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Pupil Voice

Why do we have a School Council?

At Highbury we are proud to have pupil representatives that take part in regular School Council meetings. The School Council is in place so that all pupils have a voice and are involved in decisions about the school that directly affect them.


Pupils at Highbury know that this is their school and that their thoughts and ideas matter. The role of each School Council member is to collect the views and ideas from children across school in order to reach democratic decisions. Each School Council member will be given a badge and a book bag which will contain notes from each meeting held. This will enable their work and decisions to be fed back to classes.



How are the School Council members elected?

At the beginning of each year, two children from each class are nominated for School Council. Campaign posters are then created for each child, showing their photo and stating why they would be good in the School Council. A whole school assembly will be held showcasing each candidate and explaining the voting process to the children.


Back in class, every child will then vote for one of their class mates to become a member of School Council. The voting process uses photos (a choice of 2) and ballot boxes. The ballot boxes will be taken to Mrs Sweet and counted carefully before the results are revealed. The School Council members will change each year.


What decisions might they be involved in?

The School Council will discuss issues that directly affect them, some examples include:

  • What is their favourite pudding at lunch time?
  • Which stickers should we use for Star of the Week?
  • What places do you like / not like in school?
  • Helping to employ new staff
  • Deciding on school trips and visitors for school topics


Depending on each child’s needs, these decisions may be made from observations (expressing a preference), switches, simple choices offered or a conversation between the children.


Last year, the School Council helped to develop the outdoor areas and activities at playtime. We applied for the Speaker’s School Council Award. Hundreds of schools from across the Country applied. Although we did not win the trip to Parliament, we were thanked for taking part and awarded in the ‘We made a difference’ category.