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Hedgehog Class Blog

Star of the week

Working hard!

Jade Cracknell (jcracknell) on: Star of the week

Hedgehogs have been working really hard again this week 

Ruqaya and Maegan were both our stars of the week. Maegan started to act out all of our class action songs, independently, during lunch time and Ruqaya tapped her hands to request more and took the adults hands to clap at the right time during some action songs. 

We have been looking at ways to travel to the park this week and have started to make a lovely topic display

Please enjoy our photos and videos

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Quick catch up

Busy Hedgehogs

Jade Cracknell (jcracknell) on: Quick catch up

We have been so busy this term I have not had time to update our blog!

At the end of last term we walked to the park and such a great time that we decided to base our Term 6 topic (Are we there yet) on a journey to the park for a picnic.

We have seen some fantastic work already this term Maegan was star of the week in week 1 for matching all of her friends names to their pictures - without an adult reading the name! Then she used the magnetic letters to spell some CVC words in phonics

Abdullah and Ibraheem were both star of the week this week for joining in with action songs and counting songs - they watch the adults very closely then copy what they are doing or match their number line to the amount of items left on the table 

Well done Hedgehogs, keep up the good work :) 

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Through the key hole - 'My house'

We are having so much fun learning about our own homes and all the routines and activities that happen in each room in our house. We have been brushing teeth and hair, washing the babies and getting them ready for bed. We have used lots of different utensils to make marks, tie-dyed our own fabric printed bricks to turn our climbing frame into a house. 

Please look at all of our lovely photos 

Summer 1

Summer 1

Jade Cracknell (jcracknell) on: Summer 1

I cannot believe it is already time for our first of two summer terms!

Our topic for the first term is 'Through the Keyhole' In Hedgehogs class we want to make a book with the children all about what you will see when you go through the keyhole of their home. I wrote a message at the end of last term to ask all parents to send photos in, to add to their personal books, of their bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and garden. You could also send in photos of their favourite things from these rooms for example a bath toy or bed friend :) 

I have attached the curriculum overview for this term, it will be very busy as there is a lot to pack into this term.

In week 1, we have a Christian celebration day on Thursday where we will learn all about how Christians celebrate Easter and the start of spring

Week 2: we are closed on bank holiday Monday

Week 3: There will be visitors in Fridays assembly focusing on oral hygiene 

Week 4: We are hoping to organise a class trip ! 

Cant wait to see you all on Monday 

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Around the world


Jade Cracknell (jcracknell) on: Around the world

Hedgehogs have been on a magic carpet ride this term - Our story 'The Magic Carpet Ride' has taken us to Scotland, France, Ireland and Spain so far. We have also turned our climbing frame into an open top, tour bus!

We have taken part in the highland games, tossing the caber and wellies

Tossed crepes onto a target and tried different toppings

Learnt to Irish dance with tap shoes and and soft shoes

Enjoyed a Spanish party with Flamenco dancing, pinatas and churros 

And we still have 2 more countries to visit ! 

As well as all this exciting topic work, Hedgehogs are making excellent progress in communication using all modes of Total communication to tell adults what they want or to begin to take turns in early conversations. please watch Maegan's fantastic video as she understood how to use a PEC's book to tell the adult she wanted her to spin the chair and found the correct symbol from 3 to do this!! Well done Maegan 

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What's on the menu


Jade Cracknell (jcracknell) on: What's on the menu

What's on the menu is a very exciting topic!

We have been travelling all over in our sensory story to try food from different parts of the world.

We had fish and chips, Victoria sponge and herbal tea from England

Tropical fruits, smoothies and fruit infused water from Africa

Rice, samosas, poppadoms and mango chutney and breads from India 

Next week we are going to China and finally Italy 

We have listened to lots of different music, instruments and watched dances from these countries. Use scent boxes to smell lots of strong smells, dressed up and touched lots of beautiful fabrics 

On top of that we have been playing together, using items in our play such as phones, cups and cutlery, matched pictures, exchanged symbols and had some amazing stars of the week 

Well done Hedgehogs!

Look at our gallery and see if you can spot some of this fantastic work 

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Welcome back - Term 3

Term 3

Jade Cracknell (jcracknell) on: Welcome back - Term 3

We are really looking forward to seeing our 'Happy Hedgehogs' for the start of term 3 ! 

We hope you have all had fun at home over the last 2 weeks, we would love to see some photos or hear about what you have all been up to in the diaries 

There are a couple of changes to the timetable this term, I will send a copy home in the diary so you know what is happening each day, the main changes are Michaela will be taking Hedgehogs for PE on a Wednesday morning and Jamie will take each child 1:1 to do some dance on a Wednesday afternoon. Please ensure PE kits are in school on a Wednesday, pumps would be very helpful to travel across from our classroom to school too. 

Swimming will still be on Thursday and Adam will do some extra music sessions every other Wednesday morning - the children will be very tired on a Wednesday evening! 

I have attached our overview for this terms topic 'What's on the Menu?' we will be exploring a new country each week to find out what is on the menu in that country - it will be very exciting and very messy :) 

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Jade Cracknell (jcracknell) on: Panto

Hedgehogs were amazing in our Christmas Panto! We were monsters scaring Jasmine, she screamed a lot !!

We were all the stars in star of the week ! 

It is nearly time for our Christmas holidays and there are lots of activities planned for next week - don't forget to wear party gear on Tuesday and send your money in to buy presents for family members on Thursday, I have heard that there is a special visitor coming on Wednesday too! 

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Hedgehogs update

Independent Hedgehogs

Jade Cracknell (jcracknell) on: Hedgehogs update

Hedgehogs have been very busy this term doing lots of things independently

Have a look at our photos and you will see Hedgehogs brushing their teeth, hair and washing their faces to get ready to go to the cinema in our sensory story - by themselves

Stacking, building and ordering numbers - by themselves 

And exploring the sound box and natural resources - by themselves ! 

We have had lots of fun and are really enjoying making friends and sharing resources in our lovely class

Please don't forget to send in your monster/Halloween costumes for the Christmas performance as soon as possible so we can see who needs extra's adding to their costume

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Autumn 2

Autumn 2

Jade Cracknell (jcracknell) on: Autumn 2

Welcome back to our second term in Hedgehogs, hope you all had a lovely half term.

Our new topic is 'Lights, Camera, Action.' We have a new sensory story about getting ready to go to the cinema.

We have had a lovely first week back, we enjoyed the bonfire on Tuesday and have been doing lots of firework and Diwali activities in class. 

Our stars of the week wowed us this week - we are so proud of the progress all of the Hedgehogs are making already

Please enjoy looking at all of our photos :)

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Working together


Jade Cracknell (jcracknell) on: Working together

We have had a very busy week in Hedgehogs class, in communication lessons we have been matching pictures to objects and pictures to pictures, exchanging pictures for a turn of our favourite resource and taking turns. 

Please look at our pictures of Hedgehogs class working together and sharing resources

Abdullah was our star of the week for always making us smile and using his voice to sing our routine songs, such as 'days of the week' and 'where oh where oh where is Adbullah' ! Well done Abdullah :) 

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Happy Hedgehogs !

First weeks together

Jade Cracknell (jcracknell) on: Happy Hedgehogs !

Welcome back to school Hedgehogs ! 

Everyone has settled so well into their new class or with new adults and we have all had lots of fun together.

Our topic is 'All about me' and we have already started working on our story 'I am amazing'

We have been using all of our senses to explore the world around us and started to use the resources to make choices.

Trying lemons and chocolate told us lots about what the Hedgehogs do to communicate the things they like and don't like!

We loved the challenge of climbing to the top of the roctagon and the new softplay room is great fun.

Our star of the week was Maegan, for exchanging a PEC's symbol to request more snack - well done Maegan!

Enjoy looking at our photos :) 

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