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It's a hard life...


Sometimes teachers have to complete risk assessments in their own time but on this occasion I can confirm myself and my children did not mind one little bit! Choooo Choooo!


We cannot wait to take the class here for our Transport Topic.

7.6.2019 Charlie and Logan you certainly are super stars!!!

17.05.2019 - Sunshine, ice lollies and swings

As part of our 'where' topic we walked to the local shop spotting all the features we have been learning about (bus stop, post box, cash machine etc). We bought some ice lollies from the Co-op and ate them on the local park and then walked back to school. It was sunny, everyone loved it and was extremely well behaved...what more could we ask for!

15.5.2019 - Where?

Last week William worked hard identifying all the different places as part of our 'where' topic. He matched all the photos to symbols and then labelled all the different places. Great stuff William!!

14.05.2019 Teeth Brushing

We are working on desensitising Charlie around the mouth area ready for some serious teeth brushing! So we were delighted when he actively took the vibrating snake and held it against his teeth for a long time enjoying the sensation! Well done Charlie

10.05.2019 STAR OF THE WEEK

Logan you are a super star! You can create 'who, what, where' sentences using symbols and can read your sentence back to an adult with some amazing signing and speech. You can also answer questions about your sentences to show understanding! WOWEEEEEEE!

8.5.19 Acrobatic Monkeys

Here are the Monkeys in action during their PE session learning to go climb, go over and jump off the apparatus safely. Lookout for some real daredevils. 


We love it when Ted goes home messy....and thankfully so does Mum! Well done Ted for your super mark making and messy play.

2.5.19 Springtime Celebration Day

We started our day in the school garden on our egg hunt! Once collected, we rolled and posted our eggs into different containers. The children loved watching the eggs pop out of the tubes below!

Later in the day we completed lots of sports activities in the hall such as egg and spoon races and bunny hop races. In the afternoon we made spring nests to eat and bunny pictures. It was an amazing day and the children accepted the change in routine really well.

Down at the bottom of the garden

Down at the bottom of the garden

Ian Mottram (imottram) on: Down at the bottom of the garden

In our science sessions this week we have already been out in the garden bedding plants and seeding some vegetables to grow for the summer - we were looking at and identifying key parts of the plants such as: flower, stem, leaf and roots. Here are some Monkeys in action..... 

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End of term

Happy Easter Everyone!

Sarah Gumbs (sgumbs) on: End of term

Wow! What a busy and enjoyable half term we have had! We are SO proud of all of the children they have made great progress over the weeks! Some highlights for us have been:

Lucas saying "more" to an adult to continue a favoured activity and reading parts of The Gruffalo!

Logan learning to tell the time to the hour and wearing his new watch!

Luqmaan understanding that 5p is the same as 5x1ps

Charlie working so well independently in his work station and using the lightbox to help him focus

Ted talking and requesting favoured activities such as "jump" on the trampoline and “spin”

Lucy tracking using her fingertips and using her braille clock

Leah working so hard in literacy and recognising all the doing words

William using lots of speech in our communication sessions when playing anticipation games with the puppets!

Imani for using our outside area so well with her friends, especially when playing hide and seek!

Have a wonderful Easter and don’t eat too many eggs!!

Sarah N & Ian x


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Colour run

Monkeys Colour Run

Ian Mottram (imottram) on: Colour run

It was great celebrating the Indian festival Hola Mohalla. Monkeys class enjoyed colour dancing in the hall, a colour sensory experience with Lauren and the colour run in the playground. Here's the final messy picture.

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ICT skills

ICT skills

Ian Mottram (imottram) on: ICT skills

Look at Ted's amazing work on the computer.

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Costume Call!!

Costume Call!!

Ian Mottram (imottram) on: Costume Call!!

Here are the Monkeys pre-performance before the show Aladdin. 

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Christmas Show

Monkeys - Enter the Dragon

Ian Mottram (imottram) on: Christmas Show


What a fabulous entrance by the monkeys class in this years Christmas production of Aladdin. In fact all the children in the entire school were amazing and we had some extremely talented cast members. We saw drama, acting, dancing and singing all happening in this years amazing production. 

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Pudsey the Bear

Ian Mottram (imottram) on: Pudsey

Look who turned up on Friday in monkeys class to say hello!!

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Look at how amazing Lucy was in last terms PE sessions with Michaela on crossing the high bench.


Monkeys musical madness

Ian Mottram (imottram) on: Music

Here are some monkeys in the sound box finding different instruments to either 'shake or bang'.

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Natural Sculptures

Natural Sculptures

Ian Mottram (imottram) on: Natural Sculptures

We have been back out in the garden with Andrew making natural sculptures and leaf art.Can you guess the face? 

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Today in Monkey class we all became master bread makers as Andrew lead the way in making our rosemary bread.  

Garden School

Welcome back to Monkeys

Ian Mottram (imottram) on: Garden School

Out in the Garden School

Welcome back to Highbury and the Monkeys class, hope you all had an amazing summer. It's great to be the new Monkey class teacher and I am looking forward to a wonderful year we are going to have.

First of all let's take a look at what we have been up to in the garden with Andrew.....

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