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Curriculum  Pathways is a bespoke curriculum for pupils working within the  pre key stage one standards and key stage one programmes of study  and for those children engaged in non-subject specific learning.

The Pathways Curriculum arose from a need to offer children access to a curriculum which is as diverse as they are. It is a curriculum which acknowledges the range of needs of our children and the impact that needs can have on learning.

At Highbury, we understand the importance of effective personalisation which creates opportunities for children to demonstrate learning within the framework of a curriculum which focuses on engagement whilst being rigorous about learning and which contributes to  tracking progress.

Not all of our children can access a pure subject specific curriculum which is meaningful, functional and relevant to them.

The Pathways curriculum has a strong emphasis on communication and language and the key functional skills that help children to navigate and understand the world around them and recognise the contribution that every child can make to their family, community and the wider world.

The Pathways curriculum ensures that all children have breadth and balance and that whenever possible and relevant they are working towards statutory programmes including ;The National Curriculum, Development Matters and The Early Learning Goals. The guidance upon which the curriculum is based is reviewed on an annual basis by subject managers.

The uniqueness of the curriculum is the addition of very specific skills and knowledge which we have identified as essential components of the curriculum for children at Highbury whilst embedding key teaching of British values, self-help and independence and safety. These areas need to be embedded throughout the curriculum so they are indicated specifically within each aspect.

The teaching of British Values aims to teach children to:

  • Treat everyone and everything with respect
  • Value other people’s voice and opinion
  • Understand their own and other people’s behaviour
  • Have self-confidence and understand what is expected of them
  • Value and respect diversity and difference
  • Understand right and wrong and follow rules which are essential and fair

The teaching of self-help and independence aims to teach children to: 

  • Develop independent personal care skills
  • Understand, manage and respond to their own feelings and the feelings of others
  • Communicate their wants and needs
  • Develop self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Develop positive relationships with others and achieve a sense of self-worth and pride in their achievements
  • Travel and select resources and equipment independently

The teaching of safeguarding aims to teach children to: 

  • Respond appropriately to others
  • Develop their ‘voice’ to express feelings, needs, concerns and choices
  • Be aware of the risks in their environment and daily lives

Class teachers, lead practitioners and peripatetic teachers use assessment information and the curriculum to inform medium term planning and monitoring of progress over time.

Reading Schemes

Reading even at a simple level helps make sense of the world around us.  Exposing children to an alphabetic code gives them a sense of functional, social sight vocabulary.

For example identifying objects in the supermarket and being able to select items by identifying their initial letter. Every child at Highbury will follow their own reading pathway which is matched to their needs and abilities, for more information please click on the file link below or if you would like a printable copy please ring the school office 01484 716319 where they will be happy to help. Thank you.


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