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Helen Farman (hfarman) on: Butterflies

We have had a mini theme over the past couple of weeks..... investigating the life cycle of a butterfly.

We looked at real caterpillars...... they wriggled a lot!

After a week they changed into cocoons and quickly into butterflies....... 

We made egg box caterpillars, symmetrical butterfly patterns, salt dough models, clay and cake caterpillars!! 

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Helen Farman (hfarman) on: Eureka

We had a fabulous time at EUREKA be going to see the Ugly Duckling..........

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Helen Farman (hfarman) on: Bubbles

We had great fun this week trying out our new bubble wands......

We tried really hard to think of words to describe the bubbles we had made.....




big bubbles

little bubbles 


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week 2

Reuse and Recycle!

Helen Farman (hfarman) on: week 2

Reuse and recycle were our words for the week......

We made bowls using old newspaper.

New paper using old scrap paper, water and a blender.

We reused kitchen roll middles to make bird feeders with seeds and vegetable fat.

We were keen litter pickers when Helen's bag got a hole and all the litter dropped out!

Everyone had fun sorting rubbish into the correct recycle bin - we had some super sorters! 

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Term 6

Term 6

Helen Farman (hfarman) on: Term 6

We had a super start to the last 7 weeks at school last week.  

Everyone was surprised to see how tall the onions and potatoes had grown over the holiday! 

In literacy we were learning about reading sentences and putting the words in the correct order. Last week it was about a cat getting wet!

In phonics we were identifying the names of letters, ABCD.......... Helen made it tricky by mixing up the letters in random order! We did really well. 

Cutting is our key independence skill this half term, last week we practiced cutting bread and dough - it can be very hard to remember everything you need to do....... holding, putting pressure on your finger to push the knife down, sawing action, looking at what you are doing and not cutting yourself (we use plastic knives)

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Term 5

Term 5

Helen Farman (hfarman) on: Term 5

Last half term was very busy with lots of exciting activities.........

Starting with coming dressed as story characters to introduce the theme of 'Once upon a time......'

In science we investigated how things move ......looking at pushing and pulling and wind power.

In maths the focus was on identifying and describing 3D shapes.... making 3D models by recycling rubbish.

In PE we had great fun continuing with The Sherbourne Development Movement developing different ball skills. 

We had fun planting onions and looking at how our potato plants are doing.... we will be able to have chips soon!

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Sherborne Developmental Movemennt

Sherborne Developmental Movemennt

Helen Farman (hfarman) on: Sherborne Developmental Movemennt

After the Sherborne training in week 1

Monkey Class have had lots of fun

travelling in different ways..........

on our bottoms, tummies, backs and

under bridges and tunnels....

Everyone enjoyed themselves and 

worked together. 

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Snow and spring!

Snow and spring!

Helen Farman (hfarman) on: Snow and spring!

Well what a mixture of weather......!

We were looking for signs of spring in the sensory garden

on Tuesday and Thursday saw everything under a blanket of snow!

The children managed to find some very brave flowers peeping through.....

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week 1 Term 4

Things happening this term......

Helen Farman (hfarman) on: week 1 Term 4

Hello to the start of a chilly and snowy term 4 in Monkey Class

We were going to look for signs of spring this week, but I think we might wait a while......!

This half term we are going to be looking at where our food comes from.....

a plant, a tree, underground etc. 

We are also going to be planting vegetables and investigating and predicting what

conditions are needed for plant growth.

Staff had a fantastic training day on Monday training to use materials from the

Sherborne Developmental Movement, this is a approach to developing children's

awareness of self and others through movements.

We can't wait to have a go in Monkey Class and I'm sure the children will have lots of fun

and so will the staff!

We are also going to be reading 'The Little Red Hen' as our focused text - this is the

story where the Red Hen asks the cat, dog and duck for help to make the wheat into

bread, but no one will help her.

We are going to help each other and make some bread as well.... we'll send some home to


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Week 6 Term 3

Week 6 Term 3

Helen Farman (hfarman) on: Week 6 Term 3


Monkeys class have been fantastic this week.

Working really hard to show how much they have learnt......

Matching mummy and baby farm animals and making their sounds.

Using hands to measure which tin is the heaviest/lightest, then

checking with the scales. We have some super estimators! 

Making pancakes and choosing a favourite topping. Very yummy as

you can see.

Showing groovy dance moves in our class Valentine's Day disco

with Jamie the dance teacher.

Sequencing our focused text for this half term using key pictures.

Problem solving and using different equipment to make bubbles in

the water.... as you can see lots of fun!

Well done Monkey Class have a fabulous half term. 

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Week 5 Term 3

Week 5 term 3

Helen Farman (hfarman) on: Week 5 Term 3

What a busy week Monkey Class have had!!

Finding out which animal is the most popular pet in school...... Dogs and cats were very popular!

In PE everyone had a fantastic time showing how they have improved

in balancing, rolling stepping up and down and jumping

correctly with both feet. 

In phonics everyone was a superstar and segmented and blended set

1.1 words, using magnetic letters and using our listening skills. 

We have been looking at what pets eat and where they live, playing a

matching game on the smart board. 

It was disco time on Wednesday afternoon with Jamie.........

dancing, having fun and finishing with the conga!!!!

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Week 4 Term 3

Week 4 Term 3

Helen Farman (hfarman) on: Week 4 Term 3

Monkeys have been busy naming farm animals this week and looking at baby animals. Especially on Old MacDonald's farm.

Animal names were used to create rhyming strings of words using

dog, cat and pig. Everyone had a go, from using pictures, reading

words or writing their own words. 

In PSHE we are learning about why we need to clean our teeth.

Everyone has their own brush and we are practising how to use

the correct technique. 

Well done this week to Charlie and Olivia who have celebrated


Star of the week ........

Charlie for fantastic counting using real 1ps and currant buns

Isaac for writing his own rhyming strings of words

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Week 3 Term 3

Week 3 Term 3

Helen Farman (hfarman) on: Week 3 Term 3

Money, money, money..... this week we have been sorting, recognizing and matching different coins.

We have been investigating what pets are and what they need.....

taking a dog for a walk..... giving it a brush...... no one liked the smell of

the dog nuts!!!!

We have also been exploring what happens when water gets very cold

and what happens when ice melts.........

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Week 2 Term 3

Week 2 Term 3

Helen Farman (hfarman) on: Week 2 Term 3

We used problem solving skills to find a way to get the snow balls out of the jelly!

We tried tweezers, scoops, knives and fingers......

Everyone had fun....... especially when they stood in the jelly!!

We looked at the trees outside and could see all the branches and

twigs because the leaves have fallen off.

We used straws and blowing power to create our winter trees.

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Week 1 Term 3

Week 1 Term 3

Helen Farman (hfarman) on: Week 1 Term 3

We found out which clothes keep us warm in winter....

as you can see working hard to find matching gloves 

and put our fingers in!

We had a fun time throwing 'snowballs' like Elmer and 

his friends in our story 'Elmer in the snow'...... we have some 

children with a fantastic aim!

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Term 2

Term 2

Helen Farman (hfarman) on: Term 2

Last term Monkey class very busy....

Looking around a fire engine and talking about fire safety

to appearing as Super Heroes in the Christmas Production.....

See the fabulous photos below........

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The Monkey Gang!

Settling In!

Helen Farman (hfarman) on: The Monkey Gang!

Hello and welcome to Monkey Class 2017!

We have had a fantastic start to the term....... 

Everyone has settled in really well, working together and having fun!

Star moments that stand out all ready are......

Eating independently with a spoon

Getting undressed independently for PE

Taking turns in social communication games

Asking questions

Working with a friend

Taking an active role in peer massage

and lots more.............

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Monkey Class


monkey on: Monkey Class

This half term Monkeys have been investigating electricity. 

The children have had great fun working out how to switch on/off different light sources and finding out what objects need batteries or use a plug (mains electricity)

Over the past week they have also been making simple circuits, using wires and batteries to make the light come on and buzzer or motor work. Most of the children were then able to use a switch to create a break in the circuit. 

We are so proud of them all, a new generation of electrician's in the making!!!!

To finish off our hedgehog theme everyone made a edible hedgehog using a squidgy chocolate cupcake, buttercream and chocolate buttons. There was a lot of testing of ingredients!!!

Have a lovely half term.

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