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We have been loving our Halloween theme this week. Have a look at some of the brilliant crafts we've been up to, as well as some spooky songs and ideas you can try at home. I hope you all have a brilliant week off and we would love to see what you have been up to. I you have any holiday snaps, please email me them; amedlock@highbury.calderdale.sch.uk !


Week 7 SOTW

My final Star of the Week for this half term is George. At Parents evening, I was saying how he was going to be anyway for how much he helped around class, but then his dad sent me this video. I think some staff need to be worried, because George will be putting them out of work soon

Week 6 SOTW


my star this week Is Sahil. Sahil has been regulating so well in class. He has been concentrating on his tasks so much more and has made fabulous steps in his independence. He is now taking his shoes and socks off himself and most impressively, he is now able to select his name without a picture! Well done Sahil!

Week 5 SOTW

My SOTW for this week is Corbin. Corbin never fails to impress, but I know he wowed Mrs Sweet when she was in our class this week with his See and Learn. He has done so well for the last few weeks, but his concentration and enjoyment of these sessions is just fantastic. Well done Corbin!

Sensory Food Play

As I'm sure you're already aware as parents, we have a few fussy eaters in the Bees. To help with this, and as part of our recovery curriculum, we are doing weekly food play sessions where we are experimenting with different foods. As we had been working on faces, we made vegetable faces seeing what we liked and didn't like. Have a look at how involved all the children are!

Playdough faces

As part of our topic about our faces, we had a gorgeous session making playdough models in science. Check out the highlights below



I had 2 children who could have been Star of the Week, and I just couldn't choose... so I chose both! My stars are Jacob and Oscar. Jacob had a gorgeous swimming session with me and has developed so much confidence.

I also received a lovely email from Oscar's mum last weekend showing how engaged he had been with jigsaws at home. He has transferred this skill into school and we got a video of how well he did his 1:1 work with me in his booth.

Well done Jacob and Oscar


We've loved our Sherborne sessions in the sensory room. Sherborne works on whole body movements to increase co-ordination, communication and co-operation. If you are interested, you can check  https://www.sherbornemovementuk.org/ 

Week 3

Only me!

Bees have had another fabulous week. We have been working really hard on our topic "me and my face" as we try to learn about what is the same and what is different in the class.

Again, the behaviour of the class has just been superb. They are so settled and all working so hard and I am already seeing so much improvement.

Our SOTW this week is April, check the video below of how lovely she has been working on her numbers with me.

Sensory outdoor maths

We have had a lovely session this morning in the slides area doing some sensory maths. We filled bottles with what we could find around us then used them to help us count. This would be a lovely idea for you all this weekend if you are out and about.

Week 2

Hello everyone. I hope you all received my first email blast. The Bees hav had an absolutely amazing week. We have been working hard in class, but also been up to loads around school including swimming, music and starting our rebound sessions. Everyone has worked so hard and it already feels like we've been back months, purely as everyone is behaving so well and recognising and remembering our routines.

My star of the week this week is India. She started school with us this term and she has been a super star. Check the gorgeous video below of her making friends with Sahil!

Welcome Back Part 2

Hello again!

I am just posting our second video of the week. I have loved this wee. As I type this at 4;00pm on Friday, I can't believe that this video is literally just what we have been up to from 2pm Thursday to now. They have done you all so proud and I hope you enjoy these highlights!

welcome back

Hello everyone!

I apologise that this blog has taken 72 hours to come on. Annoyingly, I did this last night and then for some reason it hasn't saved! What an amazing start by the Bees. I was so impressed with how well they have all done. Every single one of the class have worked so hard and they have settled so well. Check out the video of our highlights from Tues-Thursday!


Week 4

What a brilliant week we have had this week. We have been learning all about transport! The class had such fun learning about cards, trains and planes. My star for this week is Alfie, who did some brilliant work on our class train and also loved us making paper planes. The level of engagement is just amazing. I also loved our class train that we built.

My Stars of the Week

My stars this week are Ismail and Reagan. They have both worked so incredibly hard with their phonics! Reagan is matching 3 letter word to 3 letter word, and Ismail is now starting to match letter to letter. Both have impressed me so much. Well done boys!

Week 2

We had a brilliant week in Bees this week. Our topic for the week was shape. Have a look at all the brilliant work we've been up to!

Maegan's hair

Maegan had been struggling with her regulation when having her hair brushed, but has been our star for how well she reacted back in school! Well done Maegan!

The First Day Back

We had a superb first day back! It was so good to see my (not so) little Bees and see how grat they are all looking. We have been busy in the garden school, as well as making our own Highbury logos and catching up with our 1:1 work. Have a look at our photo highlights to see what we've been up to!

Highbury@Home: Families

Hello everyone!

My blog today is all about families. Have a look at the video below, as well as looking at the symbols you may use to describe your families. The links to the symbols are below!

If you are looking at your families, why not try to match photos of people together? Can you write all their names? Which is your favourite memory?

Here are some great family resources you can print out:

Highbury@home: school uniforms

Hello everyone,

As you all know there has been lots of talk about schools opening, and even though as I write this we don't have a date for opening, I think it is worth starting to talk to our Bees about school and returning. This week focuses on our uniform and it would possibly be worth getting it out and having a look to start some conversations about school. 

Below the video are links to school uniform activities, as well as picture cards to support language. Why not print some off and you can match colour to colour, item to item and then colour to item.

Highbury@Home: Yoga

If you're needing a good stretch why not try this easy yoga flow of 5 sun salutations to get you going. I'd love to see some videos of your workouts if you email me amedlock@highbury.calderdale.sch.uk 

Highbury@Home: Counting Principles

This week I am looking at counting to 5 and all the different ways we can embed the skills needed to be confident with numbers. There is more to counting than we initially think and when we are looking at early number skills in class I am constantly working with and assessing all the children using 5 key counting principles. There are more, but the ones I really emphasise are:

  • One to One principle
  • Stable Order Principle
  • Cardinal Principle
  • Abstraction Principle
  • Order Irrelevance Principle

The video explains what we mean by each of these and how my teaching focus would change dependant on how we are progressing.

Below there are links to some of the resources I have used, as well as the usual twinkl and Pinterest links to embed your learning. Let me know how you get on!

Highbury@Home: 25 Challenge... MArtial Arts Masters Style

Highbury@Home: Eid special, slow cooker curry

This week, all the teachers have got together and are producing videos all around Eid! We have lots of families at our school who celebrate Eid and during this time, they may not get to celebrate the way that they usually would with their grans and grampas, uncles and aunties. In my blog, I show how to make a really simple curry in the slow cooker that will help to develop those cutting and chopping skills. We have vegetable curry at school on our meat-free Mondays and it goes down a treat with some of our children. I have also made a visual recipe that you can easily follow at home. I know I made a sweet potato curry, but I love my slow cooker so much as you literally throw in anything you have in the cupboards and it will always taste amazing.  Why not try it at home and remember to send in photos of you busy in the kitchen!

Highbury@Home: Cutting Skills

I had a very fun day yesterday as I had a tree cut down in my garden... which led me to thinking all about cutting skills. I have made a short video that you can all try at home to improve your fine motor skills. If any of you want the template that I used for my tree, it's yet another Twinkl freebie that you can download from https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/t-t-23907-tree-template.

Also, check the timelapse of the tree being cut down, it certainly made my paperwork harder yesterday trying to concentrate while that was going on outside my window!

Highbury@Home: Improving concentration and regulation

Hey everyone,

This week I have done a slightly different blog. As I have been making my calls, a couple of you have spoken to me about your child's reluctance to sit down and join an activity. Can I just stress this again; we are in a national pandemic and there is NO academic expectation on  parents. However, if you were were wanting to try and improve these skills (which would always be beneficial) I am going to talk about how in class we would use low demand tasks to help scaffold the skills necessary to increase both concentration and regulation skills. I have made simple posting activity and shown how you can use this activity to slowly build challenge and more important the time in which focused work is being completed.

I will do a more fun video for the kids later in the week, but I hope this helps. Also, I feel I need to apologise for my cat, who will not leave me alone as I try to record these!

If you have any questions, let me know!

Stay Safe x

Highbury@HOme: Martial Arts Maths

Adam is ready to get the Bees fit in their quest to become karate masters! This week he is developing his maths skills using his numbers 1-5

Highbury@Home: Lining Up and Stacking

Good Morning Bees!

This week I have been busy in my garden. I have made a natural lawn edge using some branches that I had left over! It gave me a great idea to think how you could use some of these skills at home and line up objects to help with your fine motor skills. I then moved on to think about how we can stack vertically aswell as line up horizontally and compare between the two. Have a watch of our blog and see what you think!


As you are building and stacking why not set some challenges to make it harder!

  • What's the longest line you can make?
  • What's the tallest tower you can build?
  • Can you stack a tower with only one hand?
  • What happens if you are using different shaped objects?
  • If you are using different sized objects, could you line them up in size order?

I know I used some big objects that I was lucky enough to have in my garden... but you can use anything! Think of any blocks you have, toy cars, or even empty out your recycling and make some junk towers!

Below is a set of symbols to help you teach these keywords, which you could print off to help support your activities. There is a link to some twinkl resources on stacking and lining up (As well as some pen control worksheets to help you draw your lines afterwards) and a Pinterest board full of different ideas to help promote lining up and stacking skills:

Highbury@Home: Getting Dressed

Hello everyone!

It has been great to see how you've all been getting on and been super busy. As always, please keep in touch and send as much as you can to me either on Facebook, or by my email amedlock@highbury.calderdale.sch.uk. I'm missing my Bees so much and can't wait till we can all be back together learning and having fun.

I know for a couple of Bees, the lack of school has thrown out our morning routine because we've had such a loss of structure. Therefore, my blog for today is all about getting dressed. I have got lots of fun activities that we can try all relating to the clothes we wear.

While we are looking at getting dressed it would be first good to identify clothes items.

  • In your washing basket, can you seperate the t-shirts and the trousers?
  • Can you put your socks in pairs?
  • Can you sort the clothes for your mummy, your daddy, your brother, your sister?
  • What clothes do you wear when it's hot?
  • What do you wear when it's rainy?

I have left some links to some twinkl resources. Remember, during this time, they offer a free parents sign up to download a few resources tor print off.

Have you thought about getting dressed races? We use an auditory cue during PE and we play the Match of the Day theme. All of our Bees know to get changed when they hear this. Why not choose your morning song to help reinforce this time? What about this from Super Simple Songs:

I have put some links to some further reading here about dressing skills... this is certainly more for the adults. I'm not saying every piece is relevant for everyone of your children, but it gives a lot of consideration to the big picture

Finally: here are some flashcards of clothing and body parts. Can you match the correct item to the correct body part you put it on?

Highbury@Home: Karate Fitness

Highbury@home: thank you key workers

This week on our blog, I think it would be a great idea to spend some time thinking all about all the key workers who are working so hard right now. As children are home, why not try spotting and talking about the different key workers you may see going past your house or who you may see as you go out for your walk. In our blog, I go to all the places key workers are doing their important jobs, as well as give you lots of ideas to learn about the People Who Help Us.

An Easter Message from all of the Bees

I know it's been a strange few weeks, but that doesn't stop me celebrating one of my favourite holidays (and that's not just because of all the chocolate and bank holidays)... Easter! There are loads of fun things we can do at Easter time to help prepare and get excited. Have you got any easter eggs? Have you been on an egg hunt?

Why not try some of these fun crafts:

Highbury@Home week 3: Shape

Hey everyone. Looking at peoples blogs across school, I've seen lots of English work, but very little maths, so to change up this weeks blog I have done a nice simple topic for you... shape. As always, watch the video, then below are loads of brilliant shape ideas, a Pinterest board to help get you thinking, twinkl printables, songs to join in and a couple of interactive games to play! Enjoy

Highbury@Home week 2: We're GOing On A Bear Hunt

After seeing Jayne's lovely sensory story, I really wanted to read We're Going on a Bear Hunt. I think this book is great for a springboard for learning, and there are so many things you can do when you're looking at this topic?

  • Can you hide and find bears?
  • Can you count how many teddies you have?
  • Can you sort your teddies by size and/or colour
  • Can you make a story about your path to find the bears? DId you go through the kitchen, up the stairs?
  • While going on your hunt, what objects do you have to go over? What do you have to go under?

As with last week, there are lots of Bear Hunt resources you can download and use for free from Twinkl, but here are some highlights I think would come in use:

Below are a couple of versions of the story, as well as a Pinterest board for loads of family learning ideas. To finish there is even a going on a bear hunt themed yoga session you could try on a morning!

Hope you are all safe and well, please send me photos of you all busy at home either to the school Facebook or to my email, amedlock@highbury.calderdale.sch.uk 


Highbury@Home Week 1: Rainbows

I hope you are well. I don't know if you have seen, but the BBC have released a story showing how lots of people are putting rainbow pictures up in their windows to help show solidarity with the crisis we are in and so children can see them during self-isolation. Personally I think it's a brilliant idea. Below is a link to a Pinterest board with lots of brilliant ideas. There are also a number of Youtube videos of rainbow songs and a gorgeous story called "What Makes a Rainbow". Try to think about all the different colours

  • What colours can we see?
  • Can we match our colours?
  • Can we describe what colours things are?
  • Can we name all of our colours?
  • Can we mix colours?

This should just be a spring board of ideas that you can do at home. If you have completed some work, email it to me; amedlock@highbury.calderdale.sch.uk or send a post to the school's Facebook page and we will mention it in our weekly round up!

I mentioned a website, twinkl. They are giving away free parents log ins to help with resources. All the links below I think would help with your work and you can easily download, print off and then use as you see fit

Take care and good luck! Thinking about you all


I realised that I haven't taken a single photo this year of our brilliant swimmers in Bees. As we had the final day before school closures, we had a fun group swim as a class today. They were so well behaved and played so much together. 


Wear something Happy

I loved seeing our happy outfits today. I hope you are all safe and well. I love some of these happy outfits

My superstars

I'm actually a little emotional as I write this. As we are in the struggle of the Coronavirus outbreak, I was asked to choose my star for this week. I just can't pick one. I love working with every single one of your children, and they genuinely brighten up my day, without fail, every day. I do not know if school will have to close due to the outbreak, or what the next few months will hold for all us in our giant extended Highbury family, but you all have to know what superstars you have brought into the world. Here is just a short video of the last 4 weeks and everything we've been up to since the Feb half term holidays. 



I just love this video of Reagan doing his yoga before lunch, he is so engaged! Why not try some at home to help calm before your bedtime routine?

hand hygiene

With everything that has been going on in the news this week, Bees have been working on their hand hygiene to help combat the spread of germs. We've done lots of hard work about cleanliness and good washing routines.


walking through the jungle

We have started our new topic story "Walking Through The Jungle" this week in Bees. Look at all the great ideas below you could do at home to support the learning of the story.

World Book Day

I'm sure some photos will appear on Facebook about how much fun we had as a school for World Book Day, but here are a few of our guys. They looked brilliant. I personally loved Ismail's Horrid Henry costume... he had us singing the theme all day!

the best £8 B&M buy.

I m just posting this video very quickly. I went to B and M to pick up some things for work yesterday and we found this bubble machine. The class absolutely loved it, and the level of engagement was superb. I highly suggest getting one before the summer rush starts. They were so involved together.

pancake day

The Bees loved their session with Andrew this week. As it was pancake day, the Bees followed their own recipe to make pancake batter. Once they had, they chose between their favourite flavour, jam or lemon and sugar. Did you have pancakes at home? What's your favourite topping?

Bat and Ball Skills

After working hard on our ball skills last half term, we have been busy now extending our learning to starting bat and ball skills. I wonder if we have any future NHL stars in our mist?


brown bear brown bear

What a lovely first session we had on our new story. Look at the engagement in all our activities

Topic overview.

As we start our new half term, have a look at all the fun learning Bees will be up to for the next 6 weeks!


Bees and Owls absolutely love their trip to the trampoline park. It was such a brilliant day, and if you are stuck for something for to do during the holiday, I'm sure this would be a great day out

More Role Play skills.

As Bees continue their role play skills in our Circus theme. Have a look at this wonderful video to show all the work that they have been doing. Look at the level of engagement with all the students!


Our last theme in our science topic is magnets. We have just completed our first session and the Bees were amazing. We completed so much investigation into how magnets work, and experimented with a number of materials. I can't wait to scaffold these skills now we have baselined our knowledge.

Role play skills.

As we explore our Circus theme in the Bees, we have been busy working on our role play skills. Looking at clowns performing, we have been dressing up, balancing, juggling, making each other laugh and even doing a custard pie! Have a look at these beautiful photos!

Star of the week.

My SOTW for this week is Filip, as we explored pushing and pulling, Filip did this amazing role ply. I love how engaged he is in the game!

Pushing and Pulling

After spending 2 weeks investigating "rolling", the Bees have moved on to their second theme in our Forces unit, "Pushing and Pulling". The session started with an exploratory play in the Beehive looking at all the ways we could make a number of objects move.

Music @ The Bees

The Bees have been loving their weekly music sessions recently. There has been so much engagement and enjoyment, they are a pleasure to teach down in the Soundbox. Why not try some music together at home?


The circus

As of Monday we will be starting our circus topic. Check out this Pinterest board filled with loads of ideas you could do at home to help embed our learning.

Baking and Rolling

Exploring our topic of Rolling, we had our first baking session of the year making cinammon rolls. The class absolutely loved this session and were so engaged throughout. I'd have sent you some our results home, but sadly no buns made it to the end of the day as they were just too nice!

Star of the Week.

I have 2 stars this week; Eva and Amelia.  Both have been amazing this week. Eva did some superb reading and her inference was brilliant. Amelia was superb in our PE and was engaged throughout. Check their highlights below.

New year, new topic.

Have a look at everything the Bees will be up to on the run up to half term.


Check these lovely photos from the panto. There is loads more on Facebook, but here are our highlights

Its beginning to look a lot like christmas.

As we start to enter the final 2 weeks of the year, the Bees have been busy decorating our classroom. One of my absolute stars though is Filip who concentrated so hard on decorating the tree, it was a joy to watch him so engaged in his learning

Dance Class

In preparation for our pantomime next week, Bees have been learning al about dance in our PE sessions. Have a look at the highlights from one of our classes.

Cinema Trip

Bees had a wonderful time today at the cinema. I am sure Mrs. Sweet will put some of her own photos on Facebook, but here are some of our own. I just want to say a massive thank you to Friends of Highbury, we wouldn't be able to do things like this without them. 

Night and Day

I love this work that the Bees completed today. Continuing our light and dark topic, we then looked at night and day, selecting different things we did at different times. Do you think we are correct with all of our answers?


My star of the week this week is Maegan. We have been loving our class yoga before dinner and Meagan has been getting so involved. I have finally managed to get her on camera though to show how engaged she is! I have also left a link below to the actual video. There are loads of brilliant cartoon videos by the same company and it would be great to do at home!

Bees in a Booth?

I just have to share this photo... we have a new computer in the Beehive. Now normally it can be a struggle to come to a work booth, as there is always the dreaded work inside it! However, today I managed to find 7 of the 9 in class all huddled around in one tiny booth. Sadly, by the time I got my camera we were down to 5, but it was nice to see them all sharing a space together. Too bad none of them were bothered by the interactive whiteboard that was with a game only 6ft away...

star of the week

We have 2 stars this week; Filip and Reagan. Filip did some amazing work during our light play, and Reagan has done some of his most fantastic focused work in maths, matching various notes in our money topic. Have a look at these 2 superstars.

LIght play

As part of our work to do with Light and Dark, Bees had a superb light sensory play yesterday. I could not believe the level of engagement of some of our students! I really don't think these photos do some of the guys justice to just how much they were investigating. Have a look and see for yourself.

Do Bees like green eggs and ham?

As an introduction to our story, the Bees tried to make their own Green Eggs and Ham. Using food colouring we made two different types of scrambled egg. It was safe to say the Bees did not like Green Eggs and Ham!


Our star of the week is Eva. Have a look at how brilliant both her reading and writing is from our story

Light Play

The bees have loved their light play sessions this week exploring different devices. Look at these amazing photos of the Bees so engaged in their Science topic.

Green Eggs and Ham

As of Monday we are going to be starting our story Green Eggs and Ham. Please watch the video at home to help embed the story, but underneath you should also see a link to lots of Dr. Seuss activities that you can have a go at!

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone is feeling nice and refreshed after the holidays. Bees have hit the ground running and had a super busy first tow days back. Doing lots of work relating to Bonfire night as well as some baseline assessing of our IEP targets. Check some of the photo highlights below. I have attached the topic overview for you to see all the great stuff that we will be getting up to on the build up to Christmas.

Halloween fun

Have a look at our fantastic Halloween celebrations! What a fabulous day we had. Thank you for all your hard work putting together costumes and your generous party donations. They had a wonderful time. Have a look on our Facebook for lots of whole school goodness.


I'm sure you've all seen the note in the diaries. We have had such fun with our Harvest celebrations. We made ginger biscuits, had a harvest sensory story and then had some fruit and veg exploration. Have a look at our day below!


In our maths topic until half term we are going to be looking at shape! I will post lots of photos of our work throughout this week, but until then, have a look at these shape songs you can go over at home!


I've been oving our PE topic this term. Every week we have been making a new circuit to explore, with the emphasis on the assessng and progression of gross motor skills. I'm so impressed with some of the improvements in balance, climbing and regulating when working off the ground. Have a look at what a Bees PE lesson looks like!

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Fire Engine Visit

We absolutely loved our visit to the Fire Engine! Look at how engaged they all were. We just want to say a massive thank you to Brighouse Fire Station for coming and visiting him.

BEhaviour and regulation

I am so impressed with how well the Bees have settled into their work. All the class are so calm and have completed so much. Look at this amazing video of Alfie doing his work with Stella. It may only be Monday but we have a very strong case for SOTW already

Class Song

The Bees have been learning our two class songs. It would be great if you could practice at home, either helping with your counting, or trying to do your actions to the beehive, buzzing high, low, fast, slow, to the left and to the right? Do you know how to sign the letter b in BSL?

SOTW Week 3

My star for this week is the wonderful Maegan. Maegan has been doing some superb number work this week, as well as learning our class song. Check out this superstar!

topic Overview

Here is our topic overview to take us up till October half term. It sure is filled with some goodies!


In our PE we have been looking at all the great ways we can travel around big apparatus, How do you move around at home?


As we are learning about our school and our new classroom we have been exploring all the areas around us. We loved our sensory play in the Soundbox