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Starfish Class Blog

Week 4 


 Watch the video of Ava down below preparing a breakfast for all her classmates. 



Week 3


Let's tell you what we have been up to this week ....

In numeracy, we have been learning about money. We explored things that are cheap and expensive! We played capital cash call we won prizes like; a sports car, toilet roll, an apple, a diamond bracelet! We went shopping using the correct currency and played junior monopoly.

I think we have some millionaires in the making here they have accountancy skills, property development skills and could even be game show hosts when they are older ....... or even singers. On that note, well done the children that performed at the Square Chapel Concert. You made a lot of people very happy and you would of definitely got the golden buzzer from Ms Mac. Dylan blew people away with his cover of Alicia Keys New York. Ava and Elsie did fantastic singing and signing! 

Elsie is star of the week and swimmer of the week on Friday for her hard work in eco-school committee she will be filming tomorrow to show how to care for our world. 

In literacy, we have been learning pronouns I, he, she, me. We have already learned about proper nouns, common nouns and now pronouns. 

In science, we have been looking a characteristics of mammals  such has vertebrae and invertebrates. Looking at animals that have babies and animals that lay eggs.

In topic, we are continuing learning about Ireland and looking at the different way we travel and how this affects our environment.

In social communication, we went to Alice's from butterflies birthday party (please check their blog for photos.) We played musical statues and pin the tail on the donkey. We also had Kitty come into our classroom for the children to play with and Helena enjoyed reading to her. 

We hope you have a lovely weekend!

Starfish Team

Week 1 Summer Term 


Well were do I start ...

This week we are celebrating Eid on our celebration day ... hope all our families celebrating Eid al-Adha have a lovely day.  During this day, we will be cooking Indian food, decorating our hands in Henna alongside traditional music and dress. 

We have been busy practicing the choir ... our concert is on the 18th June exciting times! 

We have a election for school council on 7th June ... very serious business and improvements to be made in Highbury School next term ! I wonder who it will be ?

Starfish will be talking to students about Father's Day on the 11th June 2019 ... this is super hero themed (I would appreciate if all parents send in a photo of the children and their hero.) 

In literacy, the children have been reading the story We All Go Travelling By. They have been learning onomatopoeia words and matching the sounds to the vehicles! 

In numeracy, the children have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes, they have been creating patterns and describing the shapes.

In science, the children have been learning about living i.e a baby and non-living things i.e a pencil. They have been learning about what makes something alive and will be moving onto different types of animals next week. 

In P.E, we are practicing throwing and catching and getting ready for Sports Day. 

In drama, we have been learning role play and a dance routine for Highbury's Got Talent. Adam has been chosen has gifted and talented to perform on our Dance Day on the 17th June. 

In topic, we have been learning about Ireland and discussing the transport we need to take to get to Ireland. We also practiced Irish dancing and made Irish Stew! Please watch video of Helena she has been chosen for Star of the Week. Helena was also on her work placement this week working with the P.E teacher has a assistant, she said it was hard work and has changed her career. 

 Nice to have you back,

Starfish Team

End of Term Last Day!!! 


 Starfish class have been busy this week on their work experience! Bethany has been a house keeper and stand back lifeguard in the pool ... She said "kick those legs" and demonstrated for the children. Ava was a housekeeper and stand back also she pulled the cover over the pool all by herself. Charlie and Yayha were working has administrative assistance's helping laminate resources and call the buses at the end of the day. Shehbaaz taught music with Daniel and Elsie and Dylan were gardeners!! Adam and Helena will be on their P.E work placement the first week we are back.  

So you deserve a week holiday Starfish after your full time employment,  you were amazing at your Jobs.



End of Term



I just like to say well done STARFISH on working hard yet again this term.

Please watch our video below of our school trip to Ikea. 

See you soon,


Busy Brains


What a week we have had this week the sun as been shining and so have our STARFISH. 

In numeracy - we have continued learning about number some children are recognising and matching amounts, others are doing addition with numicon, some have been using base ten to count and others have been learning multiplication.

In literacy - we have been using adjectives to describe rooms in a room and answering questions on the purpose of certain rooms. (We are off to IKEA today to shop for items for a home and look at different designs, textures and materials ... WE ARE SO EXCITED)   

In science - in science we have set up a experiment. 

Plant number 1 - has sunlight and food.

Plant number 2 - has food but no sun.

Plant number 3- has sun but no food.

Every morning the children are excited to check results. 

In sports - we have Disport Shehbaaz we be participating for Starfish team - COME ON SHEHBAAZ !!

We also had two dental hygienist come in for national smile month, they are making sure the children have the right equipment and knowledge on how to keep a health smile, 

Take care,


First Week Back


Hope you all had nice holiday ! Wow we have been busy since we have been back:

In numeracy - we have been learning number, some children have been doubling and learning 2x tables and some have been adding amounts!

In literacy - we have been labelling furniture in our home and looking at different rooms in our house. 

Our book this term for literacy is YOU CHOOSE!

In Topic - we have been looking at different people's jobs and skills. We will be doing WORK EXPERIENCE this term with a adult from Highbury.

In phonics - we have been learning the soft c sound, cvc words and real and rubbish words.

In P.e - we will be learning athletics with Michaela.

We also celebrated our R.E day for Easter which was lots of fun ! We had egg and spoon race, bunny sack race, cooking, crafts and a Easter egg hunt and a sensory story 'Peter Rabbit' we had to find Peter Rabbit and his jacket.


Starfish Class. 


Term 5 Week 1 

Have a look at the fantastic things we will be learning about in term 5.

Food Bank

Starfish children raised £125.00 in total for Elland Food Bank. We are so very proud of the children. They went shopping at ASDA and filled 3 big trolleys of food to donate to help others through the holidays! 

Thank you for all the children who came to our shop,

Massive thank you ASDA for your donation.


Have a good holiday Starfish,

see you in two weeks.


Week 6

Highbury children have been researching our animals in literacy. 

We have been learning about time in numeracy.

We have been caring for our world in science and celebrated a hour for earth day without using any electricity. 

In topic children have been learning about the 3 rs recycle, reuse and reduce.

We also celebrated Ava and Dylan birthday. 

We also completed our carnival dance performance. 

Have a good weekend,


Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Children enjoyed their trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We have been researching animals from around the world it was interesting to observe the animals and learn some fun facts! 

We will be taking these fun facts to make our own piece of non-fiction.

Starfish Team 

Comic Relief 15.03.19

Starfish celebrated Comic Relief we painted our noses red (to cut plastic pollution), baked jammie dodgers and told jokes around school.

Have good weekend Starfish we have worked hard yet again. 

World Book Day

Have a watch of our sensory story. We made this into a movie please have a watch.

Welcome back after half term

Have a look at our curriculum overview. This is all the exciting things we will be learning this term. Some pictures are attached below from this weeks learning



End of Term

End of term breakfast ... yum yum 

Have a good holiday,

love the Starfish TEAM


Valentines Day

Starfish have been making valentines cards, flowers, bakery goods and jewellery. They opened their shop to sell to raise money for the Elland food bank. They are amazing sellers and raised …                                                                            £75.00

Well done Starfish have a great half term you have worked so hard.


Starfish team 




Chinese New Year


Highbury celebrated Chinese New Year! Starfish amazed everyone in assembly with their Chinese Dragon dance.

In Phonics, children have been introduced to the ch sound. They understand ch for Charlie, chew and chop. In See and Learn, children are making progress and moving onto different sounds and phrases. 

In Literacy, children have been learning instructions and making jam on toast, drawing pictures and making pizzas; we even had a Pizza Hut restaurant in the classroom!

In Numeracy, the children have been learning heavy and light. They went into the garden to find items to measure, interestingly they brought back slugs, worms along with other outside goods to weigh in Mrs Sweet's office! They also went around school labeling things light and heavy - one child even labelled her teacher as heavy!

We are celebrating Charlie's birthday today in classroom by making a cake and playing games. 

Have a good weekend,

Starfish Team 


Welcome Back and Happy New Year

New Year still fabulous ! Starfish class have been very eager to get straight back into a school routine and learn.

Our theme this year is "What's on the menu?"

In Literacy we have been using our phonics to say the first sound of a food i.e p for pizza. We have also been labelling and writing labels for food. 

In Numeracy we have been expanding our knowledge of number, matching numbers to amounts, creating number lines and learning number bonds. 

In Science we have been looking at different foods and sorting whether it is a solid or a liquid. 

In Topic we have been learning how to clean dishes, wash clothes, wash our hands and wash our teeth. On Monday, we will be wearing our PJs and practising our morning routine (remember your pj's).  

In Fine Motor we have been isolating hand muscles and improving our finger strength in morning dough disco, hole punching activities, threading and painting. 

In Social communication we have been talking about past events, describing verbs, looking at different emotions and playing team-work games. 

In P.E we are learning gymnastics practising balancing first of all. Children have also been back practising their physio and swimming. 

We missed you all SUPER STARFISH and are glad you are back. 


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


This week Starfish performed Christmas Carols at a Care home for adults with learning difficulties, the residents and staff have invited them to come back.

We made Christmas cards, baubles and gifts for our adults in Classroom.

We discussed what made us excited and anxious about Christmas using the electronic dictionary and thesaurus to explain what these words meant. 

SANTA .... came and visited us in Highbury and gave everyone a present! 

Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and good luck / blessing to everyone in their New Year,

Starfish Team

Aladdin Performance and The Grinch that Stole Christmas

Starfish blew everyone away on stage today! The Superstars danced like rock stars to Chinese blues laundry, making everyone laugh and clap as they threw dirty washing into the crowd. They should all be very proud of themselves and their ability to act and dance. It was a performance of a lifetime.

Not only that, we had to cope under pressure as the Grinch has been in our class and STOLE CHRISTMAS! Our presents … gone! Our tree … gone! We investigated the crime scene, we followed the Grinch's footprints, we even searched Mrs Sweet's office!! sshhhhh. The Grinch said (watch clip below)

"we will not get them back unless we write a letter!" … we have posted our letters, I just hope our presents come back tomorrow.

Howard the naughty Elf has also brought us Reindeer Water from the North Pole! We have been using this to learn capacity in numeracy and discuss if things are full, half full, nearly empty and empty.

We have had some sad news, Howard has moved out of Starfish class and into a new home with his friend Holly. His naughty tricks will have to wait another year.

We have Christmas jumper day tomorrow and our teacher is bringing in her dog in a Christmas jumper.

The excitement doesn't stop in STARFISH.

Enjoy your weekends,

Starfish Team

PS (Pictures and videos attached below.)

Lights Camera Action 

Howard has been in Starfish classroom causing mischief again he has been hiding in the tree, wrecking our nice displays and taking his friends into the igloo. We have been busy in starfish decorating our Christmas tree every morning!

In numeracy we have been learning about division and 'sharing fairly.' Children also compared quantities to ten describing if it was same, more or less. 

In literacy we have been introduced to the book The Grinch we have been naming and describing the characters, sorting pictures that are the Grinch and that are not. We even watched a bit of the Grinch film and made predictions about what might happen. We also posted our letters to Santa telling him what we would like for Christmas. 

In science we have been learning about electrical safety and identifying some of the dangers. At after school club, children helped Chris to make our fantastic Christmas display. 

We have also been practising our Christmas performance which is on Thursday 13.12.18. There are two showcases so I hope all parents can attend: 10.00am and 1.30pm. 

Enjoy your weekend,

Starfish Team

Christmas has arrived in Starfish class

We also have had a visitor from the North Pole we called him Howard. He is a very naught Elf who likes to cause mischief, already this week he has pulled down our treasure,  zip-lined across our LANTERNS, drawn on our bananas and pulled down the maths shapes! Starfish class have been making lanterns to celebrate Rapunzel’s birthday in the book Tangled. In Literacy we recreated the movie Rapunzel which will be showcased at Star of the Week assembly, we also watched the Snowman and discussed the story. In Science we made circuits making sure we used all the correct connections and in numeracy we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. 

Super Starfish


 Lights Camera Action

We have had very BUSY BRAINS this week!

In Literacy, we have been learning the story of Tangled we loved the part of the 'floating lights.' We have then been sequencing the story, describing the characters and next week we are going to act out a scene! 

In numeracy we have been learning about Time, we put the days of the week in order, months of the year, we made our timetable and discussed day and night activities.

In Science, we went around school finding things made from battery sources, electrical sources and things that use batteries and electric. We also went out to garden school and found vegetables to make prints with and to sort into vegetables/fruit and dairy. 

Today we are also celebrating Shehbaaz's 10th birthday with a party, a surprise present and lots of music. Starfish class are so good at music and practising their Christmas Songs that we have even been asked to take part in the choir! SUPERSTARS 

Have a good weekend,

Starfish Team



Remembrance, Children in Need, Bounce and Bikes Opening

Starfish visited the church to pay our respects in religious places for 11th November. This was a lovely service the children were so engaged and we have been asked to come to a Christmas service. 

We now have a 'Festival of Light' book corner created by Saskia. 

We learned the story of Pudsey the Bear Fundraising Event, Starfish class thought of their own ideas on how to raise money for Children in Need. We decided on a BAKE SALE!! We raised a lot of money.

Ava had a great success this week in her walker!

Eorl Crabtree came to open Bounce and Bikes of course he was made to stop by our lollipop man Dylan who let Grandma, baby sister and Mum cross the road. 

What a busy week we have had STARFISH see you Monday. 

Welcome back Starfish, 

We have missed you ! We are kicking off our theme 'Lights Camera Action' in Highbury style. We have had a performance of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. This was so much fun even Panthers and Spiders teacher's joined in ! We also had a school bonfire and firework display.

In music we have already started practising our CHRISTMAS SONGS!!! 

We also celebrated Diwali and talked about the story of Sita and Rama. The children dressed up in Hindu clothes and made ragnoli patterns.

We also discussed Remembrance Day, we gave the poppy to a soldier from the past and present. On Monday, Starfish class will be going to church to light a candle in honour to show our respect in religious places.  

Have a good weekend.



cmcintyre on: Halloween


All the staff are so proud of Starfish Class they have worked so hard ! 

This week we learned about collecting data through pictograms, venn diagrams and tally charts. In literacy we made magic spells using rhyming words from Oi Dog then …… Oi Dog appeared in our classroom on Tuesday and we had to take care of her alongside, some very beautiful rabbits Tabbitha and Elvis which the children loved very much. In Science we have been exploring our senses and exploring the environment around us using these senses. 

We also celebrated Bethany, Saskia, Fiona and Colette's Birthday this week.

Today we are having a visit from Freddie the guinea pig, craving pumpkins and having a Halloween ball. 



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We had a visit from some BEAUTIFUL BEASTS in Starfish today !!

This week we have been learning our core maths. We have also been finishing our ragdolls. In literacy we have been writing sentences from 'Oi Dog.'

Shining Starfish

Shining Starfish

cmcintyre on: Shining Starfish

We have again been working extra hard this week.
We have been learning our new book 'Oi Dog' by Kes and Claire Gray and Jim Field. This book includes lots of rhyming words which are sometimes tricky ... but not for our STARFISH! They have been matching the cat to the mat, dog to the frog, mice to ice like poetry professionals. Saskia and Aimee have decorated our reading corner with items from the book 'Oi dog' which looks fantastic children really enjoy reading in there.
Rachael in science introduced the children to their 5 senses; focusing on taste. Children loved tasting salty items, sour items and sweet items. They also were able to select the correct word to describe it. We then made something savoury ... 'bread' which I hope all you parents enjoyed. This was not ordinary bread it was very autumn themed as a HEDGEHOG.
In numeracy we have been learning number and focusing on our core maths learning goals.
Star of the Week is EVERYONE in Starfish for passing DRIVING SCHOOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Come and watch our video to showcase our road safety learning on Friday.

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Helena modelling the Starfish rules. Good sitting, good looking, good listening, good talking, kind hands and putting on our coat!

Week 4

Starfish Class have been learning classroom rules. They have been teaching them to Jimmy who is a very silly puppet. Their focus for literacy is questions and being able to understand how to ask questions.

In topic we have been learning about animals and their habitats. We role played as animals that lived in snowy cold places, the rain forest, the woods and sunny Africa.

In numeracy we have been learning about different shapes. We have also found shapes in our environment. 

Our Star of the Week is Elsie because she has become completely independent with equipment she uses to learn. 

Later on in the week we are going to driving school! Learning how to be safe on the roads. Hopefully, we will all pass with our driving certificates.  

Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival

cmcintyre on: Harvest Festival

Wow we are busy stars!


This week we were responsible for Harvest Festival assembly! We had to sell food to our customers and then decide who we would send them to.

In Literacy we have been using **ADJECTIVES** to describe ourselves! We have also been making rag dolls inspired by Julie Arkell. Children used all the adjectives to describe themselves in order to create a identical image.

In Numeracy we have been learning time through interaction on the whiteboards, using clocks and through games.

Dylan is our STAR OF THE WEEK. Due to always helping out in the classroom and taking his role as a lollipop man seriously.


Have a nice weekend,


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Week 2

Another busy week

cmcintyre on: Week 2

Sammy Rainbow has gone home with Helena who is our Star of the Week *

We have had a birthday party for our lovely Elsie who is now 8.

We have been learning verbs and writing a 'I can book' - please see some pictures of the things Starfish can do.

In numeracy we have been learning about money and our children have set up a tuck shop.

Have a great weekend,

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Today's the day the teddy bears' have their picnic!

Our New Classroom

cmcintyre on: Today's the day the teddy bears' have their picnic!

Starfish children have settled into their new learning environment like professionals! We have had lots of fun this week; searching for ingredients for our soup, buying ingredients for the soup in our outside shop, climbing the Rocktagon, riding the bikes on the new bike track!

To just list a few things.

I hope you have a lovely weekend Starfish and well done settling into your new class.

Our star of the week is Shebaaz!

Together as a class we have  thought of a name for our Starfish teddy. He is now called Sammy Rainbow! Sammy Rainbow will go home with the Star of the Week on Friday and come back to school on Monday. If parents write a note in Sammy Rainbow's diary or add photos for the child to discuss with class on Monday I would be grateful.


Starfish Teacher

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Today's the day the teddy bears' have their picnic!

cmcintyre on: Today's the day the teddy bears' have their picnic!

Wow! we have been so busy in Starfish class. That we have only just had time to tell you all what we did on Tuesday.

All this term we have been looking at different types of books and have been deciding if they are information books or story books.

We have learnt that information books gives us facts and instructions whereas story books are from the authors imagination and that most of the things that happen in a story book don't really happen in real life. 

All this week we have been looking at Paddington Bear, we have all enjoyed laughing at some of the silly situations that he gets himself into and we have learnt that he loves marmalade sandwiches. 

So it was decided that we would have our own teddy bears' picnic. we prepared our very own marmalade sandwiches and took them to the picnic. We followed the bears footprints which were found throughout school. The footprints lead us outside where we were joined some of the Butterfly Class, to the teddy bears' picnic.

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