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Photography in School

Photography in School – Guidance and Information


This guidance applies to the collection and use of images of any person who can be identified, whether they are a pupil, teacher, other employee, governor, visitor or parent.

For the purposes of this guidance, an image is a still or moving picture of a person who can be identified.

When a school captures a person’s image, weather it is by camera, CCTV, video, web camera or mobile phone, and that person can be identified, and then the image is likely to be considered personal data. This means the image must be processed in line with the data protection principles. ‘Processing’ means anything that is done to the image for example recording it, using it or sharing it.


At Highbury School we do allow parents to take video and photographs at school events. We ask parents to respect privacy and so photography at events is on the understanding that photographs that contain images of children other than their own will not be posted on the internet.

At the beginning of their child’s school year we issue a consent form to parent/carers requesting that as part of the Governments legislation (Every Child Matters) we have a responsibility to safeguard our pupils therefore if you wish to attend school activities and take photographs of your and other peoples children please take appropriate images, be sensitive to other people and try not to interrupt or disrupt concerts, performances and events.

Any photographs or video footage taken may only be used for personal use and must not be forward to other people or uploaded on to social media.


We issue parent/carers with a copy of our Use of Digital Images Policy within our e-safety policy along with parent/carer consent form.


At Highbury School:

  • We gain parental / carer permission for use of digital photographs or video involving their child as part of the school agreement form when their daughter/son joins the school;
  • We do not identify pupils in online photographic materials or include the full names of pupils in the credits of any published school produced video materials/DVDs/newspaper articles/school website.
  • Staff sign the school’s Acceptable Use Policy and this includes a clause on the use of mobile phones / personal equipment for taking pictures of pupils;
  • If specific pupil photos (not group photos) are used on the school web site, in the prospectus or in other high profile publications the school will obtain individual parental or pupil permission for its long term use.
  • The school blocks/filter access to social networking sites or newsgroups unless there is a specific approved educational purpose.
  • Pupils are taught about how images can be manipulated in their e-safety education programme and also taught to consider how to publish for a wide range of audiences which might include governors, parents or younger children as part of their IT scheme of work.
  • Pupils are advised to be very careful about placing any personal photos on any ‘social’ online network space. They are taught to understand the need to maintain privacy settings so as not to make public, personal information.
  • Pupils are taught that they should not post images or videos of others without their permission. We teach them about the risks associated with providing information with images (including the name of the file), that reveals the identify of others and their location, such as house number, street name or school. We teach them about the need to keep their data secure and what to do if they are subject to bullying or abuse.


The consent form issued to parent and carers can be altered at any time on contacting the school office on: 01484 716319