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School Complaints Procedure

Your views are welcomed. In the spirit of true partnership between home, school and the community, you are encouraged to say what you think should go on within the school. Schools aim for high standards but sometimes things can go wrong or expectations are not met.

What is a complaint

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction or disquiet which may be about an event that has happened, failed to happen or the way in which something was handled.

The vast majority of concerns can be resolved informally. It is in everyone’s best interests that complaints are resolved at the earliest possible stage.  This can usually be achieved through discussion and good communication.  However, if you are not satisfied with the outcome, a formal procedure (as outlined in this policy) would then need to be followed when attempts to resolve the issue are unsuccessful.

Who can make a complaint?

Any person, including members of the general public, may make a complaint about any aspect of a school’s facilities or services, unless separate statutory procedures apply. In the main, this will mean parents and carers of the school’s pupils but may include, for example, neighbours of the school or other members of the local community.

Circumstances where this procedure should not be used
There are certain complaints which fall outside the school’s complaints procedure and are subject to alternative procedures, including but not limited to–

 Safeguarding referrals – under the remit of the LA’s children’s social care services and child protection procedures apply

 Pupil Admissions - right of appeal to an Independent Appeals Panel

 Permanent Exclusion – right to make representations to Governors’ Discipline Committee and to request a review by an Independent Review Panel

 Complaints by a member of staff – grievances or disciplinary procedures or whistleblowing procedure apply.

If any other policy is more appropriate than this complaints policy for any given situation, then it should be used in preference to this policy. Time limits

Complaints need to be considered and resolved swiftly and efficiently. Realistic time limits should be set for each stage. Where further investigations are necessary, new time limits can be set and the complainant kept informed of progress.

For more information please click on the file below for Highbury school's full School Complaints Procedure or alternately please call the school office if you would like a paper copy of our procedure - School Office: 01484 716319