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Are we there yet?


Lauren Cook (lcook) on: Are we there yet?

Panthers new topic is ‘Are we there yet?’ We will be focusing on Space. As a hook to learning Panthers were given the job of designing and creating a new role play area based on Space. We looked at lots of photos of real rockets and space stations as well as other role-play areas to get some ideas. This week we were in the sensory room to experience what it is like in Space. They dressed up as astronauts, launched a rocket, went on a Space walk, ate a ‘space meal’ and landed back to Earth in a capsule. 

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Self-care skills

Panthers work with Vicky

Lauren Cook (lcook) on: Self-care skills

Over the past term Panthers class have been completing an excellent scheme of work run by Vicky based on self-care. Topics covered have included washing our hands and bodies, brushing our teeth and hair, knowing when to change our clothes / use deodorants and toileting. The sessions were based around discussion and a range of practical activities including surveys, washing babies and accessing the hairdressers role-play area. There was also a sensory approach to the sessions. For example, the children were able to select their preferred options after trying out a range of cloths / sponges and soaps. All children will be supplied with an individual wash bag containing a range of self-care items to use.

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Week 3

Lauren Cook (lcook) on: DISPORT

Yesterday, the Year 5 and 6 children at Highbury went to DISPORT in Leeds. They all took part in a run or walk and a throwing event (javelin or soft ball). The weather was perfect and we all enjoyed our picnic on the field and cheering on other competitors. We had lots of great results so we will keep you posted on who has made it to the finals!

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Our new topic

Through the Keyhole

Lauren Cook (lcook) on: Our new topic

This term our topic is 'Through the Keyhole'. We will be learning about keeping safe, with a particular focus on road safety and stranger danger. This week we learnt the rules for crossing the road. Take a look at the photos of us practising in the MUGA. The pedestrians had to be very careful not to get run over by all of the cars, motorbikes and tractors whizzing on the roads.


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Some very sensible children...

Lauren Cook (lcook) on: Horseriding

Panthers class have been loving the opportunity to go horseriding. The class have learnt lots about horses, their equipment and how to care for them. They take it in turns to ride the horses. When they are not riding, they help to muck out the stables and groom the horses. Take a look at some photos below...

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World Book Day

We love books!

Lauren Cook (lcook) on: World Book Day

This week we celebrated World Book Day. We brought in our favourite books from home to share as a class, walked down the red carpet to show off our costumes to everyone in school and listened to stories with other classes. Take a look at our fantastic costumes below!

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Term 4

Around the World

Lauren Cook (lcook) on: Term 4

Our new topic is Around the World. Panthers have helped to suggest things that they would like to learn about (for example clothes, languages and History). In Science there will be a big focus on caring for our world. We have made our new role play area - a recycling centre. It has all of the Calderdale containers for plastic, glass, metal, paper etc as well as our class bin. There's lots of rubbish to sort into the containers. We have hi-vis jackets, hard hats and protective goggles to wear and even have our very own recycling lorry to transport the recycling.

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Class trip out

Visiting the park

Lauren Cook (lcook) on: Class trip out

As an end of term treat Panthers class visited the park. It was a beautiful sunny day when we went. The class were all very sensible when walking to the park and crossing the busy road. They had great fun playing in the park, on the zip wire and playing games on the field area (football, frisbee, bat and ball). Take a look at our photos below. Have a great half term! Please let us know what exciting things you get up to in your child's school diary.

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Class trip out

Visiting the library

Lauren Cook (lcook) on: Class trip out

Panthers class were very sensible on our trip out of school today. They stayed with their partner and grown up, and remembered how to stay safe on the roads. We returned some books we had been using at school and got time to look at different books. Alfie found some books on the Victorians and Annie chose to read a unicorn book.The librarian gave us our very own library card so next time we visit we can choose a book to bring back to class.

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Lauren Cook (lcook) on: Topic

This week Panthers class took a trip to Ireland. We looked at various landmarks in Ireland, talking about the difference between cities and countryside . We did potato printing to make the Irish flag and had a go at Irish dancing. Then we made Irish stew and soda bread. It went down like a treat!

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Lauren Cook (lcook) on: Topic

This week Panthers class went on holiday to Italy. We looked at a map of the world and found the UK and Italy before boarding an aeroplane to get there! Whilst we were there we learnt some Italian, explored the food they eat and what the country is like (weather, buildings etc). We also made an Italian flag using different types of pasta, and made pizzas using pitta bread and wraps. We selected from a choice of toppings (tomato puree, pesto, houmous, cheese, peppers, ham, sweetcorn and mushrooms) and got to take one home to eat and saved the rest for the brunch on Saturday.

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What's on the menu?

Our first week back!

Lauren Cook (lcook) on: What's on the menu?

Panthers class have had a wonderful first week back. The behaviour in class has been excellent all week! We started our new topic 'What's on the menu?' In Numeracy, we have been investigating what foods people like around school; completing tally charts, pictograms and bar charts and sorting foods into Venn and Carroll diagrams. In Literacy we wrote about our holidays, have been working on our new IEP targets (which have also been sent home) and Phonics work. We learnt about health and safety when cooking in Topic. We practised peeling and cutting fruit and vegetables, washing our hands, washing up, sweeping and cleaning surfaces. Take a look at our photos below...

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A special visitor...


Lauren Cook (lcook) on: A special visitor...

Today the children at Highbury had a very special visitor. I have attached some photos of them below. Enjoy!

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Christmas has arrived...


Lauren Cook (lcook) on: Christmas has arrived...

As usual Panthers have been very busy completing all their work this week. We have also been busy practising for our performance of Aladdin, as well as making costumes, props and scenery. I hope you're looking forward to watching it on Thursday (10am or 1:30pm). We also started to decorate our classroom to help get us into the Christmas spirit. Take a look at some photos below...

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Panther's school trip!

Remeberance event @ William Henry Smith

Lauren Cook (lcook) on: Panther's school trip!

William Henry Smith School kindly invited us to attend a Rememberance event to celebrate 100 years since WW1. We met soldiers, explored WW1 artefacts and learnt lots about life in WW1. We helped to cook some food for the soldiers (corned beef hash) and talked to some WW1 nurses about how they helped to care for the injured soldiers. We also made some poppy crafts. Some of the children enjoyed a WW1 lunch - vegetable soup, corned beef hash or braised beef and vegetables, followed by parkin with custard or a poppy bun. Panthers class behaved very well all day and their fantastic manners were noticed (and commented on) by lots of different teachers. Take a look at some photos below....

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World Kindness Day

What makes a good friend?

Lauren Cook (lcook) on: World Kindness Day

This week it is World Kindness Day and Anti-bullying week so we thought it was important to do some work around what makes a good friend. We did lots of talking about who our friends are and what we like doing with them. We looked at lots of different pictures and decided whether someone was being a 'good friend' or 'not a good friend'. Some of our class even made a recipe for a good friend. Then we had some time to choose different friends and play with them in class.

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Stopping and starting

Lauren Cook (lcook) on: Bikes

This week we have been out using the bikes in the MUGA. We have been focusing on travelling around the MUGA safely (following the arrows, turning corners etc) and using our breaks to help us stop. The class did very good looking so they were able to avoid obstacles such as traffic jams and pedestrians. Those who were feeling brave tried out different bikes without stabilisers! Well done! 

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A spook-tacular day!

Lauren Cook (lcook) on: Halloween

Panthers had a great time dressing up today. They enjoyed showing off their wonderful costumes. This morning we played party games and watched some spooky cartoons. This afternoon we had a whole school party in the hall to celebrate our OUSTANDING Ofsted . I hope you all have a fantastic holiday!

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Excellent turn taking!

Lauren Cook (lcook) on: Verbs

This week in Literacy some of Panthers class have been learning about verbs. We have been playing lots of games (verb bingo, verb dominoes and verb snap) and remembered to take turns. We have been getting our friends to guess the verb that we are acting out, suggested different verbs that they do with their hands and feet and put verbs into sentences! Some fantastic work...well done!

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Lauren Cook (lcook) on: Numeracy

This week we have been doing lots of work on measuring in Numeracy. We have been using the correct vocabulary to describe and compare size, length, height and width. We have used non-standard mesurements (e.g. cubes, paperclips, hands) and standard measurements (mm, cm and m) to measure objects around the classroom. Take a look at all of our fantastic work.

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Using our senses in the garden

Lauren Cook (lcook) on: Science

In Science we have been learning about our 5 senses - sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. This week we went into the garden to practise using our senses. Panthers were all very sensible and had great fun!

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Look at out fantastic Numeracy work...

Lauren Cook (lcook) on: Numbers!

For the past two weeks we have been focusing on Number in Numeracy. We have been working on counting, reading and writing numbers, adding and subtracting. Take a look at some photos of us below...

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Week 5

Star of the Week

Lauren Cook (lcook) on: Week 5

Reuben is our Star of the Week for using his tablet during Literacy. He is also working hard on using it appropriately to communicate his needs in class and with adults. Well done - keep up the good work!

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Week 3

Name Art!

Lauren Cook (lcook) on: Week 3

We have had another busy week in Panthers. In Literacy we have been focusing on phonics, letter formation and capital letters. We have been learning all about Time in Numeracy - ordering the days of the week and months of the year, as well as using the clocks. This week in Topic Panthers used lots of different materials (paint, collage, play dough, twigs, felt tips and leaves) to make name art. Take a look at some photos from this week below...

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Welcome back!

Our first week in Panthers...

Lauren Cook (lcook) on: Welcome back!

The brand new Panthers class have settled back in fabulously! This week we have been spending lots of time getting to know each other, learning the class rules and exploring the new things in our class and around school. Here are some photos of us accessing the different areas in class, and having fun on the new Roktagon and bikes in our new MUGA.

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Autumn Term 1

Wonderful Me

Lauren Cook (lcook) on: Autumn Term 1

Take a look at what Panthers will be doing this term...

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