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Summer fun

Final week !

Jade Cracknell (jcracknell) on: Summer fun

I am so sad to be writing my last Squirrels blog but very excited for the new year, all change in September !

We have had a lovely last week eating MacDonald's together, water play on the balcony, Highbury's got talent and Joseph won our first ever friendship award. Well done Joseph!

The Squirrels have all grown and learnt so much, I am very proud of each of them and will miss this class a lot. I cant wait to hear about what you have all got up to over the summer and your children's achievements as they move through the school

Have a lovely summer ! 

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Last few weeks in Squirrels

Celebration days

Jade Cracknell (jcracknell) on: Last few weeks in Squirrels

We have had such a busy final term in Squirrel's. It has taken a long time to sort through all of the photo's ! 

Sports day was great fun. We came third for our fantastic team spirit, cheering for our friends and trying really hard.

We had the moves in for the dance day and Chloe was our class champion dancer!

We loved celebrating our amazing Ofsted report on our trip. Squirrels were a pleasure to take out and behaved so well.  

Enjoy looking through our lovely photos

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Environment Week

Recycling in Squirrels

Jade Cracknell (jcracknell) on: Environment Week

It is lovely to have everyone back for our final term!

This term is all about champions, there are lots of exciting champion themed activities coming up for the whole school.

This week we were champion recyclers for environment week, we had our own set o recycling bins and bags in Squirrels class and we have been collecting rubbish from around school to sort into the right place. 

We had a competition to design the best reusable bag, Squirrels used the recycling symbol as a template and rolled and dabbed paint all over the bag until it was completely covered, then peeled off the template to reveal our beautiful bag - and we won the competition! School council voted that our design was the best and we won some recycled toilet paper and pencils that use to be plastic bags! 

We will continue with our environment champion theme next week then onto a sports theme. 

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The Three Bear's

Teddy Bear's Picnic

Jade Cracknell (jcracknell) on: The Three Bear's

As part of our Once Upon a Time topic we have been reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

The bears like to eat porridge and go for walks in the woods so we thought we would take our three bears and our bears from home for a picnic in the sensory garden

We had such a lovely time, thank you to all the parents for your contributions - we bought extra's from your snack contributions too. 

It was lovely to see the children sitting together, using sign to ask for more, saying please and thank you and recognising their own belongings.

Joseph enjoyed it so much, I said "you have chosen lots to eat" and he said "yes like Daddy Bear!" and made us all laugh. 

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Once upon a time

Summer 1

Jade Cracknell (jcracknell) on: Once upon a time

Our topic this term is Once Upon a Time. Squirrels class have 3 books this term that all start with Once upon a time.

For the first two weeks of term we read The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We had lots of fun pretending to be goats trip-trapping over the bridge, but the troll was a bit scary! We made goats on paper plates, made trolls out of playdough and by folding paper and squashing paint around in between. 

Our science topic is all about how things work so we have tried lots of different cause and effect toys such as spinning tops, switches and buttons and magnets, we pushed pegs wide open to hold a lollipop bridge for the goats. 

Our story this week and next is Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have stirred lots of porridge and even had it in our playdough!

We have been learning about big and small things and playing in the Three Bears house. Next week we will take the Teddy bears for a picnic in our garden school. 

Today we had a theatre group in school and they did a show called A Little Princess, Squirrels class loved it and few tried to get on the stage to join in!

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Jade Cracknell (jcracknell) on: Spring

Our topic this term has been all about growing

We have focused on a book called Jasper's Beanstalk and all of Squirrel's class really like the story - especially the noisy lawnmower!

We have done lots of work around this story - putting the pictures in order, finding the main items on each page and copying Jasper by planting our own seeds

Last week Maegan was our star of the week for fantastic work in the investigation tray, finding and re hiding the instrument and saying 'gone' and this week Chloe was our star of the week for eating and drinking all by herself! 

Please have a look at our fantastic photos of our very busy 2 weeks!

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Spring is on its way!

Spring Term

Jade Cracknell (jcracknell) on: Spring is on its way!

We are really looking forward to the new term! 

Our new topic is all about plants and growing - we are turning the conservatory into a garden centre and will be doing lots of work in our garden school, so hopefully when the snow stops we will see some new plants growing

We have a lovely story called Jasper's Beanstalk all about a very impatient cat who is trying a bit too hard to grow a beanstalk 

We are creating a new outdoor sound wall so if you have any metal objects that you no longer use please can we have them?

Here are some ideas: pot and pans, metal utensils, metal necklaces and bracelets

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A week of celebrations!

Celebrating together

Jade Cracknell (jcracknell) on: A week of celebrations!

This week has been very busy and very exciting!

We started the week rolling, mixing and flipping pancakes!

Then we had a Valentines disco, in class, and did lots of fun love themed activities, including painting little hearts on some children and adults cheeks 

Finally it is Chinese New Year today - we celebrated by listening to some Chinese music, dressing up, playing in noodles with chopsticks and made our very own Chinese dragon all together.

Marcus had a hair cut and looks so different and his best friend Joseph tried to write his name all by himself !!

What a week!

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Happy New Year!

1st week back

Jade Cracknell (jcracknell) on: Happy New Year!

Happy new year to all of our parents, families and friends

We have already got stuck in in Squirrels class - working really hard in all areas

Have a look at our photos

We have been pinching tiny pom poms to drop them into containers, using brushes and mops to make bubbles on the floor and even reading a book !!

Abdullah was our star of the week this week for joining in with lots of activities and using his voice to count with adults - Well done Abdullah

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Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming!

Jade Cracknell (jcracknell) on: Christmas is coming!

It is getting very busy in Squirrels class, but very exciting!

There is so much to look forward this week -

It is our Christmas production on Tuesday with Ladybirds

On Wednesday there will be a special visitor coming to see all of the children

On Thursday we have a children's entertainer coming in to make us all laugh 

and on Friday we will be having 'songs around the tree' instead of star assembly and finish school for 2 weeks! 

busy, busy, busy !

This week we have been practising a lot and we watched key stage 1 & 2's pantomime, we also visited the present room and chose some lovely gifts for our friends and families.

Our star of the week used his voice to name what was inside Santa's present boxes and signed more all by himself! 

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Glad to be back !


Jade Cracknell (jcracknell) on: Glad to be back !

I am so glad to be back with Squirrels class

I have missed them all so much and cannot believe how well they are all doing and how much they have learnt whilst I was away!

We are very busy getting ready for our Christmas show on Tuesday 19th December, it will be great to see you and your families on that day.

We have lots of exciting things going on in school over the next 2 weeks!

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First half term

What a Busy First Half Term !!

Jade Cracknell (jcracknell) on: First half term

Squirrels class have had a fantastic first half term !

We have really enjoyed getting to know each other and making friends. We have explored the whole school and all the exciting indoor and outdoor spaces at Highbury and even had time for lots of work!

I am so proud of all of the children and how well they have settled into full time school. 

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Busy Brains !

Squirrels have had Busy brains all week

Jade Cracknell (jcracknell) on: Busy Brains !

Squirrels have done so much work this week!

We have been counting apples onto the tree and frogs into the pond.

Playing in slimy, coloured spaghetti and corn flour 

Matching animals to the sounds they make and learning to play together

Cody was our star of the week last week for joining in with the speckled frogs song by putting 1 frog in the pond at a time.

Armaan is our star of the week this week for remaining engaged in one activity for over 2 minutes and finding lots of new sounds by banging and scraping the fence.

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Squirrels Stars

Star of the week

Jade Cracknell (jcracknell) on: Squirrels Stars

Each week on a Friday morning, we have whole school assembly and parents are invited. This weeks star of the week was Chloe for independently moving around the soft play room and last week was Marcus and Maegan for making friends and playing together really nicely. 

The children get a sticker and certificate and come out to the front to tell Mrs Sweet about all their hard work

Parents are invited to stay after and have a drink and a chat with other parents and class teachers. 

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First week in School

Week 1 in full time school!

Jade Cracknell (jcracknell) on: First week in School

All of the children in Squirrels class have enjoyed many first this week. First full day at school, first time wearing a uniform, first time getting on a school bus and first time working hard all day long!

They are all very tired but have really enjoyed their first week and all of the staff and children have loved getting to know them. 

Please look at our gallery at some of the things we have got up to this week. 

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