Highbury School

Lower Edge Road, Brighouse, West Yorkshire HD6 3LD

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Ethos and Values


At Highbury school we respect, recognise, value and celebrate the uniqueness of all children and we work towards a very simple but important aim that during their time at school every child will shine.

We believe that inclusion is successful when children are present, participate and achieve.


Present: By placing an emphasis on attendance and working with parents and carers to ensure children attend school when they can, we achieve an average of 93% attendance across the year. Our approach is flexible and supportive as we appreciate and recognise that where children have complex medical conditions this can impact on their attendance in school. Our flexible approach means that we are able to work with families to offer education at home during prolonged periods of absence. We ensure that families understand the purpose of their child's education by providing regular feedback on progress and information on how the curriculum operates for each child in school. The impact is that families make every effort to prioritise school attendance.


Participate: All of our classes are organised on a needs and ability led basis in order to ensure that the curriculum being taught is appropriate for every child and allows all children to be active participants in their learning. We employ specialist dance, music and swimming teachers to offer enrichment opportunities from highly skilled and specialist staff. Our school environment is adapted so that every child can access every area and activity and we have designed areas such as the playground and garden school to provide opportunities to access experiences which are difficult for some children out in the community.


Achieve: It is our aim that every child that leaves Highbury will leave with confidence and an understanding of the contribution they can make in the world having been supported to achieve their potential. We know that children achieve when they are happy and have good self- esteem and so we celebrate every child's success; every milestone they reach and every step of progress that they make. Independence is valued and actively taught and children and families recognise the importance of children being as self-reliant as possible.

Our aims are achieved by working within an atmosphere of respect and understanding in partnership with parents, carers, Governors, the Local Authority, health and care agencies and specialist staff and consultants. We take our lead from the children and their needs and welcome and respond to feedback.

School improvement is a continuous and shared responsibility driven by the desire to deliver an outstanding service of high quality education and care for every child and their family.