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Starfish Class Blog

Shining Starfish

Shining Starfish

cmcintyre on: Shining Starfish

We have again been working extra hard this week.
We have been learning our new book 'Oi Dog' by Kes and Claire Gray and Jim Field. This book includes lots of rhyming words which are sometimes tricky ... but not for our STARFISH! They have been matching the cat to the mat, dog to the frog, mice to ice like poetry professionals. Saskia and Aimee have decorated our reading corner with items from the book 'Oi dog' which looks fantastic children really enjoy reading in there.
Rachael in science introduced the children to their 5 senses; focusing on taste. Children loved tasting salty items, sour items and sweet items. They also were able to select the correct word to describe it. We then made something savoury ... 'bread' which I hope all you parents enjoyed. This was not ordinary bread it was very autumn themed as a HEDGEHOG.
In numeracy we have been learning number and focusing on our core maths learning goals.
Star of the Week is EVERYONE in Starfish for passing DRIVING SCHOOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Come and watch our video to showcase our road safety learning on Friday.

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Helena modelling the Starfish rules. Good sitting, good looking, good listening, good talking, kind hands and putting on our coat!

Week 4

Starfish Class have been learning classroom rules. They have been teaching them to Jimmy who is a very silly puppet. Their focus for literacy is questions and being able to understand how to ask questions.

In topic we have been learning about animals and their habitats. We role played as animals that lived in snowy cold places, the rain forest, the woods and sunny Africa.

In numeracy we have been learning about different shapes. We have also found shapes in our environment. 

Our Star of the Week is Elsie because she has become completely independent with equipment she uses to learn. 

Later on in the week we are going to driving school! Learning how to be safe on the roads. Hopefully, we will all pass with our driving certificates.  

Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival

cmcintyre on: Harvest Festival

Wow we are busy stars!


This week we were responsible for Harvest Festival assembly! We had to sell food to our customers and then decide who we would send them to.

In Literacy we have been using **ADJECTIVES** to describe ourselves! We have also been making rag dolls inspired by Julie Arkell. Children used all the adjectives to describe themselves in order to create a identical image.

In Numeracy we have been learning time through interaction on the whiteboards, using clocks and through games.

Dylan is our STAR OF THE WEEK. Due to always helping out in the classroom and taking his role as a lollipop man seriously.


Have a nice weekend,


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Week 2

Another busy week

cmcintyre on: Week 2

Sammy Rainbow has gone home with Helena who is our Star of the Week *

We have had a birthday party for our lovely Elsie who is now 8.

We have been learning verbs and writing a 'I can book' - please see some pictures of the things Starfish can do.

In numeracy we have been learning about money and our children have set up a tuck shop.

Have a great weekend,

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Today's the day the teddy bears' have their picnic!

Our New Classroom

cmcintyre on: Today's the day the teddy bears' have their picnic!

Starfish children have settled into their new learning environment like professionals! We have had lots of fun this week; searching for ingredients for our soup, buying ingredients for the soup in our outside shop, climbing the Rocktagon, riding the bikes on the new bike track!

To just list a few things.

I hope you have a lovely weekend Starfish and well done settling into your new class.

Our star of the week is Shebaaz!

Together as a class we have  thought of a name for our Starfish teddy. He is now called Sammy Rainbow! Sammy Rainbow will go home with the Star of the Week on Friday and come back to school on Monday. If parents write a note in Sammy Rainbow's diary or add photos for the child to discuss with class on Monday I would be grateful.


Starfish Teacher

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Today's the day the teddy bears' have their picnic!

cmcintyre on: Today's the day the teddy bears' have their picnic!

Wow! we have been so busy in Starfish class. That we have only just had time to tell you all what we did on Tuesday.

All this term we have been looking at different types of books and have been deciding if they are information books or story books.

We have learnt that information books gives us facts and instructions whereas story books are from the authors imagination and that most of the things that happen in a story book don't really happen in real life. 

All this week we have been looking at Paddington Bear, we have all enjoyed laughing at some of the silly situations that he gets himself into and we have learnt that he loves marmalade sandwiches. 

So it was decided that we would have our own teddy bears' picnic. we prepared our very own marmalade sandwiches and took them to the picnic. We followed the bears footprints which were found throughout school. The footprints lead us outside where we were joined some of the Butterfly Class, to the teddy bears' picnic.

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