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Hello and welcome to our blog!

End of Term One

Wow, what a busy half term we have had. Please look at our photos!

Friday 25th October - Term One

Farewell, Connor!

Today is the last day for Butterflies' Teaching Assistant, Connor! He is leaving to start a new role, and we will miss him! Thank you for all of your hard work this term in our class. Here are some of Connor's highlights! 

Thursday 24th October - Term One

A Spook-tacular week!

The Butterflies have had an amazing Halloween themed week to finish off term one; we started it off with our new sensory story, Peek-a-boo Pumpkin! Then, after we read the story, we carved our very own pumpkins and oranges. Today, we dressed up in lots of different outfits for our school disco this afternoon. We did lots of dancing! Alice even won the competition for the best dressed girl in the school with her mummy costume! Take a peek below at our picture highlights!


Friday 18th October - Term One

Star of the Week!

 Butterflies have had a great week, especially Isobelle! She has earned the Star of the Week award for her amazing switch work. Firstly, she has been clapping for 'more' herself, to let adults know she is really happy. Then, Isobelle moved onto initiating cause and effect by pressing the switch intentionally to activate a toy. She has shown great skills as before she could not do this alone. With Janet's help she has become so independent at school!

Wednesday 16th October - Term One

Garden School Planting

This afternoon, the Butterflies had a great time singing the 'wiggly worm' song and planting their very own willow trees in the Garden School. These will eventually grow and create a round shelter for us in the winter time. We even took a look at our brand new garden, made by Andrew just for the Butterflies! Take a look at our pictures below.

Tuesday 15th October - Term One

Harvest Celebration Day

Wow, we've had such a busy day today moving around school enjoying different activities all based on autumn and harvest. Look at our photos below...

Friday 11th October - Term One

Weekly Updates!

 What a fun week! The Butterflies have done great work for us with their ICT and Music lessons. They have worked on their communication skills, like Joshua who really enjoyed pressing the switch to change different patterns on the screen, he loved it! Alice and Joshua became best friends this week too! Take a look at some of our highlights below, and scroll down for some more posts!

Friday 11th October - Term One

Star of the Week! 

Butterflies' star of the week is...Shifa! Shifa joined Butterflies two weeks ago, and has already settled right in! She has made lots of new friends, and has really enjoyed using the Eye Gaze and singing her favourite nursery rhymes with all the staff, pictures below! 

Friday 11th October - Term One 

Evie's WOW Moment

At Highbury School we love to celebrate success; take a look at one of Butterflies' star pupils, Evie, showing us her amazing walking skills using her new frame with Sharon! Pictures below...

Tuesday 8th October - Term One 

Good Morning!

Take a took at our video of children saying good morning this morning using the eye gaze. The red flashing dot is where the child is looking! 

Friday 4th October - Term One

Star of the Week!

Wow, Alice is our star of this week as she has been doing some excellent work on the eye gaze, making requests by answering yes and no! Please see her video below. 

Monday 30th September - Friday 5th October

Our Busy Week!

Take a look at the photos of our very busy week!...

Friday 27th September - Term One

Star of the Week!

Wow! Evie is our star of the week! Evie has done amazing work with her switches; she is able to tell us 'yes' to certain things that she wants, particularly with her choice of snacks! Well done Evie, you're doing great! Here's a video below that showcases Evie's wonderful work this week. 

Thursday 26th September - Term One

Fire Engine Fun! 

 Today, the West Yorkshire Fire Service came to Highbury School for a visit! We got very special access this morning as to what life as a firefighter is like, such as being able to see the hose pipe; we even got to hear the sirens and lights! It was great fun! Take a look below at our pictures.

Wednesday 25th September - Term One

Music Lesson, Garden School and Target Work

 Today we had a great time singing our favourite songs, like 'flying tambourine' with our music teacher, Daniel! This afternoon we worked on our individual targets in the Garden School. Elisha and Evie did especially great work choosing between objects with their eyes, and Abigayle had a great time laughing at Sarah when she gave Abigayle all sorts of garden objects, like mint leaves and flowers! Isobelle loved requesting for 'more' blowing by clapping her hands. Take a look at our pictures and video below.

Tuesday 24th September - Term One

Swimming Fun and Goo Foot Spa!

What an amazing day the Butterflies have had. We did lots of great swimming today - practicing our kicking, and even splashing our teachers too! The Butterflies are tired now but can't wait to get back in the hydrotherapy pool next week. This afternoon we had fun playing in custard baths and feeling the goo all over our bodies, we even gave each other goo foot massages! Pictures below! 

Monday 23rd September - Term One

Sensory Story, The Magic Roundabout and Switch Work

This morning we continued with our sensory story, singing along to 'The Smartest Giant in Town'. The Butterflies, especially Isobelle, loved the singing parts, but everyone else seemed to like tasting the strawberry mousse the best! After, we went outside and enjoyed playing on the roundabout where we did even more singing! This afternoon the Butterflies worked hard and did lots of switch and eye gaze work, what a tiring day! Have a look at the pictures down below. 

Friday 20th September - Term One 

Wheelchair Dancing and Star of the Week!

 This morning we had our whole school assembly, Joshua was chosen as Butterflies' star of the week for his amazing requests for 'more' rebound, using his smiley facial expressions and arm movements, well done Joshua! This afternoon we took part in Bollywood wheelchair dancing and also went on our bikes! Take a look at our pictures and video below.

Wednesday 18th September - Term One

Music Fun and Garden School

This morning the Butterflies played the violin and drums in their music lesson. This afternoon they had a great time with Andrew in the Garden School - picking their own strawberries and planting their own too which they got to take home with them, they even made their own seed growing song! Yesterday they had a great time making their own King and Queen crowns for our sensory story 'The Smartest Giant in Town'. Check out our fun pictures and video below. 

Monday 16th September - Term One

School Council

Today, this years' school council was selected. Alice had this special role last year and today Alice handed over the responsibility to Elisha. Congratulations Elisha! We can't wait to see what you achieve this year in the council. Take a look at our pictures and video below.

Friday 13th September 2019 - Term One 

Star of the Week and Boccia

This week's star of the week is .... [drumrole] ... Abigayle! Abigayle has been a star this week, responding amazingly to sensory activity, especially touch and smell! Abigayle loved smelling the different spices and also the chocolate pudding, yum! This afternoon the class took part in Boccia, it was so much fun! Thank you for all of your hard work today Butterflies; take a look at our highlights from today below!

Thursday 12th September 2019 - Term One

Thursday Fun!

Well, what a day the Butterflies have had! Starting off the day with P.E and sensory activity made us all awake and equipped for an amazing ICT session this afternoon. Elisha and Evie worked on grid player on the eye gaze machine - this meant they could choose preferences on requests, such as asking for a doll or bubble machine, and even tasty snacks! Joshua loved using the soft switch to play a colour changing game on the TV, while Lacie enjoyed using the soft switch to ask for more balloons! Noor and Abigayle liked using the switch to feel the vibrating pillow, and Isobelle preferred using the switch to feel the fan blow cool air on her face. It's been a busy day in Butterflies but filled with fun, take a look below at some of our picture highlights! 

2019-2020 Term 1

The Smartest Giant in Town! 

Our topic this term is based on the book of The Smartest Giant in Town! He is a very helpful giant, who gives his smart clothes to his friends to help them out! We loved our sensory story with a giraffe, wet sleeping bags, ties and more! Please look at our photos below. 

2019 -2020

Welcome back Butterflies! 

We've had a fantastic, and very busy, first week back at school. We've been on the bikes, made peppermint creams, done potato printing, enjoyed parachute songs, the garden school, intensive interaction and lots more! Please look at our photographs below:

Who are the we?

We are the Butterflies: 9 wonderful children with PMLD (profound and multiple learning difficulties)! 


What curriculum do we follow?

We follow a pre-formal curriculum comprising of four main areas: communication, cognition, physical and self-help/independence. These areas are fed into the Highbury curriculum that the school developed in 2017. 


What is important to us?

  • A multi-sensory environment and activities
  • Having attentive and caring staff
  • Giving us time to respond and react
  • Having sensory cues for daily routines and for lessons (music, objects of reference, touch cues)
  • Having a safe space to learn in
  • Being physically comfortable with enough changes of position in the day
  • Having whole body experiences, to help us develop body awareness
  • Being motivated and excited by the resources we are using
  • Lots of repetition, giving us chance to anticipate
  • Burst-pause style teaching, giving us the opportunity to respond and interact
  • Challenging us to make sure we reach our potential
  • Being part of the wider-school environment 

How do we communicate?

We mainly use facial expressions, gestures and vocalisation to communicate. We love intensive interaction, where the adults take our lead and communicate in a way that we understand. Some of us are using switches to request for more or say stop. Our adults use touch cues and objects of reference to inform us of what we are doing or where we are going. Some of us have communicate books that have pictures/symbols of our friends, adults, places around school and our favourite activities. We are encouraged to make choices and show preferences as much as possible.


How are we assessed?

Our supporters do lots of written observations, take videos and lots of photographs. We have general targets each term and then smaller targets each week. We work on these across the curriculum. During specific lessons, we are not given set 'learning objectives' as it is important that we lead our own learning. Our adults all make notes on how we did during the last lesson and take it from there. Our teacher uses the Routes for Learning assessment tool too.