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Hello and welcome to our blog!

Who are the we?

We are the Butterflies: 9 wonderful children with PMLD (profound and multiple learning difficulties)! 


What curriculum do we follow?

We follow a pre-formal curriculum comprising of four main areas: communication, cognition, physical and self-help/independence. These areas are fed into the Highbury curriculum that the school developed in 2017. 


What is important to us?

  • A multi-sensory environment and activities
  • Having attentive and caring staff
  • Giving us time to respond and react
  • Having sensory cues for daily routines and for lessons (music, objects of reference, touch cues)
  • Having a safe space to learn in
  • Being physically comfortable with enough changes of position in the day
  • Having whole body experiences, to help us develop body awareness
  • Being motivated and excited by the resources we are using
  • Lots of repetition, giving us chance to anticipate
  • Burst-pause style teaching, giving us the opportunity to respond and interact
  • Challenging us to make sure we reach our potential
  • Being part of the wider-school environment 

How do we communicate?

We mainly use facial expressions, gestures and vocalisation to communicate. We love intensive interaction, where the adults take our lead and communicate in a way that we understand. Some of us are using switches to request for more or say stop. We also have communicate books that have pictures/symbols of our friends, adults, places around school and our favourite activities. We are encouraged to make choices and show preferences. 


How are we assessed?

Our supporters do lots of written observations, take videos and lots of photographs. We have general targets each term and then smaller targets each week. We work on these across the curriculum. During specific lessons, we are not given set 'learning objectives' as it is important that we lead our own learning. Our adults all make notes on how we did during the last lesson and take it from there. Our teacher uses the Routes for Learning assessment tool. 


Term 6 - Alice's Birthday Party!

We loved Alice's birthday party today. We played musical statues and pin the tail on the donkey. Some of our friends from other classes came to join us, including Kitty, a cute little dog!

Term 6 - Reflexology (foot massage)

We show lots of reactions during our reflexology lesson! 

Term 6 -Celebration Day Eid 

We had lots of fun today tasting, cooking, listening to music, pampering ourselves, dressing-up and more! See our photos. 

TERM 6 Sensory Story - Ride on a donkey! 

TERM 6 Sherborne Therapy

At the Park! (End of Term 5)

We had lots of fun at park today. We had ice creams and went on the swing. 

Term 5

Take a look at the fun we have had in Term 5!


Our sensory story this term was about a fun house. We had great fun going over a 'rickety bridge', being blown with swirly straws, listening to The Laughing Policeman song and being sprayed with water.

Foot Spa Fun!

Tour de Yorkshire!

Sensology! (Term 5)

In a morning we work on waking up all our senses in turn! 

Happy Easter everyone!

Butterflies have had a fab 4th term! Look at our photos...


We've been playing games with our eyes this week using the eye gaze software! We are very clever. 


Thank you Caroline!

A huge thank you to Caroline for her fantastic teaching in Butterfly Class over the last six months.

Sarah Gumbs will be returning full-time as of Monday. 

Take a look at some of the excellent things that the Butterflies have been up to... 

Hello from Caroline!

 Well what a busy few weeks!

The butterfly children have exceeded themselves so far this half term and I am very proud of them all!

Here are a few photographs of the wonderful things we have done for our Autumn and Wonderful Me topics. 

Goodbye Sarah, Hello Caroline!

Sarah is now on maternity leave and will miss all of the Butterfly children.

Caroline is very excited about teaching in Butterflies!

We had a party this afternoon and other classes from around school came. 

We've had a fantastic couple of weeks back at school. Please look at photos of all the fun we've been having...