in the air! (12.02.21)

Remote Learning! 05.02.21

We've had so much fun this week on our zoom sessions. We have really enjoying having siblings join when they can! Pupils have been working on fast and slow. We've definitely enjoyed the fast songs the most! 


Below are some photos of some of the fun we've had in the last couple of weeks (05.02.21)

We've done lots of sensory play and done work around anticipation using our auditory skills to help us. 

We loved making paper mache puppets, making (and eating!) jelly and lots more!

Happy birthday Angela! We've really enjoyed our birthday zoom today with the children. It was such a good turnout. Thank you all for your cake and birthday hats! A special thank you to Jayne and Janet for organising such a fab lockdown style birthday!

Our sensory story this term has been Incy Wincy Spider! 

The girls have enjoyed exploring the sensory stimuli and requesting more! See pictures below. 

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Here are the links to the items included above 

Ramadan Moon : 


Night Sky : 



Moon and Stars song :



1st Sound  - Round face /sponges

2nd Sound Waves / down arms 

3rd Sound Chopsticks/ palms & down fingers 

4th Sound  Rolling / down legs 





Yes I know that song won’t get us on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

Apologies about the format of this video - the excellent initial format sadly wouldn’t upload here  -so this is not up to our standard but it is offered as  something to sing along with ! (....if I can pretend to sing so can you ! )


Friday 20 March 2020 - Term 4!

Star of the Week!

Shifa is our star of the week for her amazing social skills with other children, especially with Spiders! She has shown excellent interactions including at playtime and at snacktime! She has been sitting at the table and eating her snack independently, tasting different foods and watching the other children and copying them by picking up her spoon herself! 

Wednesday 18 March 2020 - Term 4!

Happy birthday Christine and Evie!! This afternoon we had a party in class!

Friday 13 March 2020 - Term 4!

Star of the Week!

Abigayle is our star this week for her amazing reaction to our sensory activities!

Thursday 5th March - Term 4 

Our New Sensory Story!

We have been very busy with our new story this week...there was an old lady who swallowed a fly...

Careful looking and tracking as the old lady moved...

The spider tickled!!!!

The frogs jumped and moved in the hot and cold water!! There was also birds and cows in the story...

The children also decided their Star of the Week! Can you guess who they're looking at? Find out tomorrow in our assembly...

Wednesday 4th March - Term 4

Goodbye Sarah, Hello Jayne!

As you probably know, our teacher Sarah has become the Assistant Headteacher at our school, which means that Jayne is now our new class teacher! Thank you Sarah for everything you have done for Butterflies, we will miss you but we are very excited for Jayne to be our new teacher, too!

End of Term!

Happy holidays everyone! We hope you have a great break, see you in term 4! Here are some picture highlights from our term:

Wednesday 12th February! - Term 3!

 Take a look at these amazing pictures from our dancing sessions that we've had with Flamingo Chicks Dance Company! We had such fun, thank you for all of the sessions!

Thursday 30th January - Term 3

Happy Birthday Angela! Love from Butterflies xx

Wednesday 29th January - Term 3 

Messy Play!

Today we did some messy play, and had oodles and noodles of fun! 

Tuesday 28th January - Term 3

Celebration Day - Chinese New Year!

We've had a great day today learning all about the Chinese New Year! Butterflies took part in martial arts, food tasting, sensory story and dragon dancing workshops! Take a look at our highlights below! 

Monday 27th January - Term 3

Taking Our Sensory Story Outside

 Today we took our sensory story outside at break time to all the other classes! Here are some pictures...

Friday 17th January - Star of the Week!

Lacie is our Star of the Week for her amazing switch skills and using 2 switches at the same time independently! Take a look at our video below to see how well Lacie has done!

Thursday 16th January - Abigayle's Fun Craft!

 Abigayle has also done some fun craft at home to match our new circus theme for our sensory story this term! Take a look at her amazing creation that Abigayle has made with her family. If anybody else would like to make some craft please send it in and we can add it to our 'WOW' moments board!

Wednesday 15th January - Our New Sensory Story 

This week, we have started a new sensory story, 'A Day at the Circus!' - take a look at how much fun we are having in our pictures below! 

Tuesday 14th January - Alice's Fun Craft! 

Alice has been doing some clown themed craft at home this week because of our new sensory story at school, A Day at the Circus! We have added this to our class' 'WOW' moments board. Take a look at Alice's pictures below.

Friday 10th January - Star of the Week!

Welcome back Butterflies! This week, Joshua was our star of the week for independently pressing his switch to request for more! 

Friday 20th December - Last Day of Term 2!

Daily Blog - Bye Bye Elf and Term highlights! 

Today we said goodbye to our Elf who has joined us over December in Butterflies. He is heading back to the North Pole to help Santa prepare for Christmas day. We have had so much fun with him being around! We have also had an amazing term in our class, from learning new sensory stories to achieving our targets! Take a look at our picture highlights from this term below.

Thursday 19th December - Term 2

Daily Blog - Meeting Santa!

 Today we met Santa and his chief elf, Tinsel. We loved seeing his magical grotto and even receiving our own Christmas gift early! Then, this afternoon the whole school watched Cinderella together in the hall. Tomorrow is our last day at school before the Christmas holidays and in the morning we will be singing Christmas carols around the tree. Take a look at our pictures below!

Wednesday 18th December - Term 2 

Daily Blog - Our School Play!

 What a day we have had! After weeks of rehearsals today was the day for our school play, Cinderella. Our Butterflies turned the pumpkins into carriages! Take a look at our video and pictures below!

Tuesday 17th December - Term 2 

Daily Blog - Butterflies' School Trip

Today, Butterflies stepped into a winter wonderland to meet Santa for our school trip! We had such a fun time meeting elves and seeing Santa's letter sorting station, before meeting the big man himself and getting our own Christmas gift! Take a look at our photos below.

Performance tickets will be sent home on Monday!

Thank you :) 

Friday 13th December - Term 2

Elf on the Shelf - Daily Blog! (Star of the Week!)

 Elf is our star of the week - he has brought so much fun to our class this week! Check out our video below. 

Thursday 12th December - Term 2 

Elf on the Shelf - Daily Blog!

 Elf decided to jump from Alice's bag to Lacie's! Take a look below at what he got up to! 

Wednesday 11th December - Term 2

Elf on the Shelf - Daily Blog! 

Check out what naughty things Elf has been up to at Alice's house! ...

Tuesday 10th December - Term 2

Elf on the Shelf - Daily Blog!

Today, our Elf helped us to make Christmas sourdough shapes that we will be painting ourselves this week. He decided to knock over the flour too! At the end of the day, Elf may have sneaked into Alice's bag at home time...stay tuned for what he gets up to at Alice's house over the next couple of days! Pictures below. 

Monday 9th December - Term 2

Elf on the Shelf - Daily Blog! 

Look at what our pesky elf got up to this weekend...he attached himself to Angela’s car, snuck into her bag and went out with her on Saturday night! We’ll have to keep a watch on him to see if he sneaks into anyone else’s bag over the next couple of weeks...

Friday 6th December - Term 2

Star of the Week

 Shifa is our Star of the Week for demonstrating her skills to request for more singing, she even sang herself! Take a look at our video below.

Friday 6th December - Term 2

Elf on the Shelf - Daily Blog!

 Today, our naughty Elf helped to hoist the ButterfliesKeep an eye on what he gets up to over the weekend, he might even be going out with Angela!

Thursday 5th December - Term 2

Elf on the Shelf - Daily Blog!

Look at what our naughty Elf got up to today... he ate all of the school dinners! 

Wednesday 4th December - Term 2

Elf on the Shelf - Daily Blog!

Elf came with us to the cinema today! He had a great time watching Frozen 2 with the Butterflies...he even sat in his own cinema chair! 

Tuesday 3rd December - Term 2

Elf on the Shelf - Daily Blog!

Look who came off the Calderdale bus this morning from the North Pole...it's our very own elf! Elf has joined us over December to have lots of fun with the Butterflies, watch what he gets up to on our daily blog....he might even get up to some mischief!

Tuesday 26th November - Term 2

Celebration Day - Hanukah Festival of Light

Today was Highbury's Celebration Day for the Hanukah Festival of Light. Our classes joined together and we took part in lots of fun activities, such as; yoga, learning Hanukah music, nature walking, meditation and making stress balls and kindness jars. Take a look at out pictures below to see the fun we got up to! 

Friday 22nd November - Term 2

Star of the Week

This week, Alice has been on an amazing adventure using her Doozy switch to communicate with lots of the Highbury School staff. She has been looking for the Christmas props for our upcoming play, Cinderella! Take a look below at our video!

Monday 18th November - Term 2

Preparations Begin for the School Play!

Today, we began to make our props for this year's school play, Cinderella! We can't give too much away...but here's a sneak peek of what's to come for our class!

Friday 15th November - Term 2 

Star of the Week

Elisha is our star this week for her excellent choice making during rebound. Elisha answered 'yes' by eye pointing towards the symbol when asked 'do you want more bouncing?' After 5 minutes, Elisha indicated that she had had enough by eye pointing towards the 'no' symbol. See her video... 

Thursday 26th September - Term One

Fire Engine Fun! 

 Today, the West Yorkshire Fire Service came to Highbury School for a visit! We got very special access this morning as to what life as a firefighter is like, such as being able to see the hose pipe; we even got to hear the sirens and lights! It was great fun! Take a look below at our pictures.

Wednesday 25th September - Term One

Music Lesson, Garden School and Target Work

 Today we had a great time singing our favourite songs, like 'flying tambourine' with our music teacher, Daniel! This afternoon we worked on our individual targets in the Garden School. Elisha and Evie did especially great work choosing between objects with their eyes, and Abigayle had a great time laughing at Sarah when she gave Abigayle all sorts of garden objects, like mint leaves and flowers! Isobelle loved requesting for 'more' blowing by clapping her hands. Take a look at our pictures and video below.

Tuesday 24th September - Term One

Swimming Fun and Goo Foot Spa!

What an amazing day the Butterflies have had. We did lots of great swimming today - practicing our kicking, and even splashing our teachers too! The Butterflies are tired now but can't wait to get back in the hydrotherapy pool next week. This afternoon we had fun playing in custard baths and feeling the goo all over our bodies, we even gave each other goo foot massages! Pictures below! 

Monday 23rd September - Term One

Sensory Story, The Magic Roundabout and Switch Work

This morning we continued with our sensory story, singing along to 'The Smartest Giant in Town'. The Butterflies, especially Isobelle, loved the singing parts, but everyone else seemed to like tasting the strawberry mousse the best! After, we went outside and enjoyed playing on the roundabout where we did even more singing! This afternoon the Butterflies worked hard and did lots of switch and eye gaze work, what a tiring day! Have a look at the pictures down below.