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This week in the Bee's we have been learning about 2D shapes in Numeracy. The boys have been hunting shapes around school, finding out which ones roll down the slide the best, and feeding different shapes to monsters in ICT.


In Literacy over the last couple of weeks we have been looking at The Gruffalo and the different characters in the story.


We've been doing lots of gross motor skills development on the bikes and climbing equipment, as well as fine motor skills in the classroom.


In art we've had lots of fun looking at Halloween, making our own pumpkins, Bats and even turning our selfs in to Mummy's  .


We hope you all have a lovely half term

The Bee's class


As we settle into the Autumn Term the boys in Bees class have been busy learning lots of new things.

We have been working to recognise ourselves and our friends from reflections and pictures.

The class team provided a wonderful opportunity for the boys to do some baking linked to the story of the Gingerbread Man. They spent time getting to know the story character, then made their own!

The boys all enjoyed testing and developing their fine motor skills.


It’s been a very busy time for us all in Bees Class over the last two weeks!

A new room, new routines, lots of new faces – it’s been a lot to take in.


We’ve had a great time getting to know each other (staff and children) and everyone’s hard work is beginning to pay off as the boys are really starting to come out of their shells and letting their personalities shine.

As well as working in the classroom, we have been making use of the excellent provision at Highbury accessing the sensory and soft play rooms, burning off lots of energy in the playground and on the slides, and getting messy in the mud kitchen and garden school.


We absolutely loved our carnival yesterday. Here are just a few of our highlights from our final day as Bees.


A Year of BEES

As we're wrapping up for the year, we have been making our own yearbooks. We have been looking at some of our favourite memories and times with our friends. So no one is missing out, they're all here below.

I am going to miss teaching the Bees, and while I know some of the kids are joining me in Monkeys next year, I am going to miss the Beehive. Here's to a great year!

So for one final time...

Term 6

I can't believe that we are here already? Were has this year gone!!

We have started out topic on money this week, so check some of our highlights.

My star this week is India. I loved her work in the Garden School and the lovely friendship she is forming with Elizabeth.

Please find below our topic overview for the final term and everything we are going to be up to!

Week 6/ The Very Hungry Caterpillar 2

We have had another brilliant week here in the Bees and have been as busy as ever with our topic of the Very Hungry Caterpillar. It is very sad news though about the passing of Eric Carle this week and such a strange coincidence that we happened to be studying it this week. Back to class, I have loved all the number work we have been doing this week looking at how may fruits the caterpillar ate each day.

My Star of the Week is Sahil. He has been coming on so much this term and is impressing us with his communication and engagement, especially in outdoor and PE sessions. Well done Sahil!

I hope you all have a very relaxing and fun filled week off. I will be awaiting everyone's return for our final term together! Now, enough of me talking, time to go set up Garden School!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

We have had a brilliant week looking at our story they Very hungry Caterpillar. I have loved the work we have done looking at the days f the week and the food we will eat throughout. My Star this week is April, for her independent sequencing of the story and then her impressive typing skills.

Here are some of my highlights



We've had a very busy week working in the Bees looking at all of our work on our new story "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". I will share a full update of our topic next week as we still have some work on going that is not ready to share, but in the mean time I have this amazing video of the Bees in our PE session this week where we have been continuing on with our ball skills and race games topic. THis week we had a "basketball relay" and the class did amazing. I definitely had too much fun shouting "KOBE" after every shot. Anyway, enough of my rabble, here are our NBeeA all stars


Week 4

What a wonderful week we have had in Bees. We have been busy with our topic of Handa's Surprise. We have been loving our food play as part of our Fun with Food programme, then we have been role playing the story balancing fruit and vegetables on our head and collecting and writing sentences about them. My star this week is Ismail for his sentence writing, but I also have to share this video of April and her brilliant reading, as well as George and India's lovely interactions together. Here are lots of photos and videos, there is just too much to choose from!

Week 3 SOTW

I can't believe it is Thursday afternoon already again! This week seems like it has absolutely flown by because of May Day and then parents evening yesterday. It was a pleasure to catch up with you all and share all the great work that everyone has been up to.

I have two stars this week. Jacob has had a fabulous week and has done brilliantly in our fun with food sessions, and has been wowing us in our pattern topic with colour sorting/ lining up and copying patterns. Alfie is also my star for this lovely video of his regulation in one to one work completing a fine motor task.

Well done boys!

The Ravenous Bees.

The Bees have absolutely loved our topic for the last 2 weeks studying the Ravenous Beast. While there was a sneak preview on Facbook, here is our finished version of the story.

The Bees have loved eating role play and it has been great to see their engagement during these sessions.

My Star of the Week is Corbin for his excellent reading skills, the video is below!

Immersive Day.

The Bees absolutely loved our first day down in Garden School and had so much fun and learning. Bees have worked very exploring the new environment

First Week Back.

What a brilliant first week. We have loved our sessions in the top garden and making silly sandwiches as part of our topic the Ravenous Beast. I can confirm, sand and paint sandwiches were not a hit with the group.

My SOTW is Oscar for some brilliant matching and typing. Well done Oscar!

Summer term

Here we are guys, term 3!! Please see below our topic overview, our first story "the Ravenous Beast" and learning activities linked to the story


For the last 2 weeks of term we are looking at the theme of spring. We are going out into the garden tomorrow and next week to start our planting, but we have spent our first sessions investigating flowers. Expect more updates throughout the week!

In our final session we planted our own cress and grass to look back at after the holidays

Typing Skills

I love this video of Corbin and Ismail, both have been working so hard on their typing skills and they are now starting to recognise and find letters on the keyboard independently. Well done boys!


Goodbye Klaudia

We have lots of very happy days in the Bees, but every so often we have a sad one, and today was certainly that. It was sad because it was Klaudia's final day with the Bees. We can't be so sad though, as Klaudia has taken all the skills she has learned here at Highbury and gone and got herself and absolutely stinkingly great job working with children as a manager at a residential facility. We are so proud of you, but you are going to be missed.

Side note, check this cake that Jess (Jacob's mum) made for her. She doesn't know it yet, but we're setting her up as a business it was that good!


What a brilliant day we have had celebrating Red Nose Day. We have been looking at the colour red and our super heroes! MY Super hero star of the week this week is Jacob, who has been showing off his super hero strength in our heavy work sessions outside!

Here are just some of our highlights

Billy Goats Gruff

Here are lots of resources based on our story the 3 Billy Goats Gruff: as we continue our topic I will place videos of our sessions in here also.

 3 Billy Goats Bridge Game.pdfDownload
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We're BACK

It has been absolutely amazing having all the Bees back in. We have been so busy learning about our story the Billy Goats Gruff, as well as getting out and starting our heavy work program. Here are some of our highlights. I have to give a massive amount of praise though to Sahil and Alfie who have both impressed me; Alfie with his independent work and then Sahil who has started our Fun Before Food program and by the end of the week tried a new food! 

Bubble work

I have loved having every Bee back in school! We have had such a busy week learning about the story of the 3 Little Pigs. Below is a selection of photos of our work and some videos of us making houses outside. I cannot wait to have us all back in on Monday and I cannot wait to see what I have in store for the guys!

BEES A and B Bubble: Weeks 1 and 2

Hello all,

As we enter our A and B groups, we are going to be studying the story of the 3 Little Pigs. Below are lots of resources you may find useful to continue with the story at home. I will be dropping off packs during the week, so you have lots to do to support our learning.

I will post photos of what we have been up to in class so you have lots of ideas for how you can embed this learning at home.

I am so looking forward to seeing everyone back on site!


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[email protected]: 08/2/21 Safari

This week we are going to be  looking at jungle animals and a safari. On our zooms, expect lots of work in the jungle and describing animals. There are loads of resources below and lesson ideas to try. For the children accessing our phonics sessions, I have made a short video of how we would use word cards to help embed the phonics knowledge we are teaching on our 1:30 Zooms.

In our topic of Safari, I have sent out in our learning packs some pictures of animals and lots of symbols to describe them. We are then going to make an animal fact file this week about what we know and have learnt on our sessions. Below is an idea after our first session of the symbols you could be choosing.

[email protected]; What the Ladybird Heard

Hello all, 

This week our topic is the story "What the Ladybird Heard". Below are lots of lesson and craft ideas, as well as reading of the story, a song to try and a couple of games to paly on your laptop/ tablet. Enjoy!

 My Farm Cut-Outs.pdfDownload
 My Farm Poster A3.pdfDownload
 My Farm Poster A4.pdfDownload
 t-e-2549937-farm-handwriting-worksheets_ver_1 (1).pdfDownload
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[email protected]: My Weekly Highlights

Hey all. What a fantastic week it has been this week! We have been so busy being pirates. I have a slide show of just some of the work we've been up to between us. There is also a little video below, as no big deal, but William made national TV for how well he is doing on our Zoom lessons! What a star. Apologies to the parents that were on the Zoom, but it did bring a tear to my eye seeing this. 


[email protected]: PIRATES

Here we go again and this week our topic is going to be all about Pirates, supported by the story Portside Pirates. In our topic Zoom sessions we are going to be looking at who what and where sentences all about pirates! Until then, here are lots of great resources and lesson ideas to try at home!

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Our Maths this Week.

I am so proud of the maths we have done this week Look at all this super sums we completed. The engagement we have had is brilliant.

[email protected]: oliver's Fruit Salad

We had such a great week  with our topic, I thought it would be a shame if we didn't carry on.... and anyway who doesn't like a sequel? (And before we get in to the argument, they should have stopped after the original 3 Star Wars)

Our topic this week is..... fruit!

As with last week, if you join into our sessions, they will have a fruit theme to them, and expect some video sessions to be coming on here in the next few days that you could try at home. I have left links to our story as well as some other teaching ideas and lots of items you could download and try at home!



 Fruit flashcards.pdfDownload
 Fruit ordering book.pdfDownload
 small flashcards.pdfDownload
 T-L-023-Large-Tracing-Letters-phase-2_ver_2 (2019_09_15 12_50_36 UTC).pdfDownload
 T-L-025-Phoneme-tracing-sheets (2019_09_15 12_50_36 UTC).pdfDownload
 T-L-085-Fruit-Flashcards (2019_09_15 12_50_36 UTC).pdfDownload
 t-t-2547509-fruit-matching-connecting-bricks-game (2019_09_15 12_50_36 UTC).pdfDownload
 T-T-27560-Fruit-Salad-Up-to-10-Addition-Sheet (2019_09_15 12_50_36 UTC).pdfDownload
 T-T-9274-Fruit-Size-Ordering (2019_09_15 12_50_36 UTC).pdfDownload
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Look at these brilliant fruit faces, fruit printing and craft Apple trees Sarah T has been making! Why not try yourself?

If you are matching, these symbols may be some use for you

What a brilliant first full week of our group

I have just a few photos of everyone. What a great week full of fun and learning! Well done everyone!

[email protected]: Oliver's Vegetables

Over the next few days, we are going to have lots of content for you to try at home all based around our story this week of Oliver's Vegetables. In the mean time, why not watch the story or download one of the activities from the list below!

 T-T-8951-Olivers-Vegetables-Story-Sequencing (2017_08_28 09_17_46 UTC).pdfDownload
 T-T-8998-Olivers-Vegetables-Playdough-Mats (1) (2017_08_28 09_17_46 UTC).pdfDownload
 T-T-8998-Olivers-Vegetables-Playdough-Mats (2017_08_28 09_17_46 UTC).pdfDownload
 T-T-9008-Olivers-Vegetables-Up-to-10-Addition-Sheet (2017_08_28 09_17_46 UTC).pdfDownload
 T-T-9009-Olivers-Vegetables-Up-to-20-Addition-Sheet (2017_08_28 09_17_46 UTC).pdfDownload
 T-T-9019-Olivers-Vegetables-Size-Ordering (2017_08_28 09_17_46 UTC).pdfDownload
 T-T-9020-Olivers-Vegetables-Counting-Sheet (2017_08_28 09_17_46 UTC).pdfDownload
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Why not try joining in with a few of these lesson activities from our teams. I wonder ifyou can do some veg printing as good as Sarah's?

Meeting Santa

We loved meeting the big man today, who gave us lots of gorgeous presents. Here are our highlights

Christmas Clothing

Look at how lovely the Bees look today not in uniform!

Bees Christmas Video

I know it has already been on Facebook, but the Bees Christmas video is lives. We have been some busy little Elves!


I know you all want to see a blog, but this week I will have to keep it a bit under wraps as we have been busy prepping our christmas film. However, I am ecstatic to announce my star this week is Sahil. Look at how well he is regulating during our hello sessions. He also did this fabulous mark making.

Its Bee-ginning to look a lot like Christmas

It was amazing to see al the Bees back from our bubble closure and the snow was an added bonus. Everyone was so happy to be in class and back with their friends. It was also brilliant to get to see the Christmas tree outside!

Christmas Timetable

I know that everyone is a bit upset due to our bubble closure, but my team have been busy little elves putting together the best final 2 weeks for the class. I know when we are allowed back together we are going to have such a good time filled with festive fun and learning. 1 WEEK TO GO AND THEN WE'RE BACK!

3 stars of the week?

I have a very tough week this week. After a superb shape topic, I have had 3 children do some absolutely outstanding work for me. Jacob and Oscar both did some fabulous printing in our shape printing session as well as some superb matching, and Ismail completed his matching but then did some superb counting.

Have a look at all 3 videos below. You will have to see who made Star of the Week on Friday by watching on Facebook.

A Massive Thank You

I need to say a big thank you to my father in law, who donated us this beautiful shadow theatre! We used it this afternoon as part of our shape topic and the children loved it.

Thank you Roy!

Week 2: Shape

Bees started their new mini topic of shape this week and have loved it! We made playdough shapes, shape printing and shape building outside. The class have showed such knowledge on the subject and they have all impressed me. Have a look below at just some of our highlights from this week, and this is before we have a giant shape building activity this morning and a shape light show this afternoon!

First week back

Hello Bees. I hope you all ha a great half term holiday. We have had a super first week back. We have been busy learning all about bonfire night and fireworks. We have been super busy with lots of crafts. Our PE this term is ball skills and we had a brilliant first session, have a look at the slide show below!

My Star of the Week is Alfie, who has come back to school with some amazing communication skills. We worked so hard in soft play, then he put his shoes on independently and then he loved watching himself with Jan. The eye contact that he gives her while they are chatting is just gorgeous!

Stay safe x


We have been loving our Halloween theme this week. Have a look at our amazing costumes and some of the brilliant crafts we've been up to, as well as some spooky songs and ideas you can try at home. I hope you all have a brilliant week off and we would love to see what you have been up to. I you have any holiday snaps, please email me them; [email protected] !


Week 7 SOTW

My final Star of the Week for this half term is George. At Parents evening, I was saying how he was going to be anyway for how much he helped around class, but then his dad sent me this video. I think some staff need to be worried, because George will be putting them out of work soon

Week 6 SOTW


my star this week Is Sahil. Sahil has been regulating so well in class. He has been concentrating on his tasks so much more and has made fabulous steps in his independence. He is now taking his shoes and socks off himself and most impressively, he is now able to select his name without a picture! Well done Sahil!

Week 5 SOTW

My SOTW for this week is Corbin. Corbin never fails to impress, but I know he wowed Mrs Sweet when she was in our class this week with his See and Learn. He has done so well for the last few weeks, but his concentration and enjoyment of these sessions is just fantastic. Well done Corbin!

Sensory Food Play

As I'm sure you're already aware as parents, we have a few fussy eaters in the Bees. To help with this, and as part of our recovery curriculum, we are doing weekly food play sessions where we are experimenting with different foods. As we had been working on faces, we made vegetable faces seeing what we liked and didn't like. Have a look at how involved all the children are!

Playdough faces

As part of our topic about our faces, we had a gorgeous session making playdough models in science. Check out the highlights below



I had 2 children who could have been Star of the Week, and I just couldn't choose... so I chose both! My stars are Jacob and Oscar. Jacob had a gorgeous swimming session with me and has developed so much confidence.

I also received a lovely email from Oscar's mum last weekend showing how engaged he had been with jigsaws at home. He has transferred this skill into school and we got a video of how well he did his 1:1 work with me in his booth.

Well done Jacob and Oscar


We've loved our Sherborne sessions in the sensory room. Sherborne works on whole body movements to increase co-ordination, communication and co-operation. If you are interested, you can check  https://www.sherbornemovementuk.org/ 

Week 3

Only me!

Bees have had another fabulous week. We have been working really hard on our topic "me and my face" as we try to learn about what is the same and what is different in the class.

Again, the behaviour of the class has just been superb. They are so settled and all working so hard and I am already seeing so much improvement.

Our SOTW this week is April, check the video below of how lovely she has been working on her numbers with me.

Sensory outdoor maths

We have had a lovely session this morning in the slides area doing some sensory maths. We filled bottles with what we could find around us then used them to help us count. This would be a lovely idea for you all this weekend if you are out and about.

Week 2

Hello everyone. I hope you all received my first email blast. The Bees hav had an absolutely amazing week. We have been working hard in class, but also been up to loads around school including swimming, music and starting our rebound sessions. Everyone has worked so hard and it already feels like we've been back months, purely as everyone is behaving so well and recognising and remembering our routines.

My star of the week this week is India. She started school with us this term and she has been a super star. Check the gorgeous video below of her making friends with Sahil!

Welcome Back Part 2

Hello again!

I am just posting our second video of the week. I have loved this wee. As I type this at 4;00pm on Friday, I can't believe that this video is literally just what we have been up to from 2pm Thursday to now. They have done you all so proud and I hope you enjoy these highlights!

welcome back

Hello everyone!

I apologise that this blog has taken 72 hours to come on. Annoyingly, I did this last night and then for some reason it hasn't saved! What an amazing start by the Bees. I was so impressed with how well they have all done. Every single one of the class have worked so hard and they have settled so well. Check out the video of our highlights from Tues-Thursday!