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Online Safety

At Highbury School, we believe that ICT has the power to make a significant contribution to teaching and learning across all subjects and ages.

Our e-safety policy sets out aims and strategies for implementing and developing ICT within our school. The policy is reviewed annually to ensure any relevant changes are made.

To view the full version of our latest e-safety policy please click the file download to the right. If you would prefer a paper copy, please ring the school office: 01484 716319. Thank you.

Vision & Aims

Our aim is to become an "e-confident" school where ICT is integrated effectively in the planning, teaching, learning and assessment of all areas of the Curriculum. Our goal is to teach our pupils to be independent, confident and responsible users of ICT in order to prepare them for life in an increasingly ICT rich world. We aim to further develop the potential ICT has upon teaching and learning, therefore making a huge impact on both our pupils and staff.

We aim to:-

  • Follow the National Curriculum guidelines ensuring that all children receive a minimum entitlement of Key experience regardless of gender or ability.
  • Allow all children the opportunities to enjoy using ICT purposefully
  • Encourage children to use ICT independently
  • Foster children's awareness of ICT in the wider world
  • Build on and develop existing knowledge through skills taught in each year group to maintain progression across the skills.
  • To provide a skill based curriculum where ICT is integrated across the board using the Highbury School ICT Pathway scheme of work.

Delivery of ICT

At Highbury School, we are committed to providing a broad and balanced structured curriculum which gives the pupils relevant experience and understanding of ICT to equip them to live in our current society.

Careful planning will include activities which support learning for pupils with a diverse range of needs & abilities to ensure all children are given the same opportunities as well as ensuring continuity throughout the school and progression from one year to the next.

We believe that there are considerable benefits to be gained from using ICT to support learning. The school staff use ICT in their teaching, where appropriate, to enhance learning, and children are encouraged to use ICT independently in their independent learning tasks or child initiated learning (Foundation Stage).


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