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Pupil Premium

What is the level of the Pupil Premium allocated to Highbury School?

The total amount allocated to Highbury School is currently £38,000. This money comes into the school budget throughout the year and is allocated when we are planning the budget.


The number of children eligible for pupil premium funding in the academic year 2015/16 was 21. Currently there are *20 children who we believe are eligible for pupil premium funding .*This has been difficult to ascertain for some children due to universal free school meal entitlement


The amount per child is generally the same; the only exception is for children who are looked after by the Local Authority. These children attract slightly more funding and the spending of this is over seen by the head of the virtual school of the authority the child comes from.

How do we use our pupil premium?

As a specialist school, all of our children access a higher than average level of staffing and resource. We have the facilities to be able to offer an enriched and highly personalised curriculum to every child. The additional funding we receive for pupil premium allows us to enhance our offer to children by providing further specialist teaching and enrichment which might not otherwise be available to them.


The funding also allows us to individualise resources for specific children. In particular technology which can support their learning at school and at home.

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