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Highbury Hub

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The Highbury Hub

The purpose of the hub is to provide another option for key stage two pupils with significant special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and an Education, Health and Care plan (EHC) to access high quality, personalised teaching and learning.

The hub is essentially an extension of Highbury specialist school but based within a mainstream setting; Copley School.

The Highbury hub will open in September 2019.

Highbury School 

Highbury School is a designated National support school and was recently judged to be outstanding in all areas by Ofsted (October 2018). Highbury School works closely with a range of mainstream colleagues to support them to meet the needs of children with SEND.

The school has a wealth of experienced staff with expertise in both the specialist and mainstream school sectors.

Copley School

Copley school is also a designated National Support School and is an outstanding school with a highly inclusive ethos. The school is newly built and has been designed to take into consideration the impact of the environment on children’s learning and self-regulation.

Copley school has an established and highly inclusive ethos.

The Governors of both Highbury and Copley are working in partnership and are fully committed to the Hub.

Aims of the Hub

  • To provide highly personalised education which is planned according to the needs and priorities of individuals with SEND
  • To ensure that all children experience success in their learning and benefit from increased self-esteem and confidence.
  • To prioritise functional skills that will ensure children’s access to the wider world and their safety.
  • To provide carefully planned and tracked opportunities to lessons and activities in the wider school to ensure the hub offers genuine integration and access to age appropriate peer groups.
  • To provide an environment where pupils can learn successfully at a pace and in a way which best suits their needs.
  • To recognise and support the contribution of the wider family.
  • To support pupils to develop effective learning behaviour which leads to increased self-regulation and participation.
  • To fully exploit the expertise of hub staff in securing best possible outcomes for all pupils.

Teaching and Learning Approaches

Children in the hub will be taught in a small class group of between 8-10 pupils. There will be  a teacher in charge and three support assistants *this may vary depending on pupil need.

Teaching styles within the hub will vary according to the needs of the pupils and what is being taught. At times the children will be taught as a whole class, in smaller groups or individually.

Children will learn in a multi-sensory way to support them to recall and apply their learning through concrete experiences and active approaches.

The best research will be utilised to ensure that children with specific learning difficulties will have access to evidenced based approaches.

The environment will support pupils to develop learning behaviour and meta-cognitive skills. There will be different learning zones in the classroom each with a different emphasis.

Assessing pupil progress

The Hub will be monitored as part of Highbury School and the children’s progress will be assessed in a way which best allows the demonstration of small steps of progress across the curriculum. As with all mainstream schools, Highbury has to report on pupil progress to the LA, governors and school inspectors.

As a member of the hub children will:

  • Have targets which link to the outcomes agreed in their EHC plan
  • Have annual targets that link to curriculum progress in Mathematics, English and Science, These targets will be based on prior rates of progress and predicted achievement. Pupil progress meetings are held each term between the teacher in charge, the Head teacher and data manager. Progress towards targets is tracked on individual case studies
  • Have targets which link to areas of need specific to them. This may include; communication targets, self-help targets, learning behaviour targets etc
  • Be assessed towards their targets as part of daily assessment for learning. The teacher in charge will use this assessment to inform their daily planning

Parent/carers will:

  • Attend an annual review of the EHC plan every year and will be invited to make a parental contribution
  • Be invited to attend three parent evenings each year where they will be shown evidence of progress
  • Receive an updated individual education plan every half term and will have input as to the focus of that plan to allow us to focus on teaching aspects which will benefit home life. A good example of this is road safety or self-care routines.

 Evidencing outcomes

Evidence towards progress will be collected in a range of ways and will include; written work, photographs and videos, observations and teacher tracking and assessment. Evidence books will be kept for Mathematics, English, Science and topic work. These are available to share with parents and carers on parents’ evening.

Pathways curriculum

With the freedom to design a curriculum that meets pupils’ needs, the children in the hub will follow the Highbury Pathways curriculum. This curriculum is designed to be highly personalised to the needs of every child whilst maintaining high standards and ambition.

Wider achievement

In addition to more ‘traditional’ tracking of progress, pupils in the hub will also be encouraged to recognise, celebrate and develop their wider skills and interests.

All pupils will have access to weekly swimming, may be included in the Highbury horse riding programme, learn about horticulture and how to care for the environment, have access to a music and dance specialist and will learn how to ride a two wheel or adapted bike.

The pupils will attend the Copley weekly celebration where parents, carers and their families are invited to attend.

Access to resources

In addition to the resources available at Copley school, pupils in the hub will be able to utilise the many resources at Highbury. These include a rebound therapy room, sensory integration space, sensory room, climbing area, bike track and garden school.

Opportunities for inclusion with mainstream peers

Copley pupils attend a school with a well evidenced commitment to inclusion where pupils are taught to accept and celebrate difference and diversity. There may be times when pupils need to be taught mainly in the hub. However, it is anticipated that there will be lots of opportunities for pupils to be taught in Copley classes.

The teacher in charge will work with the school SENCO to identify lessons and activities where hub pupils can join in. This may be linked to a specific topic. For example if a pupil in the hub has an interest in history they may join in with lessons on the Tudors. If a child has an aptitude for sport they could participate in some of the PE lessons.

At all times, inclusion into the wider school will be carefully planned and monitored to ensure that outcomes are achieved and pupils feel confident and happy.

It will be important to offer pupils in the hub the opportunity to experience larger class sizes with mainstream peers who provide excellent examples for language and learning behaviour.

Parents and carers will be kept fully informed of all inclusion across school and pupils’ views will be considered on a regular basis. When pupils from the hub are working across school they will be supported by a member of hub staff. At times this may be very discrete support.

Placement at the Hub

Places at the hub are decided by the Calderdale SEN Team in consultation with parents and after further discussions with both the Highbury and Copley school head teachers.

Discussions around a hub place will usually follow the EHC Plan annual review.

Children must have an EHC Plan which identifies complex and significant learning needs and be able to successfully work with a satellite provision environment.

Children must be in KS2.

Children must require a personalised and specialist curriculum delivered alongside the National Curriculum, with appropriate differentiation and modification.

All decisions on placement at the hub are made following consideration of both the EHC Plan and updated information from schools and others with knowledge of child.

The parent view and the voice of the child is a central element of the SEN Team decision making.


Frequently asked questions

What uniform would my child wear?

In order to fully feel part of Copley School, the children would wear the Copley uniform.

Who would I liaise with if I have questions or concerns?

 The hub will be led by a teacher in charge from Highbury based at Copley. The teacher in charge will be able to pick up on any concerns about your child.


Who will monitor my child’s progress?

Your child’s progress will be assessed and reported in the same way as now, via termly parents’ evenings and an annual review. As your child will be following the Highbury Pathways curriculum, their progress and targets will be against our tracker which is B Squared.

Which mainstream lessons would my child attend and how would they be supported?

Each child has different strengths, talents and interests. Hub staff would look very carefully at each child’s profile and in consultation with you and after discussion with Copley staff ,determine which lessons they would benefit from the most.

The level of support a child may need would differ on the child and on the lesson. The aim would be to ensure that children maintain their independence as much as possible and are not over supported by an adult. The aim of the mainstream experience is to support confidence and self-esteem so children would not be  placed in lessons unless everyone involved felt it would be successful.

What school roll are children in the hub placed on?

Children will be on the Highbury roll. Placing children on the Highbury roll allows them to follow a relevant curriculum with opportunities for over-learning, generalisation and consolidation. Children could also be easily dis-applied from national end of key stage testing.

Will my child receive transport to Copley School?

Transport assistance will be in line with the Calderdale home school transport policy.


Would my child still access specialist services such as the speech and language therapist and the OT?

Highbury staff are experienced with working with children with significant SEND.  The referral process for specialist services would remain the same and the teacher in charge can where appropriate refer to services through the Highbury referral model. Specialist support staff from Highbury also work across the two schools


Why would this approach benefit my child?

Children signposted for the hub will have been identified as struggling to follow a mainstream curriculum in a busy class environment. Children in the hub will have a significant learning need that requires them to work at a slower pace with over learning and concrete opportunities to consolidate key skills. They will be working below the level of their peers in most subject areas. Crucially, professionals working with the child will recognise the benefits of working in a small teaching group with specialist staff and opportunities for regular access to mainstream peers who can provide good role models for learning, language and communication.


For further information on the hub please contact:

Tracy Bird

SEN Team Manager

Telephone: 01422 394129

Email: tracy.bird@calderdale.gov.uk

For further information on the schools please visit:


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